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22 minutes ago

Amazing views! I didn’t get to finish the trail since I started too late in the day; I only went out three miles. I’ll absolutely be going back soon to finish it though. Some of the rocky parts were probably made a tad harder in the snow but still not bad. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do the trail if you’re going to go.

3 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views.

3 days ago

Hiked 1/19 2.5 mi out and back (5mi round trip). Starts off somewhat open and some trees, but just after 1.5mi it’s real shaded and in the forest, especially past the point when you get to Lost Creek Wilderness. Not much snow at the beginning, but once in the forest the snow takes up the entire trail. Used yak tracks and they were helpful with the incline on this trail. The snow gets less packed down as the trail goes on, and would probably be best done with snowshoes at that point. Not too crowded, saw only a few small groups of people. A nice place to enjoy the woods and forest setting if that is what you’re setting out to do.

8 days ago

My first hike in Colorado was great , this trail is easy to do, though I would recommend micro spike if you worried about slipping, the snow is pretty packed down hard !

this says loop but I did an out and back?? anyways, it was beautiful! I went early morning and nobody was there. I am new so took a lot of breaks but otherwise an easy hike

12 days ago

You gotta be Alex Honnold if you wanna finish this one.

Little icy in spots but all in all a really solid hike with great views!

Did trail on 1/3/19 after the snow storm on 12/31. It was quite a long walk from the parking lot to really get into canyon. The trail is a road that follows the creek. There is a lot of bikers and runners since it is flat and wide. Looks like you can drive but all park and water trucks driving through. We did see big horn sheep and deer. Not challenging trail for waking.

Good hike. Couple of muddy spots and some snow pack towards the top. Didn’t need yaktrax. Nice views.

Feel like an easy day? Here ya go!

giving a 3 because the pit toilets at the trail head were gross - almost overflowing, but the real toilets at the other lot made up for it.

Also, very open trail, no real tree coverage. Trail was easy.

mountain biking
21 days ago

completed this trail in September 2018 as a bike ride. Trail is easy to ride, a little more difficult towards the end, but overall, not a bad ride. We saw 3 big horn sheep. Pretty open trail, not a lot of tree coverage, and there are some places you can access the river for water.

There is a pit toilet at the parking lot at the trail head which was clean.

Might see some big horns? You mean they will block the trail and you have to off trail it to finish? They’re worse than bears because at least bears will keep moving, the herd won’t. Also if you like surprises while hiking stop here. This is a series of like 5 “step” mountains. You cannot see the peak from the trailhead. It is a lot of up and downs that are steep and very gravelly/dusty. You will rely on cairns to get you to the top because waist-high oak trees protrude over the trail and it is quite narrow. Cool views from the top but I don’t know if its worth it to do again...

Really solid hike with good views. It doesn’t seem like it should be rated hard, it is level most of the way.

24 days ago

Very relaxing trail with beautiful rock formations and vistas. The trail is almost completely exposed so a perfect walk with the dog on a sunny winter day. Don’t expect to be alone as many other hikers and dogs were also on the trail. A half a dozen deer grazed near the trailhead right at sunset, which made for a serene end to the hike.

24 days ago

First couple miles are awesome! Overall would do it again.

24 days ago

I wanted to snowshoe but not enough snow. Took a hike in my boots. Was OK but didn’t find the hike to be amazing. Got better when trail entered the National Park. I think it might be a better summer hike.

1 month ago

This was a challenging one. We went on 12/22 and it snowed throughout the day. We brought hiking spikes just in case (definitely needed them in this weather with this amount of scrambling).

Beware of big horns on this trail. They blocked our path at one point and wouldn’t move so we got kinda trapped up there.

The bike ride was awesome!!! The Long Horn Sheep were out and about! Spectacular! Wear gloves if biking! Go between 11am-2pm - Get as much sun as you can!

Great trail. You really don't feel like you're gaining as much elevation as you are. The views are amazing. The only negative is the ack of parking spaces.

Easy, beautiful views, and close to Denver!

Easy, close to the city.. Limited shade

Loved this trail for the bighorn sheep!

Nice easy trail

The trail is nice, but be prepared for some slushy, muddy parts. It is very easy and absolutely gorgeous!

The bighorn sheep are totally worth the hike. I couldn’t believe how close we got to them. I could have reached over and petted one had I not been so petrified that one would ram me!!

trail running
2 months ago

Took me 3 hours 48 min. I ran ~4 miles and hiked the rest. Good views at beginning and end. Middle chunk gets a little bland.

This trail is convenient from Denver, has amazing views, and most times you’re able to see big horn sheep!!

Nice, easy trail that has amazing views of rock formations. It would be a great trail for snow shoeing this winter.

Great views and very rewarding. Highly trafficked, and there was some shattered glass on the trail that we picked up to prevent injuries to pups on the trail. I also wouldn't rate this as hard, more of a moderate difficulty. The elevation gain is very gradual.

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