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nice little hike & you can go on top of the rock -> when you arrive the hole, you can go on the left :)

Great views !

11/10/2018-Started around 0800 and came across 4 groups of hikers (total of about 16 people). We managed to find a stall in the parking lot and finally got to see the streams after a good rain! So awesome! It was drizzling most of the time and only came down a little harder for a few minutes of our trek out.

Easy? For all levels? No.
It's a really cool hike through the canopy, up root systems, on bare edges with a fatal drop. Come prepared and be able to climb wet roots, mud, and rocks without putting your faith in used ropes that have been hanging out there for who knows how long. Other than that, Loved it!

hey hiking ohau fans. I am looking for people who would like to join me on that. I will be in Ohau from the 8th until 21th of November. Hit me up on Insta @made86made. Would be amazing to meet some nice people and enjoy the hike - Marc

hey hiking ohau fans. I am looking for people who would like to join me on that. I will be in Ohau from the 8th until 21th of November. Hit me up on Insta @made86made. Would be amazing to meet some nice people and enjoy the hike - Marc

Great easy trail with an amazing waterfall at the end! Second half was a little steep but nothing a hiking newbie couldn’t handle. It is on private property but as long as you’re respectful it isn’t a problem.

Pretty good hike! Up hills through tall grass! Bugs swarmed in the thick trees. Hoping to go back when the grass is trimmed so we can see where we walked! Nice views.

Not too difficult, but definitely you will need a hiking boots. Gets slippery after the rain. No scenic views, since you are going through the woods. However the waterfall is amazing.

23 days ago

GPS lead you to street parking. If you use google maps the trail is marked near it at the top of Manaiki st. Pleasantly surprised. To me it is a hidden gem. Im an amateur photographer and this place was really neat for the stairs and the water tower. I saw some cool flowers and a couple of tree frogs. So it was a cool experience for me.

closed? no way. people do this trail every day. it's super easy from the Pali lookout parking lot (bus side)

One of the worse Ridgeline trails yet. Views are ok. You just never get the satisfaction that the hike was worth the end result. Better off doing another ridge

Beautiful ending to a great hike. Recommend not going right after it rains.

First half of the hike is easy and the hills get relatively steep for the second half. The waterfall is worth the trek.

so much fun with the family. my 3 year old loved this hike.

Trail was super muddy today. The first 2 miles were fairly easy, past there lots of water to cross, lots of mud. We weren’t able to complete the last half mile, it was too muddy and super slick so we turned around there. So only 5 miles round trip today but what an adventure!

Did it on the 5th great hike short and sweet.

1 month ago

1st - parking limited, so make sure it's off the road enough and beware of broken glass (car glass) in several places which indicates a break-in. No issue on today's hike.
2nd - There are three different trails in this area. A piece of the Judd trail will be traversed to get to Nuuanu - follow the signs or All Trails.
3rd - Once atop the ridge and out of the nicely shaded forest, there are two paths to take to manage the loop. The wider path will go to the right then after you've gone a bit on Puaua Flats, the hike meanders up the ridge line quite steadily and it's fairly overgrown. Not so much to not see the trail, but more annoying with high grasses. There are some old ropes along the way, watch footing and ridgeline distance because it is steep.
Lastly - great to cool off in the pools once done. Recommend hiking spikes, gloves, perhaps pants, and plenty of water.

Fun short but very challenging hike! Rock scrambling and muddy wet tree root climbing is mandatory! You have to use branches and existing rope to climb up and down this steep hike. Views are good though once you’re up there! The entrance is where the buses park.

There are two main falls in this area- Hamama and Waihe’e. Hamama is quite straight forward to get to as it is at the end of the trail. To get to Waihe’e, look for a flat area followed by a large banyan tree on the right. Traverse down to the right and cross the stream.. There you will see a trail to the right that follows the stream then up and over a small ridge till you hit Waihe’e Falls. You can also climb to its upper falls.

1 month ago

The trail starts off at Pu’u Pueo park near the top of Alewa drive. Enter the park and head toward the water tower you will see the trail split 2 times, take the right side of both these paths as it will take you to a descending portion of the trail. The trail will hug the mountain side and ascend back to the ridge line to a fence area. There are lots of pine needles that can make it slippery as well as deep muddy pockets toward the top of the trail. There are a few rope sections (I’d say about 6) that are a blessing on wetter days.

The middle of the hike seems well manicured with a stretch of wide grassy patches to walk on . The hike gets more and more beautiful as you rise above the Honolulu skyline. The green valleys of Nu’uanu and Kalihi become deeper as the ocean becomes more broad with every section. There are about 4 false peaks that are not bad when you are going in, but you definitely feel as you come back.

