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Great trail. Beautiful all the way.

we hiked this Trail on Monday November 12th Veterans Day Holiday. it was a moderate Trail. it is a little bit Rocky in spots being dry out we didn't have any problem with slipping. it was a perfect time of the year to go no poison oak no bugs and a smaller amount of people hiking. would recommend is Trail to everybody

Great views! a little bit of frost this time of year...I would recommend Hobart bluff trail if one were wanting to choose between the two trails!

I really love hiking this Trail. It is rated moderate, but I think it is fairly easy. The view at the top is well worth the hike!!!!!

I was in town for the Ducks/UCLA game on November 3. It was sort of a homecoming- I was a law student at UO in the late ‘80, and remember being introduced to hiking the many beautiful trails around Eugene. I really looked forward to seeing some old friends and I promised I must return to some of these hiking trails on this trip. As was expected, there was an off-and-on gentle drizzle which didn’t seem to bother my fellow hikers on this crisp late Saturday morning. The hike was moderately strenuous but very worth it as the views of the Willamette Valley from the summit was a deserved treat. I wished I had more time to hike than the hour I spent on the trail since I had to head back into town for the game. I look forward to another trip to Eugene and hopefully spend more enjoyable time hiking its beautiful trials. By the way,the Ducks won.

Easy trail, lots of options if you need a longer hike. Here is a time lapse of the whole trail from Blanton to Hendricks.

Finally did this hike on Oct 21. Clear, sunny day. The hike up was moderately challenging with nice views to the west, including Spencer Butte and parts of Eugene. Lots of different trails with a gorgeous hilltop view at the summit. Not quite 360 views but close. Could be a great spot for snacking and relaxing while taking in the views. Took the longer southern trail down and it was rocky, steep, and, at times, unsure footing due to steepness and loose rocks and slight over growth. But that made the hike even more interesting. Definitely will do this hike again this coming spring and summer seasons

As a long time Salem resident, I am jealous that Eugene has this and Spencer Butte. Wondering why Salem doesn’t have something like this for a hilltop hike.

24 days ago

absolutely beautiful views

27 days ago

I love this hike. It’s fairly easy until about the last stretch there’s a lot of stairs but the view is rewarding. It doesn’t take to long. Looks beautiful during the day or night! I’ve done this hike about 10 times and counting.

28 days ago

Pretty great hike. First 3/4 was quite basic. The last leg and the rock climb was a bit harder than anticipated. The last leg was the steepest, as you can see from the topographical map. The climb was a bit sketchy. Two puzzles (first was easy, second was a pain), then steep stairs with a lot of loose gravel, so be slow and steady.

It's well worth the trip. The road was not as bad as previously stated. I took my Subaru Legacy up and it made it just fine. I suggest taking hwy. 199 to Selma then a left after Rays market, follow the GPS from there. It is a climb but there are Amazing views the whole time! You can even see Mt. Mclaughlin at the top. A bit windy and lots of shattered glass up there too. We only seen two other hikers that day. So peaceful!

I hiked this Trail on October 7th after a summer filled with smoke that finally left the view was breathtaking. the hike up the hill was not easy it is very Steep in places. it took me 3 hours to get to the top because I had to stop numerous times to rest. one of the best hikes I have done to date.

1 month ago

Good hike for our puppies first trek, but many trail markers were missing or down making it difficult to map. Easy, clean trails would be good for kids

Excellent hike. Some beautiful views and a pretty easy trail.

By far one of the best places to if you are new to Eugene or just here for a visit. I have used it to drop a few pounds (ok like 40)! A few different starting points and awesome views.

absolutely loved it!!

nature trips
1 month ago

Good little trail if you wanna get in some quick exercise. The sunset is glamorous from the top. A little busy, but manageable during the week. I would do it again and maybe even attempt running a little.

1 month ago

Awesome day hike with a scramble to get to the peak. at the right time of year (late spring early summer) so many butterflies! One of my favorites!!

1 month ago

We didn't get to climb Pilot Rock as we were in the middle of a rain/hail storm, but we got pretty close and the whole way was beautiful! We saw bear on the trail that ran off when it saw us. Water was scarce.

1 month ago

With Keith, teena and James follow trails... Keith go bathroom have pee outside for hiking lol... Look start small pay attention.... Pay attention intersection trail look.. I my phone pockets... Stop walk in My phone camera pictures... Thank you James and teena

1 month ago

Easy hike to some spectacular views!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Squaw lake is a gem. Trails are wide so whole family could ride around together or enough room to share with others. There were a couple of rope swings to jump in the lake for a refreshing swim. We swam with fish and skipped rocks. Definitely going back again.

2 months ago

Definitely steep but worth it! Be prepared for stone stairs at the top. I’m more out of shape so it took me a few rests any my trekking poles. Well maintained and a great Saturday activity.

Amazing views! Difficult trail is a lot of fun and has great scenery, easy trail has nice flat surfaces and plenty of stairs.

This was a very nice hike, will definitely do it again! For future hikes here I’ll make sure to bring bug spray. The gnats were HORRIBLE! I’m sure the beginning of Fall when the leaves start changing colors it would be gorgeous. Agree on there not really being “waterfalls”, and more like rapids. It’s a pretty designated trail, however, about two-thirds of the trail is made up of rock. Probably wouldn’t recommend hiking it when it’s raining, would be very slippery. There is poison oak everywhere, so for the ones that aren’t sure what it looks like, I would look it up beforehand. Also, there is absolutely no cellphone service, so I downloaded the trail beforehand, but like I said before it’s a very established trail. It’s shaded mostly throughout so that’s a plus! I consider it a dog-friendly trail if they’re trained well enough to not pull you while walking. Wouldn’t bring little children, unless they’re used to hiking because the trail in narrower and steep.

Awesome hike

Went here this afternoon with my dog and am happy to say the trail is untouched by fire and still lovely. There is one small portion of the trail from which burned area is visible, but the trail itself is untouched. My dog (a dachshund with short legs) loves this trail, as there is just the right amount of scrambling for a dog with a muscular build and spirit, but also only four inch legs.

2 months ago

Loved this hike! Great view the entire time! Busier in the afternoon. The falls are actually rapids but still very beautiful.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in the Willamette Valley. Been up here 4 times in 3 years. Always took the longer route from the northern trailhead but this time parking lot was full today so went to the southern trailhead. Surprised to find much larger parking lot with outhouses and better signage. Probably take this trailhead from now on as it seems to be the main trailhead. There are 2 different routes, one only 0.7 miles but very steep and one that is less steep and meets up with the northern route before ascending.

Today I took the steeper route and it was a blast for me. There was quite a lot of scrambling on rocks and boulders near the top. Definitely not kid or pet friendly. And I doubt I could go down it as I’m more of a hiker and not a climber or scrambler. Took the longer but less steep route back down and that one was very easy.

The views at the top were pretty good though hampered by some wildfire smoke, so could not see the Pacific but was able to see Fernridge reservoir and Eugene and Mount Pisgah.

People who live in Eugene are very lucky to have such a wonderful spot with 360 degree views right on the outskirts of town. I wish Salem could develop trails like this!

Beautiful hike on a perfect day. Hubs thought we were going for a short hike but we ended up going all the way to Spencer Butte Summit

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