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23 hours ago

Great trail - well maintained and clearly marked. I got there at 6:50 on Tuesday and didn’t see a single other person the whole hike. Sunrise was technically at 6:45, but since the trail is in a valley I walked in shade almost the entire time. The aspens are beautiful right now! I took another hiker’s advice and went clockwise. It was nice to get the short, rocky uphill bursts out of the way at the beginning. There a really gorgeous spot where the trail opens to a panoramic view just before you get to the actual “Panorama Point.” Other than that there’s not many views, but the hike was still lovely.

2 days ago

nice day hike.

Great and challenging, quick trail. Went last Friday (9/14) and I got to Echo Lake before 8a so I didn’t have to pay an entrance fee; but I did have to pay when I hit Summit Lake at the pay station ($5 so no biggie). The lot was open and not too many cars parked. I started the trail with my dog at around 7:30a and we finished around 11:00a even after we took the road down to the lot. The road up to the summit of Mt. Evans is closed so no one was on it. When I came back the lot of filled and overflowing with cars so definitely recommend getting there early. I also HIGHLY recommend abiding by the rules and KEEPING your dog on a leash and there are some spots you may have to hoist your dog up some rock or direct them on the rocky paths with the carins. Not to mention there are some steep drops close to the sides of the trail and many squirrels living in the rocks - so don’t risk letting your dog off the leash and having them take off on the side of the mountain!

It’s a great hike - for sure moderate but... def prepare for the winds after the first mile or so - amazing views!

arrived at 6am, car park half full. Heavy going for someone from sea-level....! follow the cairns to stay on track, lots of helpful hikers along the way to help the tourist from London; needless to say, absolutely stunning scenery, memorable sunrise from Mt Spalding. Tips: take toilet roll for the restrooms, headscarf/earmuffs to prevent earache from the howling wind, poles if you have them, get there early if you want any chance of parking in the Summit Lake car park. Thank you Colorado!

3 days ago

Enjoyed the views at Panorama Point. Also, there were some golden aspens which is why we went. Beautiful location and a good loop.
Some inclines may slow down the pace but overall a manageable hike (even for a four year old) in its entirety.
I recommend going clockwise so that you have dirt instead of big gravel when going downhill.

4 days ago

Beautiful and easy trail with lots of golden aspens and pine trees. Panoramic Point has two lovely photo opportunities and a great view! Perfect for a quick hike when you don’t want to drive super far from Denver. Not much elevation gain and the trail is well marked. We did a late Saturday afternoon hike and found parking easily. Trail not overly crowded. We brought our Great Dane and it was a perfect amount of walking and tree cover for him.

4 days ago

Decent hike, nice views but not much of a creek during the summer. Fairly good inclines, brought a toddler and had to carry her a good amount.

Leaves are turning! Lots of families on the trail. Started at panorama point and went counter clockwise, best views at the start and finish.

4 days ago

Did this hike with my 9 year old dog on a Friday. I was surprised there wasn't a lot of traffic on the trail. The leaves are changing so it's a beautiful time of year to go. A couple uphills but a fairly easy hike. The trail is well marked with lots of areas where you have to decide where to turn.

5 days ago

Great views. Moderately difficult hike.

on Arapaho Pass Trail

6 days ago

Believe all the reviews here and on the Arapaho Pass Trail to Dorothy Lake.
The road to get to the trailhead is much more comfortably done in an SUV with high ground clearance. It's very much off-roading. Also note, you'll see cars parked along the road throughout. It's worth gambling to see if you can get a spot right by the trailhead, especially if you're not hiking during peak hours. We arrived around 10am and found a spot by the trailhead easily.
The hike itself is absolutely stunning. It's not very hard, but does steeply incline throughout. There weren't any areas that were of concern for us with our three dogs. It was very crowded. We passed people along the way, but never felt like we were in a line of people or crowded.
The base of the hike will be warm (we hiked in September), but as you go up, make sure to have plenty of layers. I'm not a naturally cold person and I ended up with a sweatshirt and windproof shell at the top. I would also recommend you bring plenty of water for you and your pup. Even though you're not climbing too high in altitude, it will still wear on you.
The view is definitely worth it, but be prepared for intense wind at the top. Being prepared will make taking in those views a little bit more comfortable.

6 days ago

This trail had a little bit of everything: forest, above treeline tundra, views, and wind. Since the trailhead comes off Berthoud Pass, it suppose it could get a little crowded. We went Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and saw 20-30 people. But it's a nice moderately challenging hike, and worth it!

7 days ago

The aspen a currently turning, still a few more weeks left to enjoy a h colors. The tall upper canopy are already golden, while lower groves are still green. The vistas, once reached are stunning.

Not a technically difficult hike, but anticipate intermittently steep climbs which may leave you winded.

Nice easy 14er if you're doing this route. It was a beautiful day and I got some really nice views. It took me 2 hours even, but I'm acclimated so I'd allocate a bit more time if you're not.

Hiked this trail on 9/12 from Panorama Point with a 4 month old puppy. We decided to go counter clockwise which meant some really challenging hiking down the mountain. We completed the hike in just under 1.5 hours. The leaves are turning and have about another week before they are completely gone. Pay close attention to the signs on trail as there are several offshoots Great little mid-week trail!

9 days ago

This trail is a very well marked and well kept trail. It has a wide variety of different landscapes to see along the way. And an amazing panoramic halfway through the hike. If you are looking for a nice couple hour hike this one is great.

Just go! And don’t stop until you get the views of the continental divide! Bring water, prepare for some good elevation & a bit of wind. But you’ll reach the top!

What a great trail! Perfect 14er to start with. Took about 5.5 hours since my friend was a little out of shape. First part is a killer and the last part will be rough on knees. Amazing views!!

