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1 day ago

easy hike, not too many people were there which made it nicer.

A beautiful water fall.

This is easily the best hike I have ever done! I took 2 and 1/2 days to get out there and get back into mammoth. I would cut out 3 days to do this hike if you can! There is also a river around mile 12 that doesn’t have a bridge or stepping stones so water shoes/ flip flops would be good to bring. I came out the red’s meadow direction because it’s not the big climb out that duck pass would be. The smoke was pretty bad from the Lion’s fire going out Red’s meadow but it’s better than making the climb out! If you’re a fisherman bring a pole with you, fish creek has TONS of fish.

Lots of rocks, would recommend hiking shoes and water shoes for when you get to falls. It’s really nice though, I’m for sure going back.

Such a unique place. Challenging but fun hike, we went late morning. It was about 101 when we set out and before we hit the half way point we turned around because of the temps. Back at the car it was 107 and even though we had plenty of water, there were parts of the trail without any shade and we were starting to overheat. Aside from that we really enjoyed this spot and will make a return trip very soon and head out early for sunrise. The mountains and rock formations are amazing here and you’ll have plenty of photo ops in the canyons. Pack out what you pack in... dirt road is a bear coming down Painted Canyon Rd. Be ready for some major vibrations for about 5 miles of unpaved road. Best done in a truck, your pretty luxury car will cry coming here.

Beautiful hike even with the Smokey skies. Passed maybe 20 people - but had the Lake to ourselves when we arrived. Great hike with my 12yr old son in 4.5 hours at a nice, steady pace.

18 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike to the falls. So disheartened to see the graffiti along the way. I support art and expression, but please don't use Mother Nature as your canvas.

Great walk, beautiful views with a refreshing stop at the falls. The only problem is people trashing the place and not taking care of the mess they leave behind.

It was fun! I did the short walk then hiked down to the actual falls. Gorgeous views!

Moderate hike with a beautiful view of the lake!! Don’t forget your camera!!

Good for beginners! Really nice place!

Was a great hike yesterday here. Definitely a hidden treasure to admire close to the Imperial Valley. Take plenty of water, gloves, hiking light shoes with good traction, sun block, snacks and a beer or two to enjoy up on the canyon. I guess i learned yesterday that the north trail is called The Ropes, and the east trail is ladder Canyon trail. I recommend to go east trail and follow rock arrow into hidden canyon. You can go the other way also, half way there is a hill that will be safer to go down than up for some. I'm going back for sure; Enjoy and stay safe!!

This is a great hike, but as others have said, it isn't marked at all. We relied on information from other hikers and Alltrails to figure out where to go. The ladder and ropes are fun and the hike is mostly pretty. The upper loop to the top of the big canyon is completely exposed. We got an incredibly late start, so this part baked me, but the canyon was worth it. As a bonus, we saw a little gray fox. The road in was rough, but ok for a regular car.

Definitely coming back to this hike, lots of trails to explore.

I would recommend coming early to avoid high temperatures (it reached 112 when we went last week) and bring plenty of water.

1 month ago

Had a great time

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall!! One of my favorites but extremely crowded! I was wondering if anyone has found the hidden falls or climbed to the top of Bonita Falls??

Tried in vain to make it to Iva Bell in one day and had to break it up into a 2 day hike to the springs. We stopped for the first night after hiking 8 miles at a spot that unfortunately had many mosquitoes. Be ware of the river crossing at mile 12.8 of this hike as there is no log bridge nor stepping stones (that we could find). Our group had to take off our shoes, socks and pants to wade across the river and the water level got to groin deep with swiftly moving currents at some points. We ended up going out towards Reds Meadow on the way back and was much easier than going back up hill all the way to Duck lake. The view from the top of Duck pass towards Barney lake and Duck lake are breathtaking; however, if you are trying to get to Iva Bell I would suggest going out via Red's Meadow as it is shorter and at lower elevation.

1 month ago

Great short hike, last part is steep however the amazing view & refreshing water at the end makes it worth it.

esta cortito pero para principiantes esta bien ,lo unico malo es que la gente marrana deja mucha Basura

1 month ago

Great hike and nice area to camp once up top. The last mile was steep but other than that it is a relatively easy hike. The fishing was great, the trout seemed to enjoy lures and live worms. The only negative is the MOSQUITOES! I used repellent on my exposed skin but they bit through my thick hiking socks and also through tshirt and light jacket. I'm not sure what you can do to prevent them from attacking, but maybe more layers and also putting repellent on unexposed skin...Hike back easy and breakfast at Vermilion Valley Resort was great treat after a few days of hiking and backpacking.

1 month ago

the hike was super easy. and the view of the waterfall is beautiful when you reachit. there were cute lil wooded cubby spaces you could find for a moment of privacy to hang and take in the nature

the start of the trail is sketchy but follow the graffiti trail and you'll be fine. there's a second waterfall to enjoy if you don't mind hiking up the side of the cliff without a real trail. it has great views of the canyon and surrounding mountains. definitely going back soon to see the top of the second waterfall. Great hike overall.

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall with a moderate 1/2 mile hike through big rocks & boulders. The downside is the amount of graffiti you see prevalent the closer you get to the fall itself. basically ruins any photo-op moment.

1 month ago

Two great meadow views on the way up, couple of small water crossings to add a little excitement. The view across the bathtub is worthy of screen saver status and gives a great sense of accomplishment when you reach it. Took 6 hours on the way up with my 3 children (6,10,12) made many stops to rest and have lunch. Took 2 hours on the way back. Wanted to stop longer but the mosquitos at that time of day (6-8pm) were getting obnoxious so couldn't pause for more than 10 seconds without getting swarmed.

Will definitely go again

The trail is really hard to find. Over half of the trail is walking through tons of rocks and not really sure if you’re going the right way unless you’re following the map. Once you start climbing up towards the waterfall the trail is more clear, but the left to go up to the waterfall is easy to miss. We went in the afternoon on a Saturday and there were quite a bit of people there. People left trash and dirty diapers along the trail, we tried to pick up what we could along the way. Tons of rocks had graffiti on them as well. Despite that it was still a good hike and will definitely go back again.

fun family trail

2 months ago

It’s really rocky but the waterfall is beautiful

Rocky hike but worth it at the end

Love this app

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