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trail running
10 days ago

There are many other trails

Trail is OK - only problem is dog poop everywhere - a lot of folks bring dogs and not all pick up after them. My kids call this place dog poop park.

Love this app!

Took the dog for a walk through this preserve. The trails are much more narrower than I expected. I avoided them all together. I rather walk through this brush in the winter time when ticks and other bugs are not active. Stayed on the concrete path which I believe is old commack road. Since the trails were not mark, we didn’t realize how far off the map we wondered. It does have to potential for a good hiking and biking area, but it need some work.

Enjoyed the trail. Did not enjoy the mosquitoes.

Beautiful views and loved the hike, but BEWARE taking your dog! Despite staying in the middle of the trail, all 3 of ours were literally covered, no joke, in thousands of "seed ticks" (tick larvae) from paw to chest. We had never heard of this before and it's absolutely disgusting. Will go again, but not taking the dogs unless it's the dead of winter.

It’s a short walk up a gravel road, nothing special. But who doesn’t love a view from a fire tower?

Nice easy trail for kids. Very clear where to walk. Beware LOTS of people there in summer - can feel a little like lining up to walk. Not really my thing but very beautiful.

This is actually a really easy trail to follow - potentially the blazes were updated since others have done this hike. I recommend getting the map from the car park attendants om your way in. We hiked this with a 2 year old with no problems. The first view is slightly to the left of the base of the last steep climb and the second 'peak' doesn't really have a view but is just past a little but with a fire ring up a short steep path to the right of the first view. Really enjoyed our hike. We were slow due to the aforementioned two year old but in all it was about 2 hours.

trail running
27 days ago

Just great

A nice trail shaded but there red trail needs to be updated so pay attention. The blue lines are good. And you can get good milage out of this area. Nice for biking too.

Nice, easy trail to walk. Mostly flat terrain. Very quiet, peaceful & smells like Christmas! Not very clearly marked, so there was some confusion at times, but overall enjoyable. Not all who use this trail clean up after their dog so be careful where you step!

trail running
1 month ago

Great selection of trails! Make sure and take a map of you're adventurous like me


Okay, so here's the deal from start to finish.

The parking area only holds 6 vehicles. If it's filled up you'll have to park down the road a ways and possibly illegally.

The trail starts out very green, very wide(8+ feet) and very sunny(and hot) in a mid August at noon. The signs say no dogs. Good thing my 20lb black Chi-weenie identifies as a 6 year old girl. No matter because we never saw anyone on the trail during the 3.5 mile hike. The trail does eventually turn into a normal trail hike with turns and hills. We took the long route by adding the area marked with dotted lines which takes you to Boney lane where you can double back to the main trail marked in red on AllTrails map. It adds a mile and a quarter to the total trek.

The trail is 90% clear with the occasional spider web across the face, those crazy fleas that circle around your head and some thin thorny branch hanging in the path. I usually bring my clippers to do a little community service but forgot them this time. They weren't vital thankfully because the trail was very clear and well marked with yellow arrows on the trees.

We also saw some white tailed deer.

The highlight was definitely the beach view toward the end. There are at least 3 ways to get to the beach. The first one located on the return is a high up cliff that looks down. I do not recommend trying to get to the beach from there unless you fancy a broken leg. It is a beautiful view though with a bench to sit on. The second one also has a bench with green lawn and will give you access to the beach. The third one we didn't explore.

All in all, I highly recommend the David Weld Sanctuary trail.

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1 month ago

The first part of Falls Trail that goes beside the stream is very rocky, wet and slippery, with moss covered stones on a fairly steep slope down to the stream. Once past the falls, the trail becomes easier. I continued on to Hardwood Trail, which was wet in several places and hard to follow. The GPS tracker on the app really helped to keep me going in the right direction. All in all, a moderately difficult hike that was a good morning’s activity.

Short and Sweet and well maintained. Only about a half mile around the lake. A few dock crossings half way through that can be slippery after a rainfall. I recommend combining this hike/walk with a Phragmites Park trail directly across the street. That one's a little longer and just as scenic.

1 month ago

Please tell people it costs $21 PER PERSON to hike here! This is absolutely ridiculous.

road biking
1 month ago

Awesome. Second time. Parked at the soccer field on walker st. Rode my bike, instead of walking. Bikes 11miles

road biking
1 month ago

This trail is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. You are only allowed in a small area and once you have to cross the street, you are not allowed to bring your dog.

I love this hike. It’s perfect in any weather (I went in the winter after a snow storm and had a blast). It’s quick and unlike any other landscape I’ve seen on Long Island. It smells of pine and reminds me of the pine forests of Canada. This quick hike is 100% worth the trip

1 month ago

Family friendly, Well marked trails. No dogs allowed. A bit crowded and noisy in areas. Stay on the green belt, or take some side trails. Some climbs a bit steep, in soft sand, making footing a bit challenging. We took our time and loved the views when we got to the purple painted trees. Ate lunch and continued on our way.

a go-to walk for me. this trail allows add extra loops to make this as long a hike as you'd want

This one is well worth it. One of the most scenic trails I have done.

Nice quiet trail, the trail and white blazes weren’t the easiest to follow at times but it wasn’t bad. Neat little falls and water along the way but the trail tightens up and gets rocky at that point. All in all worth the hike.

Good trail. Lots of variety and cross trails. Reasonably well marked. Steep climbs and descents if you come from or go down to the beach from the main trail. One of my favorite trails in Suffolk County.

mountain biking
2 months ago

You don’t need a mountain bike for this trip. Easy and nice leisurely ride. Good for a quick trip and if you have family.

Meadow with flowers followed by the quaint falls makes a nice little hike. Beautiful July morning to be outside.

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