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Beautiful views, great for dogs!


1 month ago

My friend and I attempted this trail on 10/15, but only ended up making it to the saddle due to time constraints and because we were pretty much smoked by the time we got there :) We used the AllTrails map and did not have any navigation issues. There are a few stray trails in the lower desert portion, but the cairns will generally keep you on track. Take everyone’s advice and wear pants as the trail is very narrow with a lot of cacti and other prickly plants along the way. Lots of scrambling and very steep once you get to the mountain. Also lots of loose rock, so you have to be careful on the way down. We enjoyed the portion of the trail we did, but come prepared for a workout!

1 month ago

This is a long but beautiful trail with amazing landscapes, especially this month of autumn when you can see the different colors of the trees and plants. My granddaughter and I walked about the third part of the trail and we finished at the Nelson Canyon trailhead. Along with the magnificent landscape we also saw elks, deer, rabbits and different birds, we ended up a little tired but we enjoyed a lot.

2 months ago

loved the hike. shady and beautiful

2 months ago

This is an amazing trail, it’s kind of rocky and it gets narrow on some points, keep your kids close to you if you don’t want to see them slide down.

2 months ago

Started in the pretty Dog Canyon campground and went up to Mescalero campground for one night. Very challenging hike. But it’s easier than from pine springs as dog canyon base is 500 feet higher elevation than pine springs.

Make sure you go to the top of lost peak that you pass along the trail. Drop your pack and climb the last 100 feet for fantastic 360 views.

Mescalero campground had a beautiful site facing east that overlooked the canyon and could see Carlsbad city lights in the distance.

We went Labor Day weekend and were the only people at dog canyon campground on Friday night and the only people at the 8 site Mescalero backcountry campground on Saturday night. It was like we reserved the entire park for Labor Day weekend. We finally saw another pair of backpackers on our way down.

It rained both nights on us but after midnight on night one and 10pm on night 2. The lighting display of the storms near the park were spectacular. Clouds Covered the stars for all but about an hour. That hour we spent staring at the Milky Way.

This hike is hard, but doable if you take your time and stop and enjoy the views along the way. About 1/3 of the hike was in the trees/ shade. Temps were comfortable. Chilly at night up top. Tons of wildflowers. Part of the hike is through the remnants of forest fire from 2 years ago. Sad and beautiful at the same time. As for wildlife, we saw a jackrabbit, 3 horny toads, about 5 mule deer and a couple white tail deer.

2 months ago

Great trail to get a view of White sands national monument from the mountain side.

3 months ago

nice clear, shady trail. nice views of white sands. bring water

First time here and it couldn’t have been better! Easy enough my wife and mother finished it, yet challenging enough that my cousin and I were able to enjoy it. We went at two different paces which makes it great for all levels of experience.

4 months ago

It’s necessary to pack all of your water, which makes the initial ascent quite challenging. Nice trail once you’re on top of the mountain. In spring or fall, I’d recommend planning for a variety of temperatures due to the elevation differences. Climbing the mountain was boiling hot, however when camping at Tejas that night, our gallon water bottles froze solid.

Very tough, physically demanding...not for the inexperienced. But totally worth it!!!

5 months ago

Backpacking this trail is made much more difficult by the water requirements. This is a fairly steep trail, whichever side you start it from and there's also very little shade, regardless of which side you start from.

The best way to do this trail is to start early in the morning (during the warm season at least), so as to avoid the sun when doing your ascent up the mountains into the forest. If you start early enough, you can be through the incline before the sun comes up over the mountains.

I'd also recommend staying at Tejas. The sites there are not exposed to the strong winds that regularly hit GMNP.

My wife and I did the trail in three days, starting from Pine Springs. We went to Tejas the first day, then walked to Dog Canyon and back on the second day to get more water, finally we descended back to Pine Springs on the third day. This was a fairly difficult itinerary and I wouldn't recommend it to others, unless one really wanted a challenge.

Great hiking trail. Straight up, crazy trail

6 months ago

An amazing but strenuous hike!! It took us about 10 hours round trip, with lots of resting and relaxing up at the top. It is definitely physically demanding on the way up and especially on the way down. We got lost/off trail a few times but made it back down. Follow the trail markers and make mental notes on the way up so you remember how to get back down with limited bushwhacking and scrambling. I’d advise wearing pants for sure and taking about a gallon of water each person and food/snacks. Be careful of rattlesnakes and stinging metal. The views are amazing and definitely worth the endurance.

Awesome, challenging hike. I did this back in March. Took me 5 hrs round trip, but I’d plan for an all day hike and pack accordingly. On the first third of the ascent, At approximately 32.339365 N, and 106.584949 W, there is a fork in the trail, and they both look good. Take the right fork (steer towards the large boulder up ahead). This will save you a lot of bushwhacking or backtracking. After the first third to half of the ascent, the trail is easier to follow. Wear pants.

