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1 hour ago

nice little walk hike for a waterfall

1 day ago

I have done this trip a few times and it is quite enjoyable. It can be pretty rowdy at times though due to the easy access and party people who tend to go. There is no shortage of garbage in the area, most likely including beer cans and cigarettes. I urge anyone who travels to these amazing places to leave it cleaner than when you came. That being said there are some great places to see for those willing to explore. I would like to tell people of an amazing place where one can swim in the area but fear contamination from the hordes of party goers. I will instead post a picture of a hidden pool free of litter. This pool is about 30 feet deep at most and has a stunning waterfall that enters it. Furthermore in the larger pool above it, there is two streams which join together, one colder than the other. This results in a strange phenomenon where you can lay across the narrow section and have one part of your body in colder water than the other. This area also has a decent cliff jump and is worth the trip. If you find it please respect the area... I don't know of anyone who has been there before but my friends and I have chosen to call it Peridot Pool due to the hue of the water in that area.

Loved coming here! so beautiful! a trip with remembering for a long time! it was a bit chilly when I went there, but I had a warm jacket on, so that took care of it.... make sure to bundle up when going on a cold day. it was packed, but we found some parking! so picturesque! a must go. it's practically nothing to go up to the bridge, but still wear good shoes. Have fun!

on Multnomah Falls Trail

4 days ago

Nice easy walk and a beautiful waterfall! Was pretty busy there even on a weekday in late November. Definitely recommend going early to miss the crowds

Was easy and fun hike. It’s pretty muddy right now when you get to the overlook from the top of the falls. My dog loved this hike and the switch backs tired him out.

Great quick hike but way too busy.

11 days ago

the trail is open to the top of the falls. fire damage evident, lots of new growth on the forrest floor.

Great trail for the family. Everyone from my 3 year old up to my 9 year old loved it! Beautiful falls

16 days ago

Great trail. Last time we did it on November 17. Great views, lots of snow, but still doable.

I'd say it's our toughest one-day hike so far. 30km, 1600m elevation. ~40% covered with snow. Took us around 12hr with all the stops. I guess we could've go faster, but there were so many spots, where we wanted to stop and just enjoy the views.

Many people couldn't make it to the top, cause of snow.

Gators, crampones and warm waterproof boots are required.

The BC Parks map is super outdated, the connecting trail involves some route finding and dog walkers on the lower trail do not leash their dogs as required by BC Parks and it’s annoying. Took my 8YO down the scramble bits and he did our route finding and loved it.

paddle sports
23 days ago

What a gorgeous paddle! It took us about an hour to paddle in through the sloughs to the campsite and we saw 5 eagles on the way there. We did the hike to the falls as a loop and took the trail there and the old road back. The paddle back to our car was faster but the tide was changing as we crossed the lake so we had to work a little harder. All in, the whole trip was about 3 1/2 hours but we didn’t spend much time at the falls. We’ll be back when the days are longer to hike to the lake.


27 days ago

I am not from this area. I along with several other cars pulled over and parked in front of the gate right off the highway and waited for the gate to open. I read online and it says that it works off sensors and opens as several cars leave. After seeing about 20 cars leave and it never opened I got frustrated and decided to try my luck by going up the highway and turning around and entering from the other side. There is no gate on the other side. You go straight in. Beautiful waterfall.

Did it last weekend with about 35% of the trail covered in snow. Nothing much to bother with until you get to about 1-2km before the peak where the steep incline beings. It was tough breaking through 2-3 feet of snow and required scrambling on all fours at some points just before the peak. But other than that, it was fine and the effort was worth the incredible views at the top. Took us about 7.5 hours round trip plus an hour at the top. Note that we are regular hikers. Carry layers, gloves, gators, waterproof shoes if you plan on spending an hour on the peak, if you don’t want your fingers and toes going numb with cold, and are hiking during the winter season.

29 days ago

Free suspension bridge!

1 month ago

Love this trail. It is suited for a afternoon stretch.

It was a nice walk with the dogs

1 month ago

Lots of traffic. Too many steps but convenient and close to the city.

I'd suggest going to any of the other waterfalls in the area.

This is extremely packed with tourists, and the top of the trail is closed due to fire damage.

1 month ago

nature trips
1 month ago

What an awesome trail! It definitely should be rated as very difficult. We did the trail 22/October the weather was awesome and the view unforgettable! It is definitely worth it!
We started around 11:30am and arrived at 4pm on the peak. It was a bit to late so we had to go the last 6km back in the dark. But it was perfect!

We did this in just under two hours, not a fast pace either. The trail down from east canyon to lower falls is a scramble. Not recommended for dogs or very young kids

Nice little trail but definitely better in Spring or Fall when it is less busy. In summer, it is super humid and pretty busy the whole way.

1 month ago

We Hike the Ridge in July and was a bit cloudy but worth every km of it. A very beautiful place. A must do.

1 month ago

Nice trail and view but exceedingly busy by 10am.

Easy hike with nice views at the end.

Awesome trail but as a 68 year old, a little out of shape, I wouldn’t say it was any easy trail as stated here. I just took breaks and wished I had better grip on my shoes.

1 month ago

To save some time, and skip unnecessary elevation gain we took a Jeep and a Truck up... and ... well... aside from an incident with the jeep (lol it's in the vid)... 2 of us attempted Brandywine Peak... which ended up being a night hike back with a lot of path finding, getting lost, and maneuvering scree in the middle of the night as this is not really a hike with "trail markers". Good times!

The adventure for all those interested:

Great hike. Done in sneakers. Mixed terrain. Old bridge was spectacular. Would definitely recommend but safety here is a must!

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