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1 day ago

Definitely not for new to intermediate hikers. I decided to knock this out quick, but wasn’t quick at all +2K in climbing in 1.5 miles with extremely loose rock wasn’t fun at all. I recommend actual trail shoes and maybe poles. If you wear regular sneakers, I hope you like falling and the taste of dirt. Awesome views, however, the trail it’s marked or maintained well. I had to download the map beforehand and use it quite frequently, it was pretty annoying.

A very nice trail and when I went I didn’t see another soul. The only reason it was not as much fun as other hikes I go on is the fact that my pup can’t enjoy the water since it is a reservoir.

Backpacked 5 miles into the trail. The first mile or so is burn scar, but after that is exquisite. I've never seen more beautiful scenery anywhere. Plenty of good campgrounds and water sources.

fantastic view from the top, but awful time getting down. slide on my butt the whole way under the trail stayed again (about a mile) worth it. dress accordingly

Switchback central! I’d say it’s a moderate if you frequently hike and it is quite steep but nice and quick and a beautiful place to relax at the top.

18 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike/run....It was listed for mountain biking also....I don't recommend it...parts of the trail would be good but still a lot of hike a bike esp. if you hike more along the river....

23 days ago

Good trail. It ends with a relaxing view and a place to rest by the river (and option to rock climb!).

Definitely a fun and challenging trail. Pretty steep. It’s beautiful and a great exercise. In the beginning it shares the same trail head as Thomas Trail and then you come to a fork where you can go right to follow the yellow trail markers (Thomas Trail) or go left to follow the blue/green trail markers which is actually Kirkpatrick Trail. Go left on Kirkpatrick Trail for a bit and you will see eventually the blue trail marker for Crystal Trail. Trail is well marked after that. Plenty of switch backs!

25 days ago

Great hike as always!!! Trail is a bit difficult to follow on the way up but not too bad. The way down is a bit tough due to the loose gravel! Excellent views at the top nonetheless!!!

Our backpacking trip went counterclockwise, starting at Goose Creek, forking left onto McCurdy, left again at Lake Park, and final left at Hawkins Pass. Around 24 miles total.

Goose Creek trail was cool; there is a diverse landscape varying from mountain views to aspen groves to large rock formations. Plenty of water from mile 1 though 6 along this route for the backpackers. Can’t speak to further sections, as we created a loop with McCurdy.

We continued our trek that day into McCurdy (junction at about 6 miles into Goose Creek). McCurdy is tough, required lots of breaks for us as we are relatively new to backpacking and carrying +/-30lb packs. Decent water sources from the Goose Creek / McCurdy junction — for us, we filled up around our mile 8, mile 9 (cave / stream area), and close to mile 10.

All water sources are low, keep in mind we had a low snowpack this year, therefore streams and cave water are lower than normal. Related to this, there are fire restrictions in the area! Always a best practice during a hot and dry summer to NOT start an open fire. Bring fuel and a personal stove to cook. Don’t be that guy, the one who starts a completely preventable forest fire.

26 days ago

No one is ever on this trail! So serene. My favorite is to take the connector to hurricane cyn and go down the incline.

Nice trail with a lot of good scenery. If it wasn’t for the significant portions of the trail on roads, I’d have rated it 5 stars.

This trail is not MODERATE but HARD. I used this trail guide for our hike. When we finished I looked it up again and found another Arapaho Glacier Trail same trailhead, that is listed as HARD. Don't be fooled, this is not MODERATE. Great hike but hard even for us. Lots of rock on trail (feet sore) and steep incline all the way to the top. Weather changes rapidly, take rain gear. Can get very windy once above treeline. Steep/rocky terrain. Great adventure but hard.

This is a great trail but hard to find. Park downtown near the pond. Walk across the main road on park and turn right on boulder. Once you come to the trail it is called Thomas trail. Take the yellow dots until you hit the green and make a left. You will cross Crystal Creek to catch the trail on the other side. You will see a sign for Crystal Creek on a tree. Don’t cross the foot bridge, stay to the right and it will wrap up and around higher up. Once you cross the river you take a trail up until you see the actual Crystal Creek trail sign. Once your on the trail you will know it!! Straight up with zig zags. Nice creek at the top for the dog. This trail is an amazing work out!!

1 month ago

Steep at points, great work out, fun. Shady most of the way up. Didn't see anyone else once we passed the waterfalls.

This used to be one of my favorite hikes in the C Springs area. But now they have drained the reservoir. I called and spoke with Natural Resources office at the AFA and there are no plans to fix the dam and refill it. He said it was decided it was too expensive. So sad.

1 month ago

Also, no parking at the trail head itself. You will have to park at the corner of Park St and Anemone Hill Rd. The rest of the way up is either a private drive or a snow plow turn off with no parking/tow signs.

1 month ago

Good workout. Wouldnt recommend taking a dog in the summer, mine was feeling the heat and incline, even though we started early. First mile and a half are brutal steep. Good views to the North and East up and down 24, and some really interesting rock gardens to stop in. You cant get to the lake (at least from this trail) as it is now part of the Manitou Watershed and there are signs forbidding entrance. The trail connects to 2-3 other ones though, so one of them may be able to get you closer to the lake. Some fantastic views of Pikes Peak once you crest the summit and start your way down the back side.

This was a great hike, this hike will take you 2000 feet straight up Blodget Peak, this is very challenging and difficult. The terrain is loose rocky on the side of a mountain!! The view is amazing of Colorado Springs. This hike is not for beginners in any way.

great view from the top

1 month ago

This is legit hike, a justified hard rating. Has elements of scrambling as well depending on how closely you follow the trail up. I’d recommend earlier in the day before it gets hot as you get higher up you have less cover and more rock. A great hike for being in town. I wouldn’t recommend it for little kids or dogs. I’m glad I didn’t have to carry my little one up in a back pack

Good conditions, but some erosion on the trail. Easy to follow.

Trail is in great condition, well marked. Hiked June 28, 2018. Half of the trail is shaded. Dry conditions. Steep switchbacks at points, but doable, even with a severe headache.

I didn’t expect to hike to the top but we did (Hubby and I), yay! For our very first time, unplanned, with rain and hail we made it. Going down was more difficult simply because of the softened gravel and rocks.

Loved every bit of it though.

1 month ago

fun and challenging, fairly steep in sections. I went up the boulder field and up the face. Very cool section. turns out there is another way from what I was told on the way down. stay to the left of the boulder field to summit.

Good hike but sad there is no reservoir.

Trust this gps. The trail has many run off trails connected to it. As long as you follow this mapped trail you will have no problem seeing where the actual trail is. After the seven bridges part is done it goes into a rather dramatic elevation change. Beautiful views all the way up.

1 month ago

Great hike if you’re looking to get a good cardio workout in on a nice day! My gps tracker said it was about 7.01 miles round trip. Long switchbacks and loose gravel before getting to the top. Going down the back of the mountain is much easier with some incline but also the decline. Time was 3hrs and 35 mins round trip. Didn’t see any one else or animals, just birds and lots of insects

1 month ago

If you want pictures, take them about halfway up because the reservoir is drained and there is literally zero incentive to hike this

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