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My nine year old daughter and I hiked this trail last weekend. It was a good challenge for both of us. Great trail. Awesome views. First part of trail was nicely shaded. We will do it again!

shady, no mile markers, lots of pesky flies! lots of beautiful waterfall options. bring lots of water, you'll need it.

Despite referring to three different sources including the National Geographic map of the area, AllTrails, and the Bozeman Hikes book, there seems to be some confusion on the distance of this hike. While I did not turn on my GPS for this hike, my general 20 minutes/mile seemed accurate with the 4 mile sign to the trail head of Truman when I reached the junction up top. I assume there was some trail maintenance which rerouted the trail and added some length. That, and about 3 miles in, I noticed some pretty recent trail work done for some pretty nice mountain biking trail. That said, the distance reported by many sources is off so do allow yourself some additional time to complete this trail if you'd like to do it all. Perfect trail for a hot day and super quiet and peaceful!

Ran with my two girls (11/9). We each carried a full hydro pack and brought a lifestraw along. We had plenty of fuel as well. The hike was amazing. We didn't hike to the top of the peak. We hiked to a lower one as I didn't feel safe enough with the last mile with my kids due to terrain.
The girls ran out of water at the peak and used the lifestraw on the way down. The waterfalls were amazing and so were the wildflowers! I would do this hike again in a heartbeat! It took us 5 hours to run/hike/enjoy this. I stopped and took a zillion photos and we spent about 20 minutes at the lake.

You can tack those an additional two miles (12.4 miles total) to this hike as if you start at the sign at the right side of the road for Blackmore Lake Trail when you are headed toward Hyalite Reservoir. That said, nothing stops a person from driving directly to Hyalite Reservoir and parking in the first parking lot next to the outhouses and boat launch to start their hike from there. From that location, you will be closer to the 10.6 miles round-trip as listed per AllTrails. There is signage at the parking area saying 0.4 miles to Blackmore Trail at which point you reach and intersection in the trail and need to veer to the left for Blackmore Lake and Blackmore Peak. This is a fabulous and well-maintained trail though one must expect to work a little for the summit. While this trail is listed difficult, it certainly is a well-groomed trail and deserves a visit if you are on the fence about it. Saw gorgeous fields of wildflowers this past Friday but certainly hit the afternoon weather patterns, so try to start and end this one early as you are high up and we'll exposed in the event of a lightning and or rain/hail storm as per our experience this past Friday. Bring some layers for the top of the peak as it can get chilly up there! Fantastic views!

Hike isn’t 10.8 mi, but closer to 12.4mi, but a great hike, great views and a really good trail. Probably my favorite trail in the Bozeman area.

The many waterfalls and streams are beautiful! We detoured off the trail to see each of the falls, including Grotto, and ended up walking about 13-14 miles. Silken Skein Falls is at least 1/4 mile off the trail and despite climbing up a narrow trail through the trees never got a good view. I will skip it next time. We were able to manage all of the stream crossings without getting wet feet. Closer to the lake, there is a large stream crossing but you can take a trail to the left up the hill along the creek to connect back with the main trail, thereby avoiding two big crossings. The trail has a flour-like dust, so a beer and shower at the end of this dusty trail is advised. We hit the trailhead at 7:30 am on a Tuesday and saw six people ahead of us and about forty in the way back. We didn’t haul water for our dog due to the abundant creeks, but I drank 2.5 L.

Nice little multi-purpose trail headed up to Fairy Lake if you are looking to nix the last two miles up to the lake due to road conditions. This trail certainly gets the job done in that case and is nice for adding a few more miles on to your day at Fairy Lake and up to Sacajawea Peak.

I've done all the variations of this trail and it is a nice one to get some miles under your feet and a nice uphill workout whether hiking or running. The trail is a little "short" if you are looking for something longer. Nice before work, lunchtime, or after work hiking or running trail. Peaceful and quiet both of the times I've been.

