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Nice trail but nothing too exciting.

Start along on the beach and finish in the woods. Nica easy beautiful hike

Just hiked it to cascade falls and back out. 5 miles on the dot the way we went. Great trail with several creek crossings

Did it counterclockwise. Waterfall and stream section was amazing. Trail is well marked but about a half mile through what appears to be new growth pines is extremely overgrown with briers. The trail at some points is chocked down to the point you almost needed a machete.

trail through the woods.. following a dirty creek. one or two spots to get out on rocks along the creek. there's a cool spot at the verge of the muddy creek and the clear huge river. I saw a couple skinny dipping swimming in that area.. so we couldn't really enjoy the spot and get in ourselves.. the river was flowing fast looks fun. there's some more rocks on the little island between the creek and river just ipstream a bit. might be a fun adventure to go chill on those rocks and swim in front of it . the trail dies out it seems. very overgrown past this spot . I got some weird allergic reaction trying to go thru it.. it went away after 30min. decent trail. only that one spot at the end for River view ... hopefully nobody is there when you go!

Loved the hike- especially the waterfall!

A fun hike, but it lacks a view and a “payoff” for the climb.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great Friday ride

Great trail!!! was well marked and maintained.

Parts of the first two miles of the trail, hiking clockwise,including the beaver dam trail was an easy hike but somewhat overgrown and in need of some maintenance. The last two miles included several waterfalls and stream crossings which makes for a nice finish. The trail is well marked and easy to find.

Nice wide trail. Nice bridges. We saw dear and hawks. We followed the shorter green path. Had to guess which way to go a couple of times but it wasn’t a big deal. There was a stream part of the way.

One of my favorite moderate hikes in the area. Beautiful changes in ecosystem as you travel through the entire trail. I like to start with the beaver pond and finish with the waterfall section. Go in April and see tons of blooming Mountain Laurels. The waterfall section (up until Wolfden) is fairly busy but I rarely see people after that. You will cross the stream several times via rock and some footbridges. Roots and rocks in the path and the parking area have no bathrooms at the start. Usually takes me around 3 hours at a relaxed pace.

Great training for the Appalachian Trail

Loved this trail! This trail is a really nice mix of trees and beach. Literally, half the trail is flora/fauna and the other is the ocean. Watch out for large spider webs. Make sure you wear sun screen and bug spray.

Great place to ride-at least on a Monday afternoon. Solitude.
Started at Stonecrest Mall but was away from hustle & bustle quick.
Lots of visual distraction. Wildlife, geology, hum of tires. No photos due to phone mounted & riding, but lots of wow.
New to biking, do terminology may be off. Steep & short hills so I got off the seat a lot. Nice change of pace from silver comet,

so gorgeous and the right amount of challenge.

Fantastic loop! Everything is in bloom right now

Easy, short hike!

Awesome trail, extremely pretty, but not very well marked, except around the lake and boardwalk, although it is still fun to navigate with AllTrails. The lake is beautiful and the hike is a gradual incline. If you do this loop you will definitely enjoy yourself. Basically a smaller Stone Mountain with more greenery and a lake. Just be careful not to step in the little pockets of silt on the mountain, those actually contain seeds of a little red plant called diamorpha.

Super cool and unique hike. The face/surface of the mountain is like a different planet. Dog loved splashing through all the little pools of water

mountain biking
4 months ago

This trail is fun to ride with technical ascends. The only problem with this trail is it can be very easy to become lost due to the fact that the trail at certain spots is not marked well. Overall this is a good trail.

Apparently we missed 70% of the trail because the trailhead wasn’t visibly marked and the map provided by park service wasn’t much help either. We are avid hikers, for the record, and found this to be very confusing. We ended up walking on the beach for 2 miles and walking the 2 miles back to our vehicle on the bike path. This was very unpleasant. The beach was beautiful though, and extremely quiet. We found beautiful seashells and enjoyed this portion of our walk immensely.

Tons of mosquitos on this trail. They can get to the point of unbearable. Also don’t go on high tide as some of the trail might be submerged. This trail has potential but the mosquitos can be a serious problem.

This is one of my favourite trails, but it can definitely be hard to follow at times. There may be several instances where you might think the trail ends due to downed trees or overgrowth, but you can finish your loop if you go under and over the trees and pay close attention to the markers. Ends on a closed service road which features red cockaded woodpecker habitat.

A decent amount of uphill hiking and lots of roots. It's a scenic trail, but not particularly well marked and so it can be easy to get turned around.

very nice trail, the signage was a little confusing. I would definitely go again.

I don’t think it was a moderate hike it was pretty easy but it was gorgeous!

not very well marked once you get to the beach, but the driftwood area is very unique

Bring bug spray or you'll be keeping a quick pace.

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