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Loved. It !! Great view

Loved this trail, great views and a couple nice waterfalls at the end of the trail! Plan on going back more often.

I did a 10-mile hike here (5 miles of trail and then back to camp) a few years ago, and it's a beautiful, yet strenuous hike.

**50% of trails closed between March 1st to September 1st due to endangered species nesting.**

Awesome park.
Don’t plan to hike beyond 6.2 miles unless you go before or after the bird nesting season. I’ll be back to experience the rest of the trails once it’s after September.

my favorite place in Texas <3 great views and easy trails. plenty of places to cool off too.

30 days ago

Good trail but I prefer more of the wooded trails that are off the beaten path. I found a few while hiking but I would rather do the whole trail through the trees and not on gravel roads. It was fun and a very basic trail. The trail is about 10 feet wide most of the way until you get out towards the far end of the loop. Only saw lizards and birds nothing really interesting but still had fun.

8.96 miles completed.

1 month ago

The park is really pretty and it wasn’t super crowded so that was nice. This trail is nice and moderate but you gotta make sure you look for the signs Bc they are weirdly placed. Bring lots of water!

got an early summer start, started at 7:30 and I was the only one on the trail

Would suggest going counter clockwise if you can for better views. This mapped trail is actually a few different ones. Pretty views of wide open fields. You cross a few roads in this park at the top and have some picnic tables available to you.
Also, this is one of those trails with a lot of little jagged rocks on the path - so booties for your pups is a good idea.

Nice walk through the rolling landscape of Hill Country. Really nice for Texas. After completing the hike, we went to Pedernales Falls for a quick dip in the cool water. We really enjoyed this retreat.

The trail won... could not complete the 7 miles of this. Went 2 miles in to the split and could not continue. Had to fight another 2 miles bike and almost passed out.
Pros: benches placed about every .25 miles. Hills that are great for training for harder trails.
Cons: no shade. Hills.
Do not attempt mid day in summer unless you are seriously acclimated to heat and hills. City girl couldn't complete.

First time there this morning, loved the place. Trails are well kept and the people are friendly. Will definitely be going back.

2 months ago

Parking on a Sunday was more of a challenge than the actual hike! It’s next to Barton Springs city pool. Place was jam packed at the pool and their were a lot of people on the trail. The trail leads to mountain climbing areas, small water holes, small observation cliffs. There was a really nice place where a couple found a random lone tree in a pebbled creek and we’re having a picnic. The biggest issues are the bikers on the trail. I passed about 11 of them and only one warned me that they were behind me. The rest were zipping by liked they owned the place. No heads up, no head count if they were in a pack, and going too fast on lose gravel.

2 months ago

Great trail considering the distance from DFW. I started late and camped early at one of the sites on the eastern portion of the trail that had easy lake access, and after reading some of these reviews sounds like I was better off because of it. Definitely would recommend!

2 months ago

My wife and I hiked this trail on a beautiful Texas spring day with our Aussie (on a leash). As many reviewers have said, the trail is a wide gravel road in most places with slight elevation gain. We took our time and enjoyed the air and views, especially at the top where we were able to see a pretty vista. Even in the spring it was hot and the trial is free from shade for the most part - bring plenty of water for you and your dog. This was a worthwhile hike and a great training opportunity for our pup. It was spring break so the park was pretty crowded and we encountered quite a few folks on the trail - not great if you're after solitude but fine otherwise.

More of a road than a trail. Terribly disappointing.

Beautiful and unique. Have to do the loop around before the summit. Great hike. Come early because run out of parking on Sat.

A nice easy hike with some good views and lots of little trails off the main trail to do some exploring too. There was water along the trail but it didn’t taste good at all. Lots of people and trail that at times was not marked very well.

Well, I did the Lost Loop Trail.. It was a good hike, but for a newbie hiker, I didn't get much of a view of scenery because I was too busy focusing on my feet and sweating my tuchus off. It was a good hike, I am definitely still hurting two days later. Just be warned, if you're not too experienced of a hiker/backpacker, this trail just might be a new found gateway to hell.

Highly recommend! We had a wonderful time exploring the park with our two dogs. Only some areas are open for swimming so please watch for signs. We hiked for a while then went to the swimming area to cool down. Beautiful park!

Started at the Juniper trailhead and hiked our way to just past the lost loop camp. Lots of up and down hiking that kicked our butts but we're novices. Would hike again but for sure need to bring water flavors because that lake water isn't very tasty. The trail markers were good but id appreciate more signage because we got a bit lost on the way out.

3 months ago

Fantastic trail. Great for a long backpacking training hike.

Drove 17 minutes to find out it's closed off idk if there is another way to get in but the way the GPS took me it was closed I was sad I was looking forward too this trail :(

trail running
3 months ago

I enjoy running the loop trail. The trail itself is about 4.3 miles, but you'll have to walk another half mile or so through parking lots at the end of the trail. I park at the camp sites and start at the south entrance -- this makes for a tough first half mile but after that the remainder of the trail slopes gently downhill for the most part. The trail is a combination of large flat rocks and crushed granite. It is well maintained with very few loose rocks. Along Sandy Creek the trail gets overgrown with vegetation at times: too narrow with plants brushing up against my shins.

Great hike trail went on Mother’s Day

Love to hike on weekends and on climb some bluffs here. It has some pretty nice views and fun sights! Bring bug spray, camera, and sun screen. There are also lots of animals out there!

Nice easy loop trail addition to hiking the Summit trail. Nice views of the surrounding area. We started early when the park opened and hardly anyone was hiking at that time.

3 months ago

If the joy of a hike is inversely proportional to the number of people on the trail, then wolf mountain will be found lacking unless one starts at sunup. But the (over)popularity of this trail testifies to its walkability and proximity to other trails such as the juniper ridge and eastern boundary trails, landmarks such as jones spring and, of course, wolf mountain, and the primitive camping sites. As others so rightly observe, the trail is mostly in the open and the nicely-packed gravel of which much of the trail consists heats up under the Texas sun early in the day. The climb up wolf mountain is long enough to get a nice gain and the gravel can get thick and thus add to your cardio. But contrast this with the eastern boundary trail, which by my reckoning is just under a mile uphill over rocky, juniperized terrain with plenty of opportunities to be bushwhacked by an industrious feral hog. In sum, the eastern boundary, probably less traveled, is the more challenging. But scaling wolf mountain up its gravel side brings you to the majestic trip down its rocky, shaded side and into a forest valley with a narrow, meandering creek bed that in its total effect makes you feel as if you were hiking towards your hidden moonshine camp. Jones spring is the centerpiece of the trip; it is nestled inside a hefty rock formation not unlike an ancient Greek amphitheater. It is not too difficult to climb down into the pit of the spring for a close-up appreciation of the ferns who call this microcosm home. The aural and visual impact of the spring will vary depending on recent rainfall totals. Thus, most of the time the spring will be running light. Such is Texas. One thing not mentioned by other reviewers is that on the final two miles of your return you might ask yourself, 'Where in Hades did all these winding uphills come from?' It is the trail's way of keeping you from ending on a lazy note.

Love this trail. Lots of wildflowers and cactus blooms in the spring. Go on a weekday though, weekends are crowded.

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