Beautiful hike with my husband and dog. Like some others have said, trail is likely closer to 12 miles, but a nice gradual incline for the most part. The last mile or so had some great wildflowers! We started around 6am on a Tuesday and didn't see anyone until we were about halfway down. Being from an area without grizzlies, we were a bit nervous on the way up, but didn't see any signs of bears. Took us 2h20 to get to the lake and 2h to get back. Cliffs at the lake are impressive! Be prepared for all the bugs - there were more mosquitos than I had ever seen in one place before! Fun hike and glad we went!

24 days ago

The drive to the lake is very rough—probably not advisable unless your car/truck has high clearance and/or 4WD. The lake is very pretty, but can be crowded on the weekend. The flies were especially bad when we went.

26 days ago

This trail is incorrectly marked on ‘AllTrails’. This is actually Fairy Creek Trail which does eventually take you to fairy lake. I would mark it as moderate due to it’s steady incline on the trek in. It was a great alternative for us as we did not want to continue up that horrible road to Sacagawea Peak trail head. It is an obvious atv trail based on the tracks however we saw only one other person on this trail and they were on foot which made for a very peaceful trek in to fairy lake. Once getting to the lake we then walked around the lake and made our way up to Sacagawea pass. All together our day was a 7 mile trip.

This trail has everything: Numerous waterfalls, beautiful lake surrounded by vertical mountains, amazing views down the valley. Not much more you could want.
At the start we had to take the Grotto Falls trail. The additional switchbacks add some distance. My gps read 6.5 miles at the lake , 13 back at the parking lot, making it a long walk.

A little more difficult than the waterfall trail but still the kids loved it. Great views.

nice little hike before work. got off course at the top ha

Stunning views. Easy trail. Have cold beer for the end

From the Blackmore parking lot it’s 12.4 miles. Really pretty with the wildflowers blooming. Only two small patches of snow to cross.

1 month ago

Amazing view of ten mountain ranges from the top of Mount Ellis. About 10 miles out and back, 3050 ft elevation gain. See my two recordings for a map to ascend Mount Ellis without going to the top of Lower Mount Ellis first. This will save you a few hundred feet of unnecessary up and down. Essentially, follow the instructions I posted last year beginning at the trailhead until you arrive at the final ascent to Lower Mount Ellis. At about 7400 feet, veer left off the path toward the lowest point of the saddle connecting the two peaks. Bushwhack across a flower-filled sidehill for about a quarter mile until you connect to a game trail. Follow this game trail to the saddle, watching for cairns at the saddle as these will help you find the way back. Once you connect with the trail connecting the two peaks, it’s straightforward to Mount Ellis. Bring 2-3 liters of water per person. Our 50 lb dog drank 1.5 liters on a mild July day. About 7 hrs total. I had to record the ascent and descent as two trips because my battery died.

1 month ago

New World Gulch has plenty of great features including creeks, meadows, plenty of wildflowers, and ends up at Mystic Lake. There is also a rentable forest service cabin at the lake. There are a few steep places, one small section in particular that can be difficult to keep your footing. There are also a few creek crossings. You’ll eventually end up on a closed forest service road that’ll take you down to the lake.

The hike is not too difficult, but there is also nothing to really make it stand out among the other area lake hikes. When I did it back in June, the lake was unusually low (especially for the snowpack that we had this season). There is also a closed road coming up sourdough canyon that’ll take you to the lake which takes away from the natural surroundings a little in my opinion, though it’d probably be a great cross country sky trek in the winter.

If you are really looking for a hike, head back down from the lake by cutting over to Bear Canyon! You’ll come out at the Bear Canyon Trailhead which is just 1/4 mile from The New World Gulch Trailhead. You’ll get to see a few more secluded ponds and lakes along the way, but you’ll end up hiking nearly 20 miles round-trip. Also, be careful hiking at dusk or at night; there is plenty of mountain lion scat to be found on the trail.

Overall, this does make a good day hike or could also make for good backpacking; and the lake is pretty great when it’s full. It’s minutes from Bozeman and easy to access. Personally, if you want a Great Lake hike, I’d check out the Hyalite Lake or Emerald/Heather Lake hikes up Hyalite canyon.

