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Hiked the section from Cumberland Falls to Holly Bay Campground over two days, about 17 miles. Trail was more technical than previous reviews had indicated. Great views and good camping spots, but lots of scrambling, overgrown and poorly maintained areas, a creek crossing, multiple downed trees, rock laden paths, and a large section of narrow trail along a ridge line tilted at a 45 degree angle. Difficult to traverse with a 25-30 lb pack on your back.

Always a great hike!

Great little hike. The falls at the end depend on how much it rains.

3 days ago

One of the most incredible hikes I’ve ever done! It is certainly challenging and not good for those with a fear of heights... but an experience not to be missed! Once up, it seems safest and the best idea to go down north ridge and then black/orange trail.

We had a good time with our 8, 5 and 3 year old. Probably will do it again soon.

Went for a solo trip started from Ky 192, and wanted to finish at Cumberland Falls. Trail was well marked, however starting from this location not much to see. Hiked 10.5 miles the first day found a nice place to camp. Next morning they were calling for severe thunderstorms so I decided to pack up and hike back. Will definitely finish this trip, but will start from Cumberland Falls.

4 days ago

This was a great experience! I am excited to share it with my family (of adult children)!

7 days ago

The more difficult bigger brother of the Beehive Trail. This trail has so much upper arm work between the ladder rungs and the boulder climbing to get to the top. If you are afraid of heights there are a few skinny areas I wouldn't recommend looking down. This is a full body workout kind of trail but it is so much fun! For sure an experience you don't want to pass up.

A very short easy stroll, a must for the view. Go at sunset. Bring camera:)

11 days ago

Beautiful, adventurous hike with incredible ocean views on top. The cliff walks are amazing. You have to go under the rocks too at one place. This has more iron rungs than bee hive trail. Really loved this one and want to show this to my friends when I visit next time. I came down via north ridge.

Beautiful views!!! allot of stairs so it's a great cardio with amazing views of Pineville!!

There's another waterfall if you continue under the falls and hike the trail about 2 miles but it's definitely not a easy hike. Be prepared for a couple squeezes through some rocks to get to the other waterfall. We didn't go past it but the trail continued on. Definitely would like this trail again. Absolutely beautiful!

Awesome sunset spot! Don't miss this if you're in the area. One of the shortest and most rewarding walks you can go on.

13 days ago

Love this place

Outrageously beautiful!! Just spectacular and so totally awesome! Was an absolutely gorgeous day to hike!! (Labor Day ) There’s so much that I could say....you just have to go yourself-you won’t be disappointed!! The trail was pretty well marked with the exception of the last 2 miles-you must climb over and around the boulders to continue on the trail and finish up!

Come early as the trail got pretty crowded when we went in the late morning. This definitely isn’t the type of trail where you can pass people at will as parts of the trail are straight vertical. Great views towards the end as the cliffside exposes you to a great view of Bar Harbour as well as all the Porcupine islands

15 days ago

great trail. lots of climbing. awesome views

Crazy fun and thrilling. Don’t do it backwards I did it that way today with 2 more friends was not a very good idea. Demands high skills and balance if done revers, not with the risk.

So much fun to explore and climb. Beautiful views, especially at sunset. Made for some really beautiful pictures. Nice easy trail.

This was a strenuous trail and not well marked. I gave it four starts due to the poor trail marking.

Well what can I say about this trail, nothing but good. My husband and I walked the whole loop and we saw everything from rock formations, streams with rapids, a beautiful flower garden with butterflies, and even a lodge with places to stay over night with a restaurant to eat at, halfway though the loop trail “ bonus”! It was well worth the hike even if we both were damn tried at the end. 

Hiked this back in July- don’t head down the rungs, just up them! Great way to ease my fear of heights. Amazing views.

21 days ago

Ladders and rungs are correct. Challenging hike. Poles will get in the way. Really foggy when I went.

rock climbing
22 days ago

I did this hike by myself as part of my me time and I REALLY LOVE IT! It was HARD but very satisfying type of hard lol.

I started hiking around 8:30am which was a great time because there wasn’t so much traffic. Take your time and enjoy every challenge and adrenaline rush you get on this trail and enjoy the view instead of “I can’t wait to see the top” kind of thing. Take snacks and some electrolytes lol. I only took a water bottle and I forgot snacks and I didn’t eat breakfast too

23 days ago

Incredible views, and definitely a sense of accomplishment when you get to the top!! The way up is difficult but there are places to stop and take a breather along the way.

23 days ago

Great for an easy hike. We had 4kids ages 1-5. Only did 1/2 (about 2 miles) of the loop and then took the road back to the parked car. Falls were dry. Many other beautiful things to enjoy along the walk. Hot summer day, but the temp was perfect in the woods. As a side note, we saw a rattlesnake while driving to the trailhead.

24 days ago

Great hike in and out. Red River Gorgeous views

had some issues hiking the full JW trail. first the trailhead by the lodge was closed but there was no notice on the website or anywhere else. just a sign at the entrance. i checked a different trailhead and it was open but there should be notice if a trail or part is closed before you get there.

second. spiders everywhere. the whole trail had webs strewn across the trail. i had to get a stick and waive it in front of me the whole hike so i wouldn't walk into a web and pick up a nasty companion.

third. big tree blocking a narrow and steep section. was nearly impassable. had to take off my pack and slide under it.

i still give 3 stars for potential. would be a great hike with a little trail TLC.

25 days ago

“Wow” is all I have to say. You will feel so accomplished once you reach the summit. The views are incredible. This hike is HARD. Definitely need to wear proper footwear. Pace yourself going up! There are a lot of iron rungs and dangerous situations so beware. Definitely not for the faint of heart or if you fear heights. If you want to give it a go and try the trail and you can Hess back down the much easier orange and black path. Very rewarding though. Type “precipice trail” in google maps and it’ll take you right to the parking lot.

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