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This is inaccurately labeled classified as moderate. The correct label should be "Easy". Also, it is described as moderately trafficked. That too is incorrect as for it is "heavily" trafficked.

the loop around the lake is paved and very wide. unfortunately the path is shared among walkers and bikers. along the path are benches, trash cans, and water fountains. in spite of the many trash cans, it is common to see plastic bags of dog waste littered on and next to the path. What is wrong with people!?!?! That path has many curves and gentle slopes. Also, there is a fishing platform, which, also can be found littered with empty bait and food packages. This, even though there is a trash receptacle on the platform. What is wrong with people?!?!? I walk the path a lot, and fortunately not all people are direct full with there garbage. I sometimes see an older woman there picking up other people's garbage. She told me that she lives nearby and picks it up placing it in the rightful place frequently. Also, while it doesn't affect the well maintained walking path, the duckweed on the small lake is widespread. Go and enjoy this nice smooth walkway but keep your head on a swivel to avoid the fast bikers. Oh, one more thing...why do they gabby women insist on walking 3 abreast and not converge to single file when they approach walkers moving toward them? My observation is the older slim women are very respectful. It's the middle aged fat gals that insist on you yielding to them.

trail running
6 days ago

A nice easy paved trail, but it can be very heavily trafficked at times with lots of people to avoid if you’re running. It’s open to bikes as well, though I rarely see them.

1 month ago

Paved route, nice view of the lake pretty much all the way around. I used to walk this route with my mom when I was a kid. Still a nice place to bring kids and can rent paddle boats if you feel like getting in the water.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked the trail a few times now and I’m finally starting to learn it. I still save a map to my recording every time so I don’t get turned around. It’s very easy to get off the 2mile path because of all the other intertwined trails. Almost got taken out by two mountain bikers, but it’s understandable because I was on a bike trail for part of it. This is definitely my new favorite place to come.

Very well maintained, right up alongside the river, and passing through some beautiful rural settings. If you are bicycling near the oregonia area, try mixing things up by connecting the bicycle ride with a short hike up to Fort Ancient from the bike trail.

This is my go to trail as it is 200 yards from my home. Great colors in fall and well maintained for leaves on the asphalt path.

Wish some would respect Mother Nature more!!!
Leave NO trace
Take nothing but memories and your garbage!!!!!...and leave Nothing but gentle foot prints.

trail running
2 months ago

paved road, mostly shaded around the lake. easy.

Great short hike.

trail running
3 months ago

Great paved trail, a bit too choppy for rollerblading, etc. and it can be crowded during Weekend afternoons. My only complaint is that it’s too narrow in places for bikes, which are allowed on the trail. Caution: there are two narrow tunnels, that require single file travel.

Beautiful hike back to the waterfall!

mountain biking
4 months ago

The app says you can mountain bike here, this is not the case. They are hiking trails only. There are posted signs for foot traffic only and specifically states no bikes on trails.

Nice wooded trails. Clean park. We got a little lost which in turn made our walk a little longer but all in all it was a great experience.

road biking
5 months ago

Nice trail very relaxing. Great for morning biking or evening.

Paved trail around the lake is nice, but there are places where the asphalt is cracked and some repaving is needed. They also need to repaint the yellow line on the center of the trail that the bicyclists need to keep to the right when passing people coming the other way. It is a nice walk around the lake, especially in the morning!

Not all too great. Lots of garbage and broken toys/bikes throughout the trail. Doesn’t cover much land because of the switchbacks. Graffiti around in different areas too. Something new to try if you’ve not done it but I’ll be going someplace else in the future.

8 months ago

Lots of birds and other wildlife

Very nice! Scenic, flat, paved path to walk, run or bike on. I wish it had more portable potties on the path.

Nice walking paths for Winter/wet days. The mountain bike trails are consistently ruined for foot traffic. It’s easy to get 2-3 miles with the paved paths that are connected.

decent mostly flat no real challenges but nice scenery and environment. nice free walk after park membership quite cheap to maintain the parks definitely worth it.

9 months ago

Beautiful scenes, birds galore. Too bad it’s so close to the highway and city noise.

Enjoyed winter hike
Cures Cabin Frever

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trails somewhat marked. Surprised at how wet trail was -- forgotten about the heavy rainstorm 5 days prior. Without poles, multiple points along trails would have been very difficult. Very muggy, despite beautiful day. Waterproof boots tested at 2 different creek crossings. Nice views of creek... but the overall, smallish area marred somewhat by unsightly, gigantic power lines w/ typical wide swath of mowed area.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Worst trail system I've been on in this area. I used the all trails maps and was still lost for more that half the hike. There are so many criss crossing trails without ONE SINGLE trail marker including the start or end of the trail. While on our "nature hike" we listened to highway traffic, ice cream trucks, chain saws and mowers. walked 10 feet from half dozen houses with the trail in their backyard. This hike stressed me out and we won't be back.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Great trails but extremely confusing because they are poorly marked, especially when accompanied by mountain bike trails. Would give more stars if mapped out better.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I've been hiking/walking this trail system for many years. Bring your sense of adventure when hiking Keehner Park because the trails are not marked very well. Take a wrong turn and you'll find yourself back in the parking lot or on the edge of a soccer field.

Moving on, there are several interwoven trails here with numerous elevation changes. Keehner Park Trail offers a good hike for those who truly enjoy being in the woods. Even with poorly marked trails it really is difficult to get lost here. It's a small park and with an understanding of the lay of the land and general bearing, you should find this a pleasing place to explore. Winter with snow is my favorite time to hike here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

This is walking trail. Too bad its asphalt. I wore a hole in my vibram soles. Weekend mornings are crowded with packs of runners. And unfortunately, bikes are allowed which make it hazardous for everyone. Combined with the Gorge trail I get about 3.5 miles. I come here a lot because it's the longest trail closest to my home.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

great hard surface trail for the novice hiker. my five year old nephew did the entire 2.6 mile and loved going on an adventure.

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