1 month ago

Truman gulch is a mixed-use trail that allows hikers, mountain bikers, horses, and motorcycles during the summer months. The trail is well established, but can be loose and rocky at points.

The bulk of the hike is under plenty of tree cover, but with the shade comes the bugs; be sure to bring bug spray. The climb isn’t too steep, but is steady. As of this week, the trail still has plenty of running water on it, but I was able to make it up to the Bridger Foothills intersection without getting the feet wet.

You’ll hit switchbacks 2 miles in. If you continue 3/4 mile up the switchbacks to the Bridger Foothills Trail, you’ll get beautiful meadows with abundant wildflowers, a good look at Truman Gulch from above, and a great view of the towering rocky peaks. The switchbacks are very mild and aren’t even the steepest part of the hike; I’d highly recommend going to the extra distance for the views (I don’t know why AllTrails excludes the switchbacks from the hike).

Favorite hike in Montana so far. All the waterfalls were amazing. The trail conditions were great. Our feet got wet but we made it all the way to the lake with 3 dogs (one small). Still some snow. Took us 5 hours up. 2 hours back. Overall an easier hike- the distance was hard. 12 miles.

This is actually an 8 mile there and back hike! Lots of water and wildflowers. I’d be excited to do this one again.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite hikes. I hiked this trail during the weekday and I was the only one there at 9 am. The trail starts out in a meadow then starts a steady incline up the mountains, It is a gradual climb so it makes it for a nice hike in the woods. I have not come across any wild life during my two hikes there, but i have come across foot prints of elk and possibly bears, so be careful and aware. The History Rock is halfway up the trail, so if continue pass the rock, you will experience more of the hike until you get to the switchbacks and a more steep climb up the mountain.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked this trail so many times I can’t even count. It’s a favorite fast fitness hike with great views. Challenging with my kids on my back given the initial switchbacks and steep incline, but always pleasurable.

Remarkable hike going up but really tough in a lot of snow (which there was in early June). If you’re willing to climb on all 4s through snow, the views at the top are worth it!

1 month ago

The lower fields with the wildflowers is bloom was beautiful. The trails itself was OK but the map has many problems:
- The west branch track looks like it’s in error as it doesn’t represent any path I could see. Also, while we went back after this, it’s not clear where it goes. Maybe next time I’ll walk out further and record a better track.
- The East track also seems to end when the rambler gave up as it stops in the middle of nowhere. Other tracks seem to have a destination and I’ll try one of them.

So: do the hike, stick to the East trail at the fork and keep going. Linda Thompson’s directions below are probably a better approach.

Loved this hike! Be prepared to get a little muddy and wet as the runoff has turned part of the trail into mini streams. Snow starts to appear after mile three and had to turn back at mile four because a the water was moving too fast to safely cross with my dog. If you love waterfalls this a hike for you!

This has to be the most beautiful hike I have ever done! We saw at least 8-10 waterfalls—all with their own unique beauty. Fair warning, there is a lot of mud and the trail is completely snow covered for the last mile or so still. Luckily, we had footprints and this app to use when the footprints ran out. The last pass over the Hyalite creek (between the top waterfall and the second to the top) is completely over flowing and not the safest to cross at the moment. You might be able to cross it if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t have a dog with you like we did. Even though we weren’t able to make it fully to the lake, the views from right below it of the valley are absolutely breath taking! Well worth the wet shoes, socks, and pants. Fair warning, we did fall through snow up to our hip at points. So be prepared!

Recommend: gloves for the top; change of socks and shoes for when you’re done; hiking poles (we didn’t use them and it would have helped!)

The first four miles of the trail are a little muddy, and then trail turns entirely to snow and gets tricky to follow about a mile or so from the lake. Beautiful for hiking if you are willing to get a little damp & snowy, but needs to melt out more before it's good for running all the way up to the lake.

Beautiful , easy hike up slight grade. Had a 5 and 7 year old with me and they had no problem at all. Green fields and tall trees. Super easy to get to from Bozeman .

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