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1 day ago

Haraseeket is my favorite trail!!

1 day ago

Always a great, easy walk but no dogs allowed.

Our first time doing this trail with our German Shepard and Boston Terrier. Was a great hike, but definitely think your dogs need to be in good shape as our Greman Shepard wasn't. We weren't aware of the rock scrambles, so we had to lift our Shepard in a couple of spots. Great workout with great views! Would do again, just not with our out of shape dog...

This is one of our favorites-not too far of a drive from Portland, and an easy to moderate level of difficulty. This was one of the first mountains we did, when we went back several months later and with a few more mountains under our belts, it was MUCH easier. Second time we did burnt meadow and stone mountain together, up and down and to both mountains took us about 3.5 hours. Beautiful views!!! Highly recommended.

Enjoyable hike but not much variety to it or views. Did find a bunch of different kinds of mushroom on the path and saw the occasional chipmunk and toads.

Beautiful shoreline spots to stop at as you hike along. A better-than-aight Park!

10 days ago

Fantastic! Easy to find with plenty of parking. All of the trails are clearly marked and even though it’s “1.6” miles you can easily make it longer adding more trails. We did 2.6 with the kids. Very kid friendly

Spur of the moment decision to hike this with a friend and my pup. Pretty hot summer day so taking the yellow trail up was a bit longer but being in the trees was a welcome relief from the sun! Tons of wild Maine blueberries were ripe enough to snack on - sooo good! This was my 1 year old labs 2nd hike and he did great! After the hike we found a great little public beach at the pond below and all went for a swim. Really fun day!

Beautiful but bring bug spray! $5/pp

Great little hike, diverse terrain, nice views of Casco Bay.

Such a fun hike! Has a great rock scramble near the peak. Not a long hike but pretty steep in some parts. Definitely worth the climb.

28 days ago

As others have noted bring decent bug spray. I used Repel with eucalyptus (no Deet) which worked really well. Trail markings at intersections were often non existent. Got turned around several times. Pretty hard to get lost for too long though. Now that I have the lay of the land I’ll be back!

A solid hike

easy, peaceful walk

Close to perfection: steep, challenging climb from SR 160. Fabulous views in almost every direction from the bald North Peak. Trunk trail to Stone Mt. and it’s great southern views soft and little-used. You’re not going to see many people in this quiet part of western Maine.

Hard trail, but the views are worth it. Well marked and easy to find!

loved this hike, really pushed us to our limits. The top is worth it!!! I would go again.

Loved the hike!

So many rocks. If you’re wondering whether or not to take a detour up Stone Mountain, the answer is yes.

1 month ago

This is my absolute favorite hike of all time. It is a steep climb at the top, but the view is so worth it. Even if you don't make it to the end, there are gorgeous views the whole way up.

trail is marked well. Great wildlife.

1 month ago

Well marked, well maintained, with lovely trails. Waterfall trail is very pretty, even though there wasn’t much water today! Finding an old manure spreader off Maine trail was a nostalgic reminder of the farm’s history. A peaceful way to spend a couple of hours. Loved it!

Today’s hike in the Sawyer Mountain Highlands was wonderful! We went to the trailhead at Limington (117), got a map, and decided to go up the Sawyer Mountain Road. We saw the sign for the Sherwood Libby Trail, but most reviews we read were for the former, so we opted for that. The trail is so interesting! There are cabins and homes right on the road, as well as numerous cemeteries and side trails. We stayed on the main trail and with a few stops for breathing and water, made it to the top with no problems. The bugs (after spraying ourselves with bug spray) were minimal, although we had to reapply later in the hike. We descended via the Sherwood Libby Trail, which proved to be a beautiful, winding meander through the woods, up and down several “hills”. There are some steep areas, but nothing too taxing. Amazing rock walls for property boundaries made us appreciate the hard work the early settlers must have endured. The whole trip took us just under 3 ½ hours (4.9 miles). Lots of stops for pictures and trail mix! Saw two owls and the usual number of squirrels. Everything was well-marked and easy to follow. We understand the Sherwood Libby Trail is new…great job! We will definitely go back.

very easy to walk. beautiful surroundings.

It was I nice dr. Seuss like hiking trail-ish more like a boarded wood plank Tish is path would definitely go again and definitely had fun

More than I thought. Wish I would have taken another way down. Will do the next time to the Limerick lookout

Always start my season here. Gorgeous day on Sunday 6/10. Headed out on trail around 2pm, got up just before 3, had lunch, took some pics and read my book - almost bug free at summit!! About 40 mins down, both ways I took the blue trail. Love this spot, and although a full parking lot only ran into 3 other sets of hikers along the way! Steep in some spots, if you use poles you may need to pack em up for a few more “rock climby” areas ! Have easily done this trail with kids, novice hikers and dogs. Awesome always.

Very nice hike. Limited views. Good for warming up early in the year.

2 months ago

Easy walk that alternates between light woods and shrubland (as well as sun and shade). Trail is very well maintained - packed dirt and boardwalk. Took about an hour at a moderate pace.

Waterfront views are awesome if you like walking along the rocks on the shore.

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