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1 day ago

Good for a day hike.

Beautiful trail. Very well marked and well maintained. The elevation at the start is rigorous, but then it levels off long enough to catch your breath, before another steep incline. We took the trail to Debbie’s view and was rewarded with a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier.

Nice stroll with a couple loops to give options as you go.

Went on this hike last Sunday and absolutely loved it. Go all the way up to Debbie’s point. It ends up being 7.0 miles. Great view and great workout.

Went on a Saturday and expected to see a lot of people, but it really wasn’t too bad, though the lot was full. The trail is nice and clear. It is incline the whole way, but it is short, and there are places to pull over and rest. The view from the top is wonderful. What a great way to spend and afternoon!

Extremely busy but well maintained trail. Does get steep in parts but the view at the top is beautiful. The Paragliders were tons of fun to watch and many of them offered tandem rides down.

seems they provide a title to the review versus letting me do it? odd.

hiked a Friday morning in November. got there at 9am. plenty of parking and pooping dogs. great trail. rained a good bit, 40F. didn't get too wet.

Family hike today! I was a little worried we went the wrong way because its in a neighborhood. It is November and the path is covered with leaves which makes it a nice fall hike. But watch your step, it can hide a bit of roots and rocks, we got along fine though. We took the North loop trail this time. Saw plenty of green slugs and beetles along the path and a few roads or frogs croaked in some areas. Long enough for my 6year old to walk and not get too grumpy.

nice walk up and great views

Hard hike and not the best view but fantastic cardio. Not too busy!

Good for the pup good for us. Not well maintained in places which made for a fun Jurassic Park feel!!

Mushrooms, moss, ferns, leaves, and a nice view of Issaquah and Lake Sammamish at the top. Bring hiking boots not Chuck Taylors.

This is a perfect fall hike!! In the beginning, there are stone steps that make it truly magical — like a scene from Lord of the Rings. The views at the top are lovely to enjoy as you rest and eat lunch. It’s also a treat to watch the para gliders launch. Tips: 1) bring lunch and water 2) hike is actually more like 4.5 miles 3) the hike down is much faster and took us half the time as going up 4) this is a beautiful hike to do in October, and the views are even more spectacular with the contrasting fall colors. Love :)

We hiked here on wet Monday, October 1st, 2018 via Cherico Trail to Poo Poo Point. We did 5.5 miles roundtrip with 1600 ft elevation gain. Nice well maintained trails. Some parts of the trails are rocky. Hiking shoes are definitely needed here. Lovely Autumn color in between the green forestry was nice to see.
Even though it rained during the hike, but we were protected under the canopy of trees almost the entire trails. The view of Issaquah, and Lake Sammamish in the distance was great. Didn’t see any hang gliders at this time. But will definitely come back in a better day.

Nice area. You need a discovery pass (so if you’re out of state like us get it before arriving).

For the Talus rock trail we went ‘right’ at the trail sign which means we ended up climbing almost 1,100 feet (according to my Apple Watch) but the way down was way easier. I can’t imagining going down the way we went up since the rocks were damp of rain earlier in the day. Climbing poles might be a good thing.

It was quiet on a Wednesday afternoon. Only saw 6 people which was fine by us.

Pit toilets. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes.

I want to go back and try some other trails but we were limited on time today.

10/22/2018 (Monday) - I got two minutes having the site only for my lone soul while reaching there. It's still hazy in the far after heavy fog in the morning.

Crowded but great views and watching paragliders is fun.

Great hike. A little disappointed by the lack of dogs...

Still couldn't find the Wall after two attempts; don't know what I'm actually looking for either. The walk is nice but was hoping for a destination or a view of something. Still a pleasant piece of Cougar Mountain to experience.

I love this trail it’s close to home and In a very nice community. The trail is very well marked for the echo trail. Also are many other trails to explore. View is very easy to find as long as you keep going up the hill. If you follow a path here without a sign with the arrow pointing in the direction then you will reach a dead end or realize you went the wrong way. Follow the signs it’s super easy and a nice workout for a family or you and your dog.

1 month ago

Started in the late morning, the trail provided a quiet, forested adventure with several lookouts along the way. This author, being somewhat out of shape, had to rest a few times on the way up. Trail markings are excellent with no bugs and only a tiny muddy area -- a perfect afternoon in the fall.

crowded, but great views. the paragliders can be entertaining

There aren’t any lakes here I’m not sure why someone posted pictures of one. And the out and back distance is closer to 8 (3.7 each direction). But it was a pleasant hike.

Went on Labor Day and really enjoy this rigorous hike. Had a 10 and 7 year old who only complained a few times. It's uphill the majority of the way so a great workout hike! views at top were beautiful.

Definitely worth the drive out here, beautiful scenery it's like being in a fairy tail.

Gorgeous but either I’m a nimrod or this trail is not well marked. I never saw a sign for Echo loop trail however we stumbled across Echo mountain which was a extremely steep trail. Made it to nearly the top when my sister shouted down to me “end of trail”. Slid/walked back down trail while grabbing every branch possible to keep from tumbling down the trail. Drank all my water while climbing up fucking mountain. Hiked along flat trail after mountain climbing for 30 min or so and back to car.
Still enjoyable despite never finding echo loop trail. The end

Went today! Took the bus line trail to nook and around to Talus Trail down to Tiger 3. I like this route better because there are inclined and flat parts as you go up. The ground was a little slippery just after the rocks.

Nice hiking trail. Rocky at the beginning, but then opens up to the woods and it's really nice to get away from the city. The views from the top are great and on a sunny day expect to see a lot of paragliders.

this trail was a great and powerful challenge for me and my (now) fiance. I took her on it and little did she know when we made it to the very scenic view at the top that I would propose to her! The entire hike was very uphill but really made you work for the end. it was hard but in a good way. Worth it
hiked in June

Fun, beautiful rocky trail with steep inclines pretty much all the way. The path is narrow and the rocks can get slippery.

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