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I was very disappointed with the zoo. We did not see any animals but many bunny tracks. The snow gave it a nice touch but was confused why there was so much more snow the higher up we went when we were getting closer to the sun. It makes zero sense. It should be warmer.

great scenery and not too tough for two old and out of shape prairie girls

Enjoyed Heart Mountain, Horseshoe Trail hike. We did this back in May 2018. We did the couple harder scrambles, we did go counter-clockwise (west to east) and found the ♦️ painted on the side of a cliff, climbed up there... I’m sure we got off the trail a few times. Scramble up and down the other side. This hike is in FULL Sun, and can be very windy. Bring lots of water, and some food. It turned into a full day hike for us by time we found our way back to parking. Breathtaking views the whole time, took lots of pictures. Loved it! It was a challenge for us.

I’ve hiked up to mountain summits, but I promise you nothing will take your breath away quite like walking through those trees to the lookout point. This is a great hike, it’s quick and challenging. Gaining elevation practically the whole way up. Hikes this nov 4, 2018 and the path is fairly clear. Only a small amount of snow closer to the top. Definitely do not need winter boots or crampons to do this one...yet.

7 days ago

Nov 4, 2018
This was a great hike! Mostly uphill with a flat spot in the middle, pretty difficult I would say for inexperienced folks like us. My wife and I did Lake Agnes on Friday and Ink Pots via Johnston Canyon on Saturday, then ended with this on Sunday. Even with all the hiking we had already done, we went out and back in about 4.5 hours, but we didn’t make it all the way to the second lake (it was pretty snowy and that last push up the hill was a bit much for our inexperienced and tired legs). Wonderful views of the backside of Castle Mountain, and lots of snow-covered valley.

Thanks for the recommendation, G&J!

Went on Oct 21. Had to walk down the highway, as the road to Moraine is closed temporarily. Nice hike. The elevation really is at the start and then the last bit up to the lake. The lake was beautiful and almost frozen over, definitely cold up there. Lots of snow on the trail, but it was packed down enough to make the trek manageable sans-snowshoes. Highly recommend crampons or similar.

Amazing view at the top, definitely gets steep towards the top though but it goes by fast! Took us 2.5 hours total with a stop at the top. Not marked that well tough. Lots of people, no snow yet

This was my first ever serious hike loved it amazing views at the top. Busy in the summer

Loved the bridges and the creek. Great parking facilities but the access road is very washed out for my small car.

Oct 19/18 - microspikes needed especially for the first part of the trail up to Elbow Lake. A beautiful easy hike from the lake to Edworthy Falls. The trail is well worn down along the way.

19 days ago

Awesome hike!

Hiked Oct 21, 2018. Trail a mix of hardened snow, ice, dirt and mud. Crampons very useful for beginning ascent and absolutely required for going down to falls. Some areas challenging due to broken trail of hard snow and deep tracks. Elbow Lake is totally frozen. Folks walking on. Nice leisurely hike after initial ascent.

21 days ago

Great day walk with a group including young ones. It was a little icy as there was lots of snow pack but the scenery was beautiful, the sun was out and well worth it.

I would definitely do this again, but there’s a rushing waterfall you have to pass so I’d go next time even earlier in the morning (~8am) to avoid jumping across wet rocks. Also bring gaters depending on the weather! Helen lake is pretty, but make the extra trek up to Cirque peak and have lunch up there if you can. Although it’s usually snowy up there.

22 days ago

Hiked this on October 20th with a few friends, and we enjoyed it! The views of Taylor Lake are cool, backdropped by Mt. Bell and Panorama Peak. The trail was very easy to follow, and for the most part winded through forest, with glimpses of Mt. Bell on the ascent and Castle Mountain on the descent. The trail was icy this time of year though, we managed without spikes but they'd be helpful!

Just before reaching Taylor Lake, the trail opens up into a meadow, which leads up to the lake with great views. Once you reach the lake, there are four picnic tables for a lunch stop, with options to extend the hike to Boom Lake and O'Brien Lake. We crossed paths with a half dozen groups on the way up and down.