The trail was interesting, flowering Cacti and stunning rock formations and desert landscape. Was mostly in the sun the entire hike which was as noted: moderate, it was long for me as I am not an avid hiker. Never saw rattlesnake or much of any wildlife creatures, beetles...heard an owl and until I returned near to the parking lot, was greeted by cows' and a bull blocking, for a moment... the path. Some areas of the hike slowed me down as it was more difficult terrain, and on the way back lost the trail but after testing a few I found my way. at what I understood to be the end of the trail, A flat area with beautiful views overlooking the White Sands base and beyond as well Las Cruces and beyond. I noticed somewhat of a trail continuing up to a higher peak and I attempted to follow, I got about 3/4 of the way up it and had to throw in the towel... UGH ! I slid coming down and scraped myself up abit. The trail going back was not much faster as it is gravelly and cumbersome. I only rested about 15 minutes the entire trail... I started at 1:20 and returned at 7:40, I'm 61 and in So-so shape...I brought fruit and water, found a hiking stick along the way. Binoculars would have been nice. Wear a hat and use Sunscreen. cell phone worked always-Verizon anyway.

Tough challenge on my MTB....but good fun

I’ve made this hike twice. The first time I chickened out at the scramble area just below the peak. There were three of us and none of us had ever been there before. The other two went up the shear wall on the west side and made it to the top. The second trip I went with a group of real climbers that goes every year. The only thing they did differently was to take the east wall up the scramble. It looks dangerous but was surprisingly easy. You just have to know there are finger holds above you and put your hands there. I would do it again. But you sure get tired.

As others have mentioned, it’s easy to get lost on the way down. Wherever you turn on the way up make a mental note or take a picture for reference on the way down. The second group did not get lost. Our first group of three did.

Update to my review from last weekend: today we hiked from the Baylor Canyon Trailhead on the Las Cruces side (west side) over to the Baylor Canyon Trailhead on the Aguirre Springs side (east side). We drove a car and left it in the parking lot at Aguirre Springs and then drove back to the west side of the mountains to commence the hike. Absolutely amazing hike. It took us about 4 hours, but we had our 10 year old with us, so it could be done quicker. The peak is absolutely incredible. This is such a beautiful trail. I recommend taking at least a large water bottle per person and taking a break to have some lunch at the peak. As I mentioned in my last review, wear lots of sunscreen because you are directly in the sun almost the entire hike. Also, we did this hike the last weekend of March and it was really warm. I would not do this hike during the summer months because of the extreme heat and lack of shade. Love this hike!!!

Trail is easy to follow, not too hard, not too easy! Beautiful at the top! Be sure to take a bottle of water per person, we hiked in last of March.

Easy hike but also one of the best in the area! The stunning scenery in the canyon exemplifies the beauty of the desert landscape in the area. Not too crowded. On a beautiful day, we passed only a few other hikers and one individual on horseback. Next time we do this hike we are planning to hike from Aguirre Springs, over the peak, and down to the Baylor Canyon Trailhead. We went in Mid-March and the temps could not have been better, but it gets windy up at the top, but not too windy that I ever even put on my light jacket (tank top was sufficient). Also, don’t forget the sunscreen as this hike is almost completely in the sun.

I took a friend along who was new to hiking and a heavy smoker. He was able to handle this hike. I would classify this as EASY as opposed to MODERATE.

The view is nice and there is some good shade, but the wind was intense! All in all, a good easy hike in beautiful country. Good for a casual stroll.

Wonderful trail with great & varied views.

Lovely trail and well kept. I loved the view of the farmland and cows. Flowers were everywhere when we hiked this last fall.

10 months ago

This was an ass kicker! It’s an amazing hike to the peak of the Organs, but it is a very physically demanding and in your face hike up and down. It is definitely worth the challenge, but it is not for the weak minded and out of shape.

This was an all day adventure for us. We started early when gates opened and came down as the sun was setting. We took our time and it took us 7-8 hours. Bring plenty of food and water, good hiking boots, and pants. Keep eyes open for cairns to guide way up and down. It’s easy to sway off course. Use of recording on this app helped enormously. Plan for some celebratory beers afterwards. Gonna need them!!!

Took our time hiking the trail, yesterday. That being said, we got started at 8 AM and we were back at the truck just before 6 PM. Lots of great views and some challenging scrambling. It was a Saturday and we saw three other pairs of people hiking the trail.

Hike was great! Directly in the sun, so make sure you are able to have light clothing on, even in December.

10 months ago

Have been to this area several times. Have hiked sections of the trail. 8 miles is too long for me to hike in one time. Nice interesting views.

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