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14 hours ago

One of the most scenic trails in Northeast Tennessee, but when it’s wet it gets a lil rough. Overall a good trail for pictures and kid friendly!!!

This is a nice, not too challenging hike. It’s uphill most of the way in, so that part is a little tough. It’s easy on the way out. Waterfall is really pretty with a small wading area at the base. Dog friendly for a well behaved dog.

Nice walk. Falls small but pretty.

Nice hike with family. Not too long

3 days ago

Nice short hike. I imagine it would be even better with less of a crowd.

Pretty cool short hike. Overgrown in parts with limited views. Falls were awesome. The trail does continue past the trail, but we turned around because the views didn’t open up very much after the falls either.

Loved this hike! The falls are amazing! We did have to walk through water to get there and the trail has some medium sized rocks in a few spots. I would say moderate is a good rating for this trail. So worth it though!

My friends and I were camping in Hot Springs NC, and decided to take a 45 min drive over to hike this trail. The hike to the falls is beautiful. From the trail head to the waterfall is about a 400 ft incline in elevation. Because of this, going to the falls is mostly uphill. There are parts of the trail that is just made up of piles of medium size rocks. Great place for snakes to hide. We saw two along this stretch of the trail. Overall, I would totally recommend this hike!

7 days ago

We just hiked this trail on Tuesday. We went through the animal exhibits and took the Lakeside trail until we reached the Fire Tower Trail. The fire tower loop is pretty strenuous. I carried my 1 year old on my back and my mom and 8 year old hiked with me. It took us a hour to get up there, but we finally made it. The view is covered by trees, so if you can climb the tower, DO IT. It is beautiful. Most of the steps are in good shape. There might have been 2 that had some wood missing. I would recommend this trail, but be prepared for the uphill hike and take plenty to drink!

Did this trail last year. Trail is eroding from not being maintained. Waterfall is spectacular.

7 days ago

Made it there this weekend, very pretty and private. Once you reach the falls the trail head goes up a hill to the left that is the trail to continue onto kiner hollow which there is another falls about .5 miles.

Great hike! We hiked it with our young children and got to see two bears!

pretty falls this am

It’s $5 to get into the park. Once you get to the parking lot (theres only one area) all the trails start right by the dam either left or right. The fire tower trail itself is only .7 miles but you have to walk past all the animal enclosures and then go left onto the Lakeroad trail for about 1.5-2 miles then there is a sign for the fire tower trail. You can bike on the Lakeroad trail, its wide, but once you start the accent it’s a pretty steep incline. Great views from tge top though!
Tons of trails to explore here, theres a hike to the ‘antennas’ which is A LOT longer but definitely much to see.

on Grotto Falls Trail

10 days ago

The day I went it was super muddy and slippery so definitely be careful coming back down!

Nice hike, great double falls at the top. Parking is sparse so go early.

14 days ago

longer than it feels. many roots. parking is bare and may hike further to the t.h. than on the hike. go early

This was an incredible hike!!! For me, the cool part was how beautiful the scenery was along the way. Not only are the falls beautiful, but there are several spots along the way that were just amazing. Granted, I'm not in the best shape and it was challenging in spots, but I definitely felt like it was well worth it.

17 days ago

Beautiful! Resident bear encountered. Can’t wait to go, again!

Easy hike, cool views. Only downside was it was horribly crowded and had to park a mile away

I'm giving the trail 3 stars because I'm unsure if I'm just being bitter. I was already pretty annoyed for having to park about a mile down the mountain from the trailhead because there were so many cars but I wanted to do the hike so no worries. I thought the waterfall was mediocre and over crowded and I was disappointed there were no mountain views. However, I travelled here from Pennsylvania and was extremely excited to hike the iconic smokey mountains and this was my first hike and I was just disappointed, I remember thinking I'd rather be home hiking for a large portion of the time. Again, I might just be bitter! I loved the plants and wild life; many lovely ferns, mosses and butterflies!!

Great hike this morning. This was my first hike ever and I’m looking forward to going on more.

21 days ago

This was a great hike, with a neat waterfall at the end. If you want to avoid a crowd, don’t go in the middle of a beautiful weekend day, like we did.

Hiked this today as a very out-of-shape 30 week's pregnant "beginner", and would agree that the trail is easy-moderate, and I loved it overall! It is nice and short, which is why I chose it, but the first 3/4 is quite an incline for someone of my health condition, and I had to be extra cautious about the many protruding roots and slippery rocks (after rain), especially coming back down. No complaints, though! The falls are a lovely 15 degrees cooler (about) right behind, and worth it! The kids LOVED it!! Get there early for better parking options.

22 days ago

Fun, easy hike with a nice reward at the end. Arrive early in the morning during season to get favorable parking close to the trailhead.

road biking
22 days ago

We did this trail last July, it is a beautiful loop with several route options. The last half mile is a real calf burner, but the view from the tower is one of the most beautiful anywhere. You can see the line of the Blue Ridge as it marches from Virginia all the way to the Smokies looking south. On the day we hiked, we were blessed with unusually clear air for July and you coukd ckearly pick out distant Mt Leconte with its distinctive outline, looking north you see the long nobby ridges of Stone Mountain over on the Kentucky/Virginia border. This is one of those "huge payoff at the end" hikes. The hike around the lake is pretty with some good views, but nothing spectacular.

Hike was more challenging than I thought. Slippery rocks and roots during multiple unbridged stream bed crossings were found on trails other than the loop. We went clockwise from the picnic area on the loop and it seemed to be uphill most of the time. After White Rocks we took Tower trail down to Noggin and then Hartselle to get back to the car quicker. Noggin was narrow and steep with Hartselle being an active creek bed most of the way.

When we stepped out on to White Rocks we found more than one type of poisonous snake sunning itself and absorbing heat from the near by rocks. That was expected as possible so we were looking and cautious. No problems and good pics from a distance.

Did notice older men driving and parking around the around the picnic and camping areas. Got the feeling this could be a pickle park but we were not bothered nor did we see any casual encounters.

Absolutely beautiful!! It’s a little bit rocky in some parts so you have to be careful but totally worth it! We brought our dog and she loved it as well!

This trail offers some pretty good views at the summit, but it is by far the worst marked trail I’ve been on. I do not mind unmarked trails, or having to venture to find my way, but there is a highway of trails that are either marked blue or white with no indication of where they go or why. This trail would be better if it were unmarked as it would be less confusing as the markings that have no rhyme or reason. That being said, it leaves a lot to be explored especially if you take a wrong turn. It would be easy to keep walking In small loops unintentionally

29 days ago

Lovely fall

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