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This is the best hike I’ve ever been on! It was so beautiful, you see everything from a stream, huge rocks, wildlife (we saw a huge snake on the trail) AND there’s a bunch of shade. Not to mention, we only saw about 4 different groups the whole time we were on it, which was a Saturday. It was a little hard to find at first but man, id recommend this trail to anyone!

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/pZEPeV_vT2w

we met up slightly after the sunrise for a relatively cool hike, despite the season. The beginning of the trail is paved, but quickly hits dirt. The trail eventually finds sanctuary from the sun as the canyon narrows. It’s a pretty easy trail, and I recommend it for any beginner looking to lengthen their hike. the area by the mine is nice and shaded. The hike to the mine is relatively short, extend it for the full sunset loop trail.

Hope you enjoy!

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Great trail, although a little overgrown. The atmosphere shifts several times throughout the hike, keeping it surprising and interesting. BRING: bug spray, the mostly-fired river bed is a mosquito haven. Also, perhaps booties for your dog too - as the asphalts the summer (it was 96 out) on the way back will burn their paws.

Great trail on a hot day. Lots of shade. Lots of water. Many cautious mountain bikers. Just a few bozos.

Great hike! 4 hours with a lunch and some breaks in June. The trail was poorly marked but if you follow the river bed it will lead to the mine. An out and back just to the mine will save you a lot of elevation but the rest of the loop is very scenic (follow the river bed to the left of the first shack)! We saw two entrances to the mine, the lower was easy and the upper entrance was straight up a rock scramble about 25 feet. The top mine has a very deep visible tunnel. The river was very low and dry in some places.

This is a great campground to have smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It was a great experience and there is a ton of adventure to be had.

2 months ago

Excellent hike with a lot of things to see and got a nice sunset view at the end.

wow, great hike. it took us 5 hours with breaks

Hiked this loop trail yesterday...weather in the canyon was perfect. Trail was in remarkably good shape compared to a couple of years ago after the station fire. If you hike in during summer start from the top and work your way down canyon where it will be much cooler. There was some water in the creek, some salamanders, and we only saw one other person as we were coming out of the canyon, which for a Saturday is amazing.

As you start the hike you will come across a “fork” in the trail marked by stones gathered together in the Shape of a

even though the water wasn't present the hike was worth it. Wildlife was present a couple deer and coyote. we'll come back inn ther wetter part of the year. add this and the Adobe house trail together makes for a good hike with some attractions to it

2 months ago

Absolutely brutal trail; rocky, technical and very unforgiving with a massive amount of switchbacks. Must be vigilant about every step taken. Views were pretty awesome and vertical gain was a great workout, but I really don't ever need to do that trail again.

I really enjoyed this trail. It had many different, rocky paths, and you had good views of old mining camps and abandoned buildings.

Oak and follow the sign for sunset ridge trail. Then you'll be on the trail that leads to the creek. Follow creek all the way up. Mines closed but it's a fun trail. Incline the way there. Decline the way back. 6.5 miles total

I hiked what I believed to be this trail this past Saturday morning, which was nice and misty. It made for a truly beautiful hike. I am not entirely sure where I made the wrong turn, but on my recording you can see that I did not hike this trail, truly. When I got to the gate for the access road about 7am, it was locked. I found a spot on the street down past the nursery and hiked up the road to the trail system. By the time I got to that point I was so wet and had been roadwalking for so long that I just took the first trail I saw. My total hike was around 4 miles out & back, and I came across both a dwelling far back in the forest, and a beautiful pool of water not far from the dwelling. (I do believe someone lives there currently - it looked that way.) I plan on doing the proper trail soon, but this was my favorite short hike to date.

Did this hike in early May and it was great! A couple of pointers though....
1) I was fooled by AllTrails YET AGAIN on the trail distance. Description says 4.9 miles but it is actually 6.5 miles. The site is usually off a bit but this one is off by quite a large margin so plan accordingly! I did this right around sunset and had to run the last 20 minutes to get my car out by 8pm.. (per the signage you will be locked in after 8pm).
2) The hike is pretty difficult in that it is steep & narrow in several spots w/ slippery gravel so wear hiking boots. I do a ton of hiking and would say this one is borderline moderate/hard. Decent elevation gain but well worth it.
3) Where the f was the dawn mine? There is a sign clearly marked pointing toward it however I ran around that area thoroughly and never found it. Still cool, just was racing the clock due to the distance and did not see what was pictured in some of the photos here. Bummer.
4) Overall beautiful hike. Doing the sunset portion, yes, during sunset made for great views and it really was one of the nicer trails in the LA/Pasadena area. There is a nice little picnic area toward the peak elevation on the sunset trail side & you can see DTLA. Very nice. The stream is really tranquil and there are fun wooden footbridges and rock jumping to keep things interesting on the dawn mine side.
5) Definitely have the trail map handy as there were several times I would have been lost without it. Lots of intertwined trails around here so be careful to stay on this one. :)
Happy hiking!