Total time round trip: 3.5hr

23 days ago

Very easy hike up to the lookout before the loop - if you do the loop, start up the right side as you reach the waterfall sooner and it’s less steep/shorter than the alternative side where it’s a very strenuous hike up, especially with the loose terrain.

23 days ago

Went in the winter, and it was a very flat, and relatively unspectacular view from the end of the trail. It was still fun and nice, but I’d need to go in the summer to give it a fair rating I think.

24 days ago

Sep 17, 2017 - awesome hike !

Nice hike, pretty easy going on the maintained trail. Once you get past that for the loop at the end it gets kinda sketchy, lots of snow on steep shale. There are a lot of big icicles that were starting to break off so would recommend moving as quickly as possible through the section that takes you directly beneath them.

27 days ago

Amazing trail. Was very snowy, but the lake is incredibly pretty. This is a very long hike so bring lots of supplies. The fog that was over the lake came in and out of view, so you do have to wait until for a picture perfect moment!

27 days ago

October 15 hike

**review below : found half of an ice climbing spikes pair, black diamond, on the way back from the final loop. Left them under the wastebin at the trail head.

30M/32F/8 months old toddler in harness.
Quite the great hike. Starts off with a slight incline in a regrowth area with short pine-like trees. This part was muddy on the way back after the sunny day. After that you reach a forested plateau and cross a stream of ice-cold water. A little while later a last climb brings you to the openvalley with the glacier ocerhead, and you can see a plateau overlooking the valley in the distance. That’s where you can (its the best part really) head if you choose to do the last little loop after the marker saying this is no longer a maintained trail. It starts with a steep open climb/scramble after a little boulder area, culminating in (iced over at this point in the year and with some falling icicles the size of a person’s head at some point) some falls and caverns behind them. It gets easier then and you soon reach the plateau, with some little streams behind, quite gorgeous. You then climb back down in a scrambly way.
At this time of year after 2 cold weeks, the snow covers the trail and makes the scrambles a little strenuous and a bit dangerous, so walking poles are recommended. For the way up crampons also efficient (on the way down it hinders you in open snow). The wife was actually scared during the loop with the baby in the harness, but i repeat that it it the best part!
Took us all in all without breaks a good 3 1/2 hours, and we are usually a bit faster than average.

29 days ago

This is an easy hike and has beautiful Scenery, but disappointing. The trail just end and seem very Anticlimactic. At the end you can hear a waterfall that is just out of view, unless you are adventuresome and crawl up the creek on logs and rocks. I do love the views of Heart Mountain and the beauty in the canyon. Have done this hike twice once in the spring and now in the fall. The trail was snow covered and becoming icy.

Awesome hike in the Fall! Constant climb from the trailhead but it doesn’t last long and once you hit the lake it’s pretty flat the rest of the way! Views are insane! Lots of snow already, snowshoes would have been good but not necessary! Saw maybe 7 or 8 other hikers all day on the thanksgiving weekend Sunday. Saw some lines in the distance that would be good to explore on the split board including an intense couloir in the far off horizon!

30 days ago

Did this hike on October 6th. Had cleats and poles so it was manageable. The hike to the lake is pretty much all uphill so be prepared for that and bring lots of water. The trail is mainly in the forest so it only offers a few mountain views but once you get to the lake it is worth it!!! I plan on snowshoeing this one soon.

One of my personal favourite spots! Nature at its best! Hike was easy and rock climb was a fun challenge. We started this trail early evening and basically had it all to ourselves. Love. Love. Love. Would 100% recommend.

Did this hike today snow and ice on the last 1/3, crampons/cleats definitely required but worth the hike.

Went on Saturday, it was beautiful. definitely need gaiters.

Awesome hike. A nice gradual incline with incredible views once you get through the forest. Did it in early October and it was quite snowy where snowshoes were needed for the last quarter of the hike.

So muddy and hard for walk when it covered by snow but the scenery is very beautiful

Hiked on 6 October. Road access to trail head was clear and easy. Broke tail through 5-8 inches of snow. The trail was generally in good shape. View from the cirque was gorgeous.

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