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Super fun! Pretty easy hike and we saw a few people camping

Went on a hike with my wife and six and seven year old girls on 10/19/2018. The hike was pretty easy and quite enjoyable but we were disappointed in the view of the waterfall. Be aware that when you actually get close to the waterfall, you’re pretty much just hiking parallel to the falls and gradually making your way down the mountain and never actually heading to the base of the falls. We started at the Bad Creek parking lot and didn’t even complete the entire hike. Maybe about 80-90% of the hike as marked on this app. On the way back, we took the gravel road instead because we were in a hurry to head back due to losing daylight with my two young girls. Overall, the difficulty of the hike was easy. No climbing involved and the trail doesn’t get too steep at all. The trail is marked well enough and maintained. Easy enough for six and seven year old girls. Like I mentioned, the only reason we didn’t make it was due to losing light.

24 days ago

I tried to bike this trail, which was impossible due to a massive fallen tree. Very disappointing...the park itself is beautiful and the trail was fun up until that point. Hope they clear it up soon because I would love to revisit and take another pass at it.

Beautiful hike! Just a little disappointed when the lower falls went to a overlook!! Does anybody know how to reach to the base of the whitewater falls?

This trail was so beautiful. Plenty of views of the river and rock cliffs. Plenty of places to camp.

nature trips
1 month ago

Great hike in and out with beautiful spots all along the way. For those who are inexperienced with hiking, I would consider this moderate instead of easy for the distance and the trail itself with a good portion of it being uneven terrain with roots coming up from the ground and some parts that are narrow with cliff drops. The hike back out would be the more difficult with an incline all the way back up. Bring plenty of water on hot humid days.

Left the trail and beelined it down slope towards the falls. Immediately got attacked by yellow jackets, found a crashed airplane, got right on the lower falls and had a blast. Climbing back up through the dense foliage after the yellow jacket attack wasn’t fun but the day was great with lots of amazing photos.

1 month ago

beginning of trail was nice but after 3 miles in easy to get post and off trail. alot of fallen trees most of which had the markers on them. bridge is not maintained at all and alot of the trail is overgrown and hard to see. the 7.5 mile that is listed on sign turned into 8.25 with how many times you get off course and lost.

3 months ago

Terrific loop trail that offers up all the best that congaree has to offer. The path is well marked and easy to follow as it is well worn in. As others have said there are several large downed trees but there are easy to follow side paths around all of them. If it's been raining and the water level is up; expect a few large puddles in the trail. But these can be negotiated easily enough. I enjoy hiking this trail for the peaceful serenity it provides.

After hiking the Foothills Trail four times I have seen this one enough. Besides I like Upper Whitewater Falls better..

A fun hike! This was a prelude to my hiking the Foothills Trail four times.

First real hike in SC. We're from Colorado so we have plenty of trail time. Nice li'l hike. The gate to the summit was closed so we respected it, but I wish we hadn't. We'll go back just to say we did it. Our first 3er! The trail was more steep than I expected. It broke my niece's will to walk. Not as challenging as the high country in the Rockies but the humidity did add a layer of difficulty. I look forward to many more of these day hikes.

4 months ago

We had a lot of fun hiking to these beautiful falls.

4 months ago

I went on June 30. The view was great, but I wish it was closer to the Falls. Looking at them from distance, you really miss the powerful energy then if you were closer. I’ll try the upper Falls next time.

Very nice Hike, the waterfalls were beautiful and rolling really well. the trail was shaded even with the heat it's not that bad.

Gorgeous river and waterfalls. Great swimming holes at the base of the initial decent. However this trail does not allow camping due to whitewater corridor protection (the reason for the 3 star rating). However we hiked to Thompson river, 2.7 miles past the turnaround. This was a spectacular 4 star hike. Next time we will start at Bad creek parking to get to Thompson river. (A lot of ticks in June!)

5 months ago

Starts out easy then turns into a wilderness trek with down trees, hard to spot markers and a barley visible path. It wouldn't hurt to bring a machete.

If you have trouble finding the start of the trail based on this apps directions like I did than drive past the cherry hill recreation center and about a mile or two up the road is a side road to the left named F708. Turn down that road and drive about 3 miles down the dirt road until you see the sign for a campground. Park in the campgrounds parking lot and walk down past the gate towards the campground and go to the very last campsite along the river. There will be a sign for the Chattooga River trail which is the trail you should follow. There will be an area where the trail splits into three directions, just keep following the green and white blazes along the trail until you see the small side trail that leads to the falls. It's not an official path so it is slightly dangerous to trek down but it will take you out right beside the falls which are breathtaking.

Did about 4 miles of the trail. Ranger told us (in May 2018) that the 7.5 mike loop was partially closed due to fallen trees following a storm. 4 mile stretch was easy walking, no elevation change. Limited water views, a few places required stepping over fallen trees, and blazes didn’t fully match map from visitors center. Our goal was to stay on the blue trail as long as possible but we seem to have done a cut-through onto the white trail (but never saw white blazes). Also saw a post for yellow, 1 mile, but we were nowhere near the yellow-blazed trail. Thankfully we were recording with this app so we were never lost.

Well worth the hike.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Not very well maintained bridge close but we road across it anyway nice short ride

The road getting to the trail was a little rough. You drive over two creeks. The trail is beautiful. The waterfalls are clean and flowing strong.

Wonderful hike with an incredible reward at the end. Highly recommended!

I fly fished the chatooga. started at burells ford. beautiful trail and so very easy. Great Day!

The trail length is around 5 miles total. Pretty hike.

My daughter and I hiked this tail yesterday, beautiful sunny day, 55 degrees! We started at the Bad Creek parking lot and hike to the top of Whitewater Falls and back. It was a nice hike we enjoyed it.
Beautiful falls, well worth the hike!!

9 months ago

I parked at the cherry hill parking site and this trail starts down and across the road. I had trouble finding it at first. Once on the trail there were many fallen trees. I had my dog with and we had to stop about 2 miles in. We could have kept going but after hiking 3 miles on a previous trail and it being in the afternoon we turned back. There are also a few spots that are quite narrow and would be hard to navigate with small children or a rambunctious dog. I'm hoping they clear up the trees and I can go back in late spring/early summer.

9 months ago

The falls are beautiful and powerful. A nice overlook!

This fall is actually broken up by an upper and lower Licklog Falls. The upper are hard to get a good photo op of as there is no way to get close to them but they are a sight to enjoy. The lower falls are a short ways up but there is a steep trek down to them. I saw a review that stated not for children but we had three 11 year olds and one 8 year old who had no issues.

10 months ago

really nice trail- very flat. closer to 7 miles even. would recommend all the trails in this park. the camping area is about .25 miles from the visitor center, and the access trail to the trailhead is another .25 or so from there.

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