Nice walk. Not too strenuous. Brought some lunch and stopped along the way. Several places along the way have truly fantastic views. Great way for a hiker to get a day's worth of walking in.

I did this trail by mistake (credit to bad prep I guess). It can be hard to follow at the begining, but I think it got better as the trail went on. Not amazing so maybe do another one in the area.

Fantastic view and nature during and the end of this trail, we hiked in cloudy day in spring with lots of green grass and blooms around us. I recommend to try this hiking trail.

This is a great hike, with a good mix of terrain. It was a little hot, so we skipped the Sunset Trail portion of the loop and just did an out and back to Dawn Mine, but it was shady and pleasant down in the canyon.

Quite a breath taking hike. Part one is to the dawn mine and there are some parts that get a little technical. No bikes or horses gonna make it.. Foot hiking only. Part two is to the Lowe mountain road firebreak. This part of the trail zig zags right up the side of the mountain. You gotta be in good shape to make this hike Up to the mount lowe railway firebreak. It's all downhill from there.....

We enjoyed this hike. The trail is not as crowded as other trails in the area. It was actually closer to 6:5 miles round trip. Watch out for ticks in overgrown areas.

Very pretty trail. I extended this and peak bagged Brown mountain

4 months ago

Did the trail today, very scenic and wild flowers in
Full bloom. 6 mile round trip to the mine, 2/12 mile ascend to the peak and 1/2 decent to the mine. I was the only hiker during entire 6 mile round trip, the trail is very rough, make sure to take plenty of water.

4 months ago

Los Pinos Peak has nice views. The trail itself had a steady incline most of the way up to the peak from where we were parked. We hiked this just after a storm, so it was really misty with fog and dew early in the morning. Would love to see the views on a clearer day from this peak.

Be careful of mountain bikers...even though the trail says no bikes, there were plenty of bikers along trail as we go more into the late morning time. We even had to jump into the bushes off trail to get out of the way of some bikers. Quite a scary moment for us.

on Maynard Mine Trail

4 months ago

Beautiful but strenuous hike. Fantastic views and lots of blooms. However, almost had a run-in with a rattlesnake on the way down in a narrow rocky part of the trail. Fortunately I had my poles in front of me and the snake issued a very loud rattle and hiss and I backed up quickly. He kept it up for over a minute while I figured out how to get around. I didn’t see it but it was right next to me in the rock and I’m sure I was within striking range. Be alert!

Great hike as it had just rained so there was lots of water flow in the creek and great scenery. We headed up (east) along the loop first and that was dry and had some shade and then we finished the loop down through the canyon. The canyon was beautiful, shady with trees. We crossed the water maybe 5? Times back and forth following the trail. The only issue was finding the trail once we got to the dawn mine sign. There are many well beaten paths that look like the trail. Using GPS we finally figured we needed to head down across the water at the Dawn Mine Arrow sign and then follow the water down through the canyon.
Also, the loop may be 4.9 miles but by the time we walked from our car to the trailhead, the loop and back to the car we had done 6.5 miles. The trail also has some areas that are slippery with shale rock so if you are not sure footed or in decent shape you may not feel comfortable. The hike has a decent amount of elevation and was an enjoyable workout.

4 months ago

This is a strenuous hike but well worth the effort. I’d suggest an early start as there is little shelte anywhere on the trail. The descent into the mine is well worth the extra effort. Despite what some people has written on this site, there is indeed a mine entrance situated a few feet below the plaque. You can enter the mine itself, but do so with caution. The views from the descent to the mine are magnificent. While the main ascent has magnificent city and valley views, the descent to the mine gives unparalleled views of San Jacinto, sky and wilderness. The descent is a quad-killer but the whole experience makes this an unparalleled hike. Highly recommended.

Nice trail with lots of wild flowers.

it was a good hike but what upset me at the end the mine was gated off was looking forward to look in

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