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Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

Very rocky , Besides that its a good hike

20 hours ago

Wonderful hike up to three spring going through the forest following the Horton Creek with some mini waterfalls all along. Very beautiful scenery, very peaceful and relaxing. This hike is at a moderate level.

Need a red rock pass!!!
Amazing views. Went during the week and had the whole cave to myself. You definitly should bring a hiking stick to assist in the downward decent. Loose gravel is tricky. Took roughly 50 minutes going up. I thought it would be a much faster hike being only 3 miles but the elevation gane is over 3000’. Very dense desert vegetation once you are about halfway up the trail. Very picturesque. Would not recommend for young kids.

Did this with my dog today. Great hike! It gets a bit harder towards the end. All of the previous reviews are quite accurate.

6 days ago

The trail is well marked which was super helpful! The trail is rocky but after looking at the reviews prior to going I anticipated this. Good hiking boots and plenty of water are essential. I absolutely LOVED this hike and will most definitely be back to experience more of this natures wonder!

Great for dogs

7 days ago

This hike is one of my favorites! The view at the top is definitely worth every bit. We calculated more so 12-13 mile hike because we came from The First Water Trailhead which is just at the end of the dirt road the Wave Cave trailhead is on if you know where that is. Trail is absolutely beautiful but be careful because it isn’t marked very well. Bringing a GPS will help. The terrain changes a lot as you go- dirt, loose rock, boulder climbing. The boulder climbing isn’t until you get up to the mountain and for about a mile you’ll be climbing to get to the top and end of the spine. If you’ve never climbed boulders before or are afraid of heights this part will challenge you but it’s all worth it!

This trail is my favorite hike yet. The pine trees and creek are breathtaking. I highly highly recommend you make it to the top - the views are so worth it! It was very windy and chilly at the top and the trail toward the top is not marked. Allow yourself 4-5 hours.

This is such an amazing trail! Views are panoramic. It is also challenging there are parts where are use my gloves every time - yes gloves, You can go faster and keep your heart rate study or safely slow down with them.

8 days ago

Awesome hike! Everyone is pretty accurate that it is about 45 minutes up and a great sight! It’s amazing how good of a view you can get after just a little bit of hiking!

Go early. Hit the first parking lot. Stay to the left most the trail and through the orange fence. When we came down we probably passed 20+ people going up.

FANTASTIC hike, just when you're starting to get a little tired, you're there, and the playoff is the picture you can take.

Very pretty trail, great views. It was cloudy and a bit rainy today but gave it a go anyhow. I was hoping the clouds would have cleared up, but they didn’t by the time I got to ~4000’ elevation. I was right at the cloud line and thought it would be pointless (and perhaps dangerous) to proceed into the clouds to get to the summit. Quite disappointed, I turned back, short of reaching the top. Took me 4.5 hours for the abbreviated hike. Looking forward to trying this again in better weather.

Thank you too everyone who put out the cairns, they were a lifesaver! That and this great app!

9 days ago

Great hike. Loved the views. Lots of places for nice photos. Unfortunately my husband slowed me down. Ended up taking 2 1/2hours start to finish.

10 days ago

Great hike today. Not very busy on the trail, had the wave all to ourselves for the most part.

11 days ago

Great hike!! This is the “jalapeño” hike in terms of just the right amount of heat for most people... if you want to turn it into a “habanero” you can by running up the hill but the elevation gain is probably just right for less than running. It is steep and rocky so wear solid boots and drop lower becoming more parallel to the trail in the vertical areas... this will help prevent falling/slipping and allow you to maintain pace while also utilizing hand holds on the rocks. A few false summits till you get to the flag and amazing 360 degree views at the top! Glad yesterday was leg day at the gym.... this “enhanced” my experience during today’s hike!!

Great views along the way. I had forgotten how tough it was after the saddle. I just took my time and made it

Definitely a challenge but the homes all around it being built are taking the scenery away from it. Don’t let the short 2.2 miles fool you it is a butt burner.

12 days ago

So worth it!!!! Amazing view for a relatively short hike!

The road was very rocky, but manageable. It was an excellent hike up, the view was incredible and I would highly recommend this trail to anyone who enjoys a magnificent view. I drove from Glendale and I was impressed, I will totally do it again.

Love the flag at the top!

Great hike today! Relatively easy hike.

its great! ive been 4 times

Finally made it up this peak after passing it so many times on the I-10. Didn't disappoint!

I have Black Mountain in my back yard. As a local, I can walk to the trailhead and hike to the top - I do this a few times each week. I LOVE this hike, but it is not for the faint of heart. It’s challenging because 85% of the trail is very steep and rocky, making the ascent quite rigorous and the decent tough on the quads and knees. Make sure to stop periodically to drink and stay hydrated - bring enough water....take in the views. On a clear day you can see forever!

Knocked out the Hunter Trail hike to the summit and back with a 15 minute break for a snack up top in about 2h 39m. The weather was perfect for this late November with the morning temps being in the low 60’s. A long sleeve shirt was plenty to get started out in then I stowed is just before the saddle. Certainly recommend gloves for the cable portions, they saved my hands big time! Great hike with great views all the way up and down.

One of the best!

What’s not to love about this cave... okay maybe the masses... the place is so busy. Other than that it’s an awesome hike! Beautiful views! Great workout! The breeze! Did I mention the view! We would have loved to get that “wave shot” but there were several people eating lunch on the top which I guess is to be expected on a Saturday in November. One thing I’d recommend is extra water. I typically have leftover water when I hike and I carry a 32 oz canister but I ran out on this trail and felt super dry. I don’t know how all these people do this hike with small 12-16 oz bottles of water?!? Also make sure you have shoes with a good grip to rock. I saw several people slide because they were wearing basic tennis shoes. My Merrill’s gripped the rock perfectly! There are some places to take a break in the shade and rest against the cool rock. Awesome afternoon!

14 days ago

Great 6 mile hike. Lots of rocks on trail, so wear proper footwear!!

Did this hike in February. Not too many people out on the trail, which was nice. Make sure you go through the gate and bring a lot of water; we came across a family that didn’t have enough while on the trail.

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