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Well worth the extra hike to the bottom of the falls

A really great hike. We went after a rain storm, and the waterfall was flowing heavy. We were fortunate to have the place to ourselves for a good half hour, it’s very serene as you’re sort of in your own cove beneath the falls. Would definitely do this hike again.

REI picks this trail as one of ‘thee’ best hikes in SNP, and I agree! Experienced torrential down pour for most of the hike, even without that I would recommend a hiking waterproof sandal that is durable with great traction... lots of wet rocks and with parts of the river overflowing you cross ‘rapid’ like waters. Wanted to challenge myself so went down Jones Run and up Doyles River... it is a steep incline!! Trail clearly warns of black bears. Don’t forget your bear bell... I didn’t see any but I hope it’s cause they heard me coming!

only made it to Manassas gap shelter before a torrential downpour occurred . we got stuck with the thru hiker "2 pac". rained from 3pm-5am .. most of my gear got pretty wet but i slept well .

Nice hike. Cool streams along most of it. Beautiful waterfall at the end.

Great hike. not sure I agree with distance. think it is closer to 8.5. this has to be one of my favorite hikes ever. they say there are only three waterfalls but you follow the river for more then half the hike and see countless small waterfalls. took family of 6 with kids 10 to 17 and they had no issues. we are in shape and need to old the youngest hands in a couple of spots. we choose to take shoes off on couple of river crossings as rocks looked more difficult. would definitely recommend.

Great family hike. Waterfalls and rocky river views

Pretty descent down to the overlook. Not a lot of direct sunlight which helps keep you cool. Will work for your way back up but very doable. There is a picnic and restrooms area in the lot for pre/post needs.

Amazing Trail! Great views of waterfalls and pretty nature!

This might be my new favorite water trail in SNP! Even though the way down Doyles River was tough, the river and falls totally made up for it. There’s plenty of stops along the way to sit and enjoy the water. I always enjoy walking on the AT, but it is 3.4 miles in the woods. You do pass through a Skyline Dr overlook which has some really nice views of the river valley! This trail was pretty popular as I passed by a lot of people near the falls, but there were significantly less doing the whole loop.

I run from where you enter at Freezeland and Fire Trail back to Manassas Shelter and it is pretty nice going. Some areas you HAVE to walk either for elevation or rocks. Nice Ultra training area. There are Deer and Bear so running isn’t the smartest move but it works for me. Very few people maybe 1 or 2, a couple times a week.

Down, down, down means a long hike back up. One nice view of the falls on the way down, then you can circle back to the trailhead. If you have time and energy to go all the way to the base of the falls, go for it - it’s beautiful, but it’s the hardest part of the trail - steep and rocky.

This trail is an amazing trail. It offers multiple types of views that are amazing. You have waterfalls, rock formations, overviews and lots of streams and wildlife. I totally recommend this trail for anyone. It can be slightly steep at times and slippery on the rocks but is totally doable. I will probably be doing this one again.

The views of the falls during the descent down are lacking. However, the base of the falls is spectacular and something that shouldn't be missed. The hike difficulty is moderate, but nothing that most semi-in shape people couldn't handle.

Great hike, nice and quiet. And with all the rain the waterfall was stunning

Great 3 hour trip. Beautiful along the river, especially after the rain. The base of the waterfall is absolutely worth the detour! The fire road back is a pretty steady incline through the woods but the shade makes it manageable.

2 months ago

Took my two dogs and though it was tricky at points to navigate had a blast!

nice 5 Mile round trip out and back up to the Manassas Gap shelter. Good water flow a few times throughout the way. Very muddy this time of year and I'm glad I had ankle support because of all the rocks. Great path ran into some thru-hikers. one of them named Maverick just like in the movie haha
drink 3 liters of water on this hike.

happy travels!

Had to turn around to let mama bear and cubs feel safe but it was a great trail otherwise.

I’m not in the best shape anymore and am definitely not back to my prime hiking fitness. I found this trail to be challenging but doable for even someone like myself. The views were amazing. I will definitely be back to do it again.

Fun hike with two waterfalls. We ran into a mama bear with cubs which was a little startling but made that hike that much more memorable and fun.

Great, make sure you go all the way to the bottom of the falls.

Wonderfully maintained. Beautiful water hike if you go after a lot of rain has fallen.

2 months ago

Loved this! Falls were beautiful - not sure kids would be able to handle the uphill hike back. There were a few wet spots but nothing super crazy.

Went with our dog after a lot of rain, the water crossings were challenging due to slippery rocks. We saw 2 snakes once we arrived at the waterfall.

Beautiful falls. Went when the water was very high, and the rain was still coming while we hiked. Started at Jones Run Trailhead, which seems like it would be the easier route.

Hiked this on 4/29 with both my 9 and 5 yr old boys. We only hiked out to the concrete waterfall lookout area and back which was about 3 miles total. This was by far the most challenging hike I've done with them so far. The hike back is all uphill, and some of the rocky areas could get dangerous if you're not aware of your children's abilities and experience hiking. Great hike overall, quite a few beautiful spots to sit and enjoy the sounds of the water. I'm sure I could enjoy it even more if I wasn't concerned about fishing my kids out of the water

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