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Nice easy walk. Would do it again. River on one side and brook on other side.

Hiked it yesterday, great hike with very limited yellow markings.Need to pay attention to trail so you don't get off. Tricky brook crossing if water is high. Great views from the warden's tower. 360 degree views. I'd do this hike again but in the summer.

2 days ago

This is definitely not a “moderate” trail in my estimation. Steep hike almost the whole way. The views of Lake Solitude however may make it worth the climb. Very poor footing on the way back down.

Sweet little hike

The trail is a challenging enough workout, steep midway. I was fortunate enough for a friend to tell me to “keep to the right “. The slabs in the upper area can be confusing and easy to get lost. It lacks big enough cairns. They were ‘baby cairns’, a couple of stones here and there. There were very few and faded blazers also. It’s easy to miss the trail markers for the turn to Stairs Col trail as well, if you’re heading that way. Once at the top, the views are worthy. Starting the descent is also confusing without cairns to guide you. Otherwise it’s a pretty good trail for a moderate hike. Keep to the right!

Sweet little hike

5 days ago

Great views! NOT EASY! Goes straight up, over roots and rocks. Tough river cross(river was high and fast after rain). Worth the hike if you’re looking for a moderate hike.4.8 miles total.

Nice walk, not challenging. Nice scenery.

7 days ago

I went with friend during fall expecting a great fall foliage view. But there is no views on this trail. Even the top is covered by trees.

Hiked this yesterday & Sawyer River Road was open. Took me around 5 hours total. The trail itself was pretty with the fall foliage but psychologically tough because most of it is uphill through the woods with few views. Since it was a clear day it was worth it to see those 360 degree views from the deck though.

This was such a great hike, and it was even better with the changing of the leaves! Tree cover for most of the hike, until you get the ridge. We had such a gorgeous, and clear view. If you're lucky, you may be greeted by a few Gray Jays at the top of the watch tower. They polished off more of my trail mix than I did...And as people have stated, Sawyer Rd is open, and it's a beautiful drive down the road!

11 days ago

This is a pretty steep hike (like 900 feet of elevation in half a mile kind of steep), but otherwise I’d say it’s on the easier side. The last half mile or so offers great views, though the markers on the rocks are a little sparse at times. The summit has great views all around.

Straightforward walk for most of the mileage, but nice scenery. Plenty of room for the traffic. Several really nice views overlooking the rocks and river, but most is forest. Waterfall bit is slightly tougher footing, but not that bad. Great place for a lunch and break before heading back.

12 days ago

Great hike with wonderful views from the ledges. There is a small water crossing and a semi steep climb towards the top with lots of roots.

Tough hike up to the tower. Not many views due to cloud cover but had some breaks enough to get an idea of what it must bring on a sunny day. Will probably try this again on a better day

beautiful view of fall foliage. I would recommend only go to the view point in the middle if you are not interested in the 4000 footer. The view at the top is not as good as the halfway view point.

Out and back in about 2 hrs and 45 min. Keeps a steady stair-like incline. No view at the top, but it’s a straight-forward path and the quickest 4,000 ft white hike I’ve found. Perfect for a rainy day, or in my case a beautiful day with a really late start. Started at 3:30PM and finished 3 minutes before sunset at 6:15PM. A bit slippery from a couple small creek crossings, especially on the downhill, so finish it before dark!

trail running
17 days ago

Beautiful trail. It was moderately busy but it is to be expected at the start of a holiday weekend. Loved being surrounded by all the history.

Sawyer river road is open. My fiend and I drove up the road Oct 3 2018 to the parking lot at the trail head

19 days ago

Oct. 3 2018, very nice easy trail, leaves were beautiful, lots of places to leave trail and walk to the river or small creeks. Easy for kids.

21 days ago

Not our favorite hike but we’re doing the four thousand footers and is in the list. Pretty much a steady climb that doesn’t let up until you reach the summit. Limited views. Moderate is a good description for this one.

Great hike! it is quite steep but the rocks are a lot easier than Amonoosuc Ravine. Not crowded and we had great time sitting near top for Good hour to take the views and eat.

a great hike with impressive views about 1/3 of the way up. there are some small streams along the way. the summit resting area was small and crowded.

Harder than I thought. Over 2 hours of rocky, followed by ledge at a 45-50 degree incline to the top.

27 days ago

Super foggy at the sumit, but I stopped at the view and got to see the sunrise! Lots of stairs leading the way to the sumit, easy to follow with lots of good footing. Lots of construction noise.

This was a perfect hike for a half day. I knew it didn’t have any views but it was nice nonetheless. It was wet but. It slippery and coming down was okay. Much better than some of the other 48s where I am on my ass or climbing over some boulder. This was straightforward and peaceful. The trail needs some TLC but still nice. Great day.

The first 2.3 miles was a brisk walk then starts increasing its incline steadily for the rest of the way. Going to the observatory was a little foggy because it was cloudy, but there was still a beautiful view at the summit.

Took the liberty of doing this trail today with rain in the forecast. Left the trailhead at 0900 with my daughter and son-in-law. We hit the predicted rain at about 1 mile but continued up the trail anyway. Though wet, the trail was not at all slippery and we hit the blustery summit in 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was raining and blowing good so we headed back down coming across several hiker using the bad weather as an excuse to climb Mt Hale. Again the trail was very wet but not slippery. The rain let up about a third of the way down and we dried out on the way to the parking lot. Round trip was 2:45. We probably went up a bit faster than normal due to the rain. The descriptions below pretty much sum up the views.

1 month ago

loved this hike. some tough, steep spots but it was worth it when you got to the top! The trail was marked really well, and it was so easy to follow! SO many cool things to see on the way up, lots of good photo ops! The only thing that put a damper on the hike was the mud, lots of muddy spots!

Beautiful day. And no, there are no views at the top but a few peeks on the way up. I took the Hale Brook trail which goes practically straight up the entire way. Very few switchbacks where the trail levels out. Others at the top took Twin mountsin trail which is longer but less steep. Hale Brook trail was rocky and rooty and not easy. It took me just over two hours to reach the top but I'm slow. Take your time.

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