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Loved all of it. So peaceful and perfect.

I feel inclined to say this hike lived up to the 4.7 star rating. Trail Master Roscoe is very critical of hikes and the mornings here can get crowded with very ambitious mountain bikers on some trails. I always practice trail etiquette to the 10th degree, but exercise caution around some blind trail turns.
The views were definitely “inspirational” all the way out to Catalina this morning. Pease note that Apple Watches are not always accurate with distance per mile times, and expect some margin of error in canyons or areas with little to no service.

The hike from the playground down the hill and then around the lake was fun with our little dogs. But the restrooms smell from a great distance and aren’t usable.

Good trail for our little dogs. Didn’t want to do the steeper climb.


You’ll enjoy this hike if you like hikes that are completely overcrowded, not in nature, behind peoples houses, stepping over hundreds of dog shits that didnt get picked up, annoying / crying kids, no elevation gain, people playing music from their phones and mini speakers, watching people slowly struggle over a creek 2 inches deep holding their babies or small dogs lol, etc.

Avoid at all costs

6 days ago

Trail was very confusing at points and covered with horse poop for the first 2.5 miles. Most of this hike is directly next to roads, but the zoo part is cool and the trails are pretty

Tougher than I expected for a short 4 mile hike. Kudos to Jenna being able to run it downhill, it was way too loose for my liking, I was sliding all over the place. Great view of the city once you get to the top.

I love this trail. Definitely will be going back.

Wonderful high desert trail circling a mountain. Really beautiful scenery, and surprisingly lush behind (north side of) the mountain. Am an avid trail runner and found this among most delightful trails. Reward-to-effort ratio is very high. For best views start at the Willow Spring Picnic Area parking lot and go counterclockwise. Next time I'm in Las Vegas I will certainly return.

Nice trail the weather was great and the change of scenery from desert to almost Forrest like was beautiful

10 days ago

Go early to avoid the crowds! This was a great solo hike on a Sunday morning. I took a beat at the waterfall to do some writing, which was lovely until a chubby kid took his shirt off, started yell-singing the milkshake song and then jumped in the water. Which he somehow didn’t expect to be cold. You can try to get out of LA, but you’ll never truly escape :)

Nice view and wild flowers. There s a part where there lots of trees. Beautiful.

Amazing hike. Get all types of different elements. Shade. Sun. Running water. Forest. Temperature drops. It felt like east coast fall at certain spots.

My dog and I did the 9 mile RT in just over 3 hours.

Amazing views at inspiration point. Very cool concept with the pipes.

12 days ago

If you’re going on a weekend make sure to go early. It get packed real quick. Went 2 days after it rained and there was a lot less mud than I expected. Very beautiful hike.

12 days ago

Went hiking today, super easy hike. Great for kids too!! The falls was beautiful ✨

I did this hike for a geography class, it was pretty, heavily trafficked though. The waterfall was beautiful.

One of my favorite hikes to do. Portions of it are a little steep but offers some beautiful views along the way. Takes a few hours to complete so make sure to be out there a while.

beautiful hike and great workout

Great trail! For an experienced trail runner, this is fun, and not super-strenuous. I did it in 2 hours as a power hike, without actually running. However, most of it was runnable downhill. I would definitely do this one again.

The hike is 4.4 miles, not 3.5 It gets busy so go early. Lots of path finding through piles of rocks, and a couple of easy water crossings. The falls were light but nice to watch.

This is a hard hike but the views of the city and the surrounding areas is completely worth it. Lots of water, sun protection, snacks and good shoes. It’s steep! Poles wouldn’t be a bad idea if you have them. We didn’t and just took it slow.

Easy hike and great for young kids. Very crowded and many aggressive dogs off leashes.

Consider this “Black Mountain” light. Very easy hike until the ¼ mile towards the peak when the trail gets steeper and more technical; you might have to use your hands to scramble.

This time of the year is very cool; I took 1.5 liters of water. Parts of the trail get a little faint so night hiking might be a challenge. Bring a jacket as the winds and temperature can require at least a wind breaker.

When you get to the top, there is a register in an ammo can and a flag.

There are more trees and scrub than Black Mountain but 403 trail lacks the profusion of cacti Back mountain has; I could not identify any barrel cactus.

great trail, definitely will come back to run..

25 days ago

Easily accessible and an easy-to-moderate hike means lots of people and dogs. Go early to avoid owners letting their dogs run amuck etc. With all the wild fires raging, it’s nice to know there can still be a safe trail to hike within easy reach from the city. The water volume is pretty low now due to the late season, but there is still a small water fall to reward the hike.

Wow!! What a gem of a hike!! Right in my backyard. Unbelievable!!! So glad I finally took this route.

I hiked on a Sunday morning and there was no parking. It was crazy. Parked about half a mile or more away. Get there early if you don’t want to start your hike on the streets!

The trail was also very crowded. It made me happy to see so many people enjoying the trail so I didn’t mind the congestion. Everyone was very friendly. Lots of doggies, too!

The hike is moderate the whole way up the fire road and switch backs but once you break into the Castle trail, it gets tougher. The last mile or so was a real butt kicker and very rocky. Had to carry my little chihuahua up some of the sections.

I could easily see why it is called Inspiration Point! Stunning view of Los Angeles and beyond. Lots of people were eating lunch at the tables, in a very clean and nice shaded area. You should definitely pack a meal and enjoy the views!

Pack lots of water, wear a hat and sunscreen. There is some shade but the majority is in direct sun.

Best workout!!

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