The last ascent is thickly overgrown with Uluhe ferns that are a blessing for hand holds if you have gloves and a curse if you don’t have long socks.

The Peak offers a beautiful view of Honolulu on the south side of Oahu while the northern / eastern side offers breathtaking from Kualoa to Mount Olomana with the iconic H3 freeway bowing at the base of the Koolau right at your feet. There is also a view of the Haikū Tower on clear days.

Besides the gnats at the summit, sliver grass a(my term for the grass that cuts you and delivers a painful /itchy sensation once you touch it) and the uluhe piercings, it is very scenic and only miles from Oahu’s busy downtown district. This beautiful peak is a moderate to moderate-hard climb depending on conditions, but the views are spectacular.

This trail seems to go on forever on the return but be aware when returning to look left for the ribbons to get back to the park as I ended up in the back of Kamehameha schools......

Safe climbing.!!!!! Oh and Bring lots of water 2-4L and some snacks . The Humidity can get bad and the last 1/3 of the trail (like most Koolau ridge hikes) has minimal overhead coverage/shade.

I loved this hike. After doing the Notches, right across the parking lot. I decided I still needed a little more.
This hike entrance is right were all of the busses park. Just look for a break in the walk and a white sign.
When you first start, you can go left up through some bamboo or right and head straight up. The first bit is through the trees. If it is dry, the roots are great to walk on. If it is wet, be extra careful, they are slippery.
Once you get past the tree section, you follow a good amount ridge walking. Straight drop off on one side and bushes on the other. If you are truly afraid of heights, you might want to think twice about this hike.
There is one section with a good stretch of rope use. On a dry day, you can easily do it without using them. Keep following the trail until you get to the sheer cliff face and that is where you will find the puka. Actually, you will have already walked on top of it. Climb down a little and you can then explore the opening.
Here is also where you get an amazing view of the waterfall off in the distance towards Honolulu. Look to the left if you are facing Honolulu.

some of the photos and hike descriptions in here reflect pali notches and not the puka. The cover photo is the notches.

a lot of shaded area but very rocky and will get your shoes and socks completely wet. not to worry though, on a sunny day, shoes dry up fairly quickly. good to bring a hydroflask full of water and sunscreen too.

I do this hike regurlarly and constantly see people who shouldn't be on this trail. give aways:

1.) Wrong shoes: you really need something with grip. If you want to hike in Hawaii, invest in a good pair of hiking shows. the situation can quickly become hazardous if you are wearing flip flops, running shoes with worn grip, etc.

2.) This shouldn't be your first Hawaii hike. I've seen people on this trail, nearly each time, who are clearly terrified yet soldier on. There is no point in being a superstar on Hawaii trails. If you can't handle it, turn around. Dont put yourself or others at risk.

3.) Don't put all of your weight on the ropes.

And lastly:

4.) Know something about this area before you go. It was the site of the final stages of the Nuuanu Pali battle. 800 people perished on these cliffs. This is a sacred place. Take your trash home with you.

So much fun and a great view! Be careful not to go right after a rainstorm, the trail definitely gets muddy.

Did this hike on September 13, it is very beautiful hike but little muddy and you have to use the ropes which are placed by some hikers there. At some parts There is trail which goes below and much safer then the walking close to the edge. Took us 25 minutes to get there and 20 min too get down and we are regular hikers. Views are very pretty from the top. If you are scared of Hights don’t do this. It can be really dangerous. Beautiful view along the way.
Love Hawaii...
Happy hiking and stay safe

DO NOT GO (unless you're willing to risk serious injury). There is no visibility for the hiker due to thick vegetation, maybe there once was, but there no longer is. The mud is a major risk as well. No one should be attempting this "trail" right now unless you're an acrobat with a great GPS, which you will need for every step you take.

Hiked Sep 2018 So this hike isn’t very difficult, but it is dangerous. It’s definitely not for the faint of hearts. The trail is off to the left of the Pali lookout just across from the buss parking lot. You’ll know where it starts because the first thing you will encounter on the route is a sign telling you that it’s prohibited beyond that point. We obviously ignored that sign just as those thrill seekers before us and went along for the ride. It’s a bit windy on the way up, and during those moments when it’s not windy, you’ll find that the tree roots and rocks are just slippery enough to keep you on your toes and increase “the pucker factor”. I wouldn’t recommend this hike if you are afraid of heights, super clumsy or after there has been a heavy rain on island.

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