This a nice trail without too many rocky parts. My GPS shows 12.8 miles. Did this hike on a Saturday starting at 8:20am. Very few people on this trail but saw a lot of fishermen at Betty lake.

We took the Spalding to Evans route at sunrise, and it was a great time, absolutely beautiful. The road beyond the trailhead (the drive up to Mount Evans) was closed, which meant when we reached the top of Mt Evans, it was empty! Amazing! We didn’t find the trail down, so we ended up taking the road (heck, there were no cars!) This turned the hike into a 10-miler, which we didn’t anticipate. (5.4 extra miles of switchbacks!) Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we had nowhere else to be. Definitely challenging, definitely worth it.

Started at ~8, back at car at 1. It was tough climbing. Was my first 14er and I hiked with my dog. Had to give my pup a few lifts, but there were times he gave me a little tug up as well! We saw some mountain goats, they watched us carefully but never really interfered with our hike. There were a few sketchy areas of the climb and I found that the trail was not very clear at all when I’m more of the rocky area of the climb. The descend is VERY loose gravel. While I was glad I didn’t have poles during the ascend so my hands were free to help me climb, I wished that I had them a couple times on the way down. The road was closed on September 3, so not having extra crowds at the top who drove up was great! Awesome views and worth the climb for sure.

Hiked this trail for my first 14er, to raise money for Big City Mountaineers. We got started at Summit Lake around 5:30am and watched the sun rise from the top of Mt. Spalding. It was a beautiful hike, although things got challenging for me coming around the back side of Mt. Evans to summit -- I brought 2 liters of water and ran out, although luckily there was about 7 liters between all of us in our party. Next time, I will bring more water and some energy chews; granola bars and peanut butter just won't cut it. We summited Evans around 11:30am and I went straight for the restrooms like a homing beacon. Crazy to see all the people who just drove up after you've been slogging along for 6 hours! A great experience overall, the start of many of my 14er hikes I'm sure, and I managed to raise $3,000 to benefit Big City Mountaineers!

I’m only giving this 4/5 stars because the weather turned pretty bad as soon as we reached the summit of mount Spalding and made it too treacherous to continue the loop on to mount Evans. The climb to mount Spalding is not to be underestimated, but it is definitely doable. There are some moments when the experience feels a bit more like rock climbing than simply hiking, but that’s the kind of thing I really look for in a good hike! A word to the wise; the afternoon storms people talk about happening in these mountains is no joke! It’s probably a good idea to get there much earlier to avoid hail/electrical storms like we experienced around 1:30pm. To this end, please be prepared for all weather; ESPECIALLY your footwear. We are beginners and didn’t realize how important having good traction and ankle support is until it snow/hailed on us for a solid 30 minutes and we lost the trail and were slipping and sliding trying to make our way back the way we came. Luckily, we ran into a few of the trail-makers who work with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative who helped us get back down the slippery, snowy mountain. If you’re on here... thank you Abby and Jake!!!! Will definitely tackle this mountain again when we have the right footwear, and will aim to show up more around 6am probably.

on Raccoon Trail

15 days ago

Began this hike from Panorama Point on Friday 8/31. Had my 70 yr old Mother in Law along with and the wife - we are both mid 30s, able-bodied, but from the plains so not used to much elevation. Panorama Point is at 9,300 feet, so the uphills are no joke if you don't know yourself up in the clouds. Overall, this is a very nicely maintained trail. We traveled counter-clockwise from PP, thus were downhill the first part of the trail and then uphill for the remainder. While the trail does snake through some interesting terrain and the trees are quite something to be amongst, the knock on this trail is that there aren't ample "overlook" spots or photo-worthy snaps other than PP and a spot about 100 yards from PP heading counterclockwise. That said - PP is breathtaking and worth the stop nonetheless. I think moderate is a fair rating on this trail - the downhills are quite simple but once you make the turn you'll get your work in. The flipside is that my mother in law, while in good shape for her age and lives in altitude, handled it quite well. $7 at the visitor center to park. Parking is a tad sparse. Go for it - its a nice trail and PP itself is a worthy stop and picture take. Total time elapsed from start to finish on trail alone was about an hour and a half.

Drove up from TX a few days before with my dog and spent a few days hiking between 11,000-13,000 to acclimate. Clocked this hike at 4.1 miles. Camped at Echo Lake and then started before 6am and hiked with the sunrise, ran into one person at the very beginning on their way down (I think they just went up to Spaudling), finished before 9am.
The first mile was pretty intense, but once you reach Spaulding it's pretty steady. You start at 12,900 at Summit Lake and gain about 1,000 feet in a mile. My dog and I rested at Spaulding for a bit and ate some food to help with the elevation, and from there we had no troubles.
The saddle was beautiful, as was the whole hike. After the saddle the ascend up Evans is pretty steady, we did miss the actual turn off for the summit and ended up just scrambling up some rocks on the side. Weather blew in right as we were about to summit and it was sleeting and a bit cloudy, but the views were still great! We had the summit all to ourselves. It was definitely cold and windy so we took some photos, embraced the moment and started our descend.
The descend was pretty much straight down the mountain for almost a mile. Ran into a couple of people on their way up this route, but I am very happy we went the Spaulding-Evans route because the views were great!
This was me and my dog's first 14er and it was a great experience! I definitely recommend this hike as a first summit if you are looking for an easier one. Can't wait to tackle more!

Nice little morning hike, the aspens are changing!

16 days ago

Beautiful easy hike today. We took the loop counter clockwise and really the most difficult part is in the very beginning where you have about a half of a mile of calf burning incline (So it would have been easier to go clockwise on the loop). The rest of the hike was an easy stroll.. The aspen trees are already turning yellow and are gorgeous!


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