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4 days ago

I did a little backpack weight training on the trail starting at the biker entrance. It was around a total of 10 miles out and back. There are a lot of different mostly shaded trails/dirt roads you can take depending on what you want to do for the first 5 miles or so.

Once the elevation gain starts, make sure you have water and sun protection because there is no shade like mentioned in previous reviews. However, there is a nice, shaded rest area towards the end of the gain with benches and outhouses. The bathrooms were locked when I was there during the week.

If you hike the part where the elevation gain starts, I would rate this hike more as moderate just because of how exposed to the sun you are.

21 days ago

For Hikers, google "Marshall Canyon Staging Area" and start from there. Alltrails' map starts off at an elementary school that's so far from the actual trail for hikers.

Looking back at the map now, it would be best to go east on Stephens Ranch Road from the staging area. We ended up going south and then hiked north. It's all down hill and little shade.

Once we arrived at the 3.5 marker (according to Alltrails' map), we went the in a counter clock wise route. This is more difficult than going in a clock wise fashion as the east side of the trail is much steeper than the west/north side. I'll know now to check out the elevation map for better planning in the future.

The east side has little to no shade. The west/north has plenty of shade.

All the creeks were on vacation, we saw zero bodies of water on this hike during this time of the year, July 29. Was hoping to find a nice shaded hike with streams of water during the heat.

Saw a few bunnies, lizards, ants and snake skins on the trail.

Started at 3pm and got back at 7pm. Got real dark at 8-820pm in the area. Gates close at sunset or 8pm.

Looking forward to coming back here in Spring time.

no wilderness permit required..I ck at ranger station before heading up..just the pass for the car..6.5 hrs total

I have entered the trail in La Verne—around the trail’s 3.5 mile market—and have gone both directions—towards the trailhead in Claremont and the other way up the mountain. It is easy in the Claremont side, but gets progressively more challenging the other way. Around mile marker 5, the trail starts getting steep and progressively steeper. Not easy for sure. I’d say intermediate is more accurate. Also around there is shade no more! Good workout, but be prepared and know what you are getting into!!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Parked at Oak Mesa Elementary School off Wheeler Ave. Access to the trail through the park over the wash bride takes you to Los Robles right, to Via De Mansion right, to Orangewood St left, trail head half ways down the block on your left. Find the trail head on Google Maps “Marshall Canyon Biking Trail”

Trail has good shade throughout first 4 miles in then it opened up. Not to technical, some loose trails closer to the the top loop. Carful on Roller Coaster Trail coming down.

It was a fun hike. Bumpy & rocky road to get to the parking lot. Trucks or Jeep will do fine! Make sure to bring lots of water and food. It is rocky trail to get to the water fall. Don't forget bring bug repellent - lots of bugs and mosquitoes.

For trail running, this is one of the best I've found near Riverside. First 1.3 miles is near vertical - hard to even get strides in. The rest is a climb but evens out a bit more.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great trail to get some cardio in. Be on the lookout, I had a bear pop out on to the trail today when I got to the top.

Loved this trail! Had some trouble finding it...Yes, you should go over the bridge and walk through the neighborhood...but once found it was great! This will be a repeated trail absolutely. I hadn't been hiking in awhile and this trail was easy enough that it didn't kill me. Great trees, some old stables and lovely scenery

3 months ago

This is definitely not an easy hike. At best, I’d call it moderate due to the incline.
Beautiful vistas and lots of lizards. Highly recommended.

Interesting hike today - was relaxing at Bear Flats when a deer stopped by. After deciding I wasn't a threat, the deer proceeded to graze all around me for about 10 minutes before deciding to move on. Made for an awesome morning on the Old Baldy Trail.

3 months ago

Very easy and shady !!! Trees cover the trail the whole way so it’s not to hot . Nice stream of water at some points of the trail .

Hiked two trees trail today and then branched off to the north. Great weather and not toobmany people out.

Beautiful. Very busy at the saddle. Be sure to have your permits squared away. A ranger was checking everyone at the saddle intersection. Cucamonga Peak is worth your time!

Really light traffic today. Saw 1 person on the way up and 1 on the way down.
Great hike to get the blood pumping. Lots of shade and some good views from the switchbacks. Plenty of Bird life.
Up in 60min.

Can get some nice views here in the winter when the air is clear. I've hiked the entire length of the trail from Glendora Ridge Road all the way down to the neighborhood at the end of Wheeler. Seen rattlesnakes, people on dirt bikes, bowhunters, and once thought I saw a mountain lion, but it was dark and the possible mountain lion was quick. Scary. Too bad the fire trail by Marshall Canyon has now become private. Takes one more access point to this trail system away.

4 months ago

For my first time hiking this trail kicked my ass all the way up the hill. It was a great workout. When you reach the top youll see that there are other trails! Be careful for snakes. Its getting warmer and they like to lay in the trail. First time i went was 4/7/18 and a rattle snake was laying in the middle of the trail.
The second time 4/15/18 and came across a smaller snake also laying in the trail.

Really verticle hike. No shade, but a good workout.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice trail. Great for trail running. Love the variety of terrain and ecosystems.

I went out with 4 friends and my lab March 3rd and 4th. There were high winds and winter-like conditions. It provided beautiful scenery but was about 25 degrees at night. this is one of the best hikes with scenic views, a cypress grove, creek beds, a water falls and not too much foot traffic. Check out our video to see the excitement. https://youtu.be/G0eW7OWVWFU

This was a good hike. We went in February. Looks like pretty hot summer hike though.

Such a gorgeous, clean, & enjoyable hike! Great for a family and even the dog. The trail follows the trickling creek most of the way. Keep an eye out for icicles and frost around winter. There are great look out points once you round the sunny side of the mountain. Curve back around the shaded side (creek side) and follow the trail up to Bear Flats. It is uninspiring without a view, but it’s a great shaded area to rest and have some lunch. The hollow tree is interesting. Took me about 2.25 hrs with slow pace and plenty of stops to enjoy the woods.

this is a great walking trail. perfect for beginners, bike riding, dogs, kids, and anyone who just enjoy quiet nature. It doesn't get too crowded and is always clean and peaceful. lots of shade and trees and grass. I grew up In la verne and have been coming to this trail for years and it's still just as beautiful as it's always been. especially after rainfall. Very easy but very peaceful

5 months ago

Nice trail. Great views. Great weather with a nice breeze

6 months ago

Liked it a lot! Strenuous heading up, fun going down.

6 months ago

Great workout. All up hill. An hour and a half round trip. A lot of lizards!

6 months ago

Finally made it to the top this time around. It ends at an access road. There is a parking lot and port-o-potty but no water. Once at the top, you can turn around and come back down, or you can continue on to the Edison Trail. Great workout!

I really enjoyed this hike with my wife. There is tree coverage in certain parts of the trail as well. We started the hike past the golf course where there is a dirt parking lot at the end of the road. It's an easy hike.

6 months ago

Enjoyed it!!

mountain biking
6 months ago

way way way harder than easy. this is super tough. not Not not an easy trail to hike or bike. easy rating is very misleading.

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