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Easy, beautiful hike. Did it twice this year.

Great day up Wasootch! Took me 2:10 up and 1:40 down with a steady pace and only a couple of short breaks. Poles are definitely helpful on this trail, bring em along.

13 days ago

Gorgeous views of Spray Lakes for the majority of the hike! We had to cut the hike short by a couple hundred meters as the snow became too deep. Definitely going to add this one to the list to do again in the summer!

Nice easy trail! Was great but you only need to do it once in my opinion

19 days ago

Easy but beautiful hike

25 days ago

To much snow to continue to Sparrow didn’t have the snow shoes on us - so we went up Reads instead! Great day! Not to windy not icy great Sunday hike - will be back to do the full route.

Nice easy trail! Was great but you only need to do it once in my opinion

26 days ago

This was an awesome little trail! Just did it last week with our baby and the frozen falls at the end were pretty :)

28 days ago

Did the low Jewell Pass track to Barrier and then back up the jeep track over Yates. Great little hike - good distance. Moderate rather than hard. Keen to MTB it in the summer

I loved this hike! There was lots of deep snow coming down and many areas were slick so it gave us and the dogs a challenge. I will def do this hike in the summer. The views are beautiful.

1 month ago

Cute little hike with the puppers! Just looking to get out definitely recommend!

1 month ago

A quick and easy hike, definitely family and pet friendly. Do not go to Nakiska as they’ll advise you to turn around. From Mount Allan Drive, turn right on Stoney Trail which descends into the parking lot. Can start at the trailhead in the trees or take the clearing and then left to get to the falls. I recommend going to the upper falls after. Trail is well used and marked. Very scenic with several mini water falls.

Amazing view at the top, definitely gets steep towards the top though but it goes by fast! Took us 2.5 hours total with a stop at the top. Not marked that well tough. Lots of people, no snow yet

This was my first ever serious hike loved it amazing views at the top. Busy in the summer

1 month ago

Did this hike 3 days ago. There was a lot of traffic, be careful of some icy and some muddy parts. There was a girl that fell on the hike a little while ago and it paralyzed now. The hike isn’t hard at all.

Really tough hike for someone looking to put a beating on the legs. There are a few different routes up the mountain. We took the shortest, steepest route to the summit. It took 3 hours up and a little over an hour down. Poles are a must unless you take the longer, less steep trail.

I would probably rate this hike somewhere between moderate and hard, depending on the weather conditions. Although, it’s a must to do day hike. The elevation gain is impressive and one might find it hard. However, if you choose your comfortable pace, it’ll be nothing but fun. We did it on October 20. Recent snow falls in the area made us a little worried about the route, but the warm weather and the trail location ( south-west facing) , we found almost all snow had melted and the surface was in perfect condition, except for a few snowy patches on the top. We walked to the north peak as well, which added another 400 meters to the distance. If you ever to do the same, be aware of strong wind gusts and narrowness of the ridge leading to the north peak., especially with snow on it. Great views open up as soon as you clear the tree line. Was totally worth driving from Edmonton for a day trip

1 month ago

Moderate difficulty hike, beautiful views over the flats and at multiple stops along the way. Hard packed snow at the top so bring cleats. Nice going through deciduous trees at the bottom and conifer trees at the top. Took us about 2.5h going up and 1.5h coming down (and we took our time). Would probably make a good trail run.

1 month ago

be careful of the snikey park wardens watching for off leash dogs.

nature trips
1 month ago

Absolutely amazing for a family friendly hike. Definitely go to the upper falls to see the many levels of the waterfall. Spectacular! We had gone first week of Sep and it was great weather. Had a bunch of boys and 3 toddlers within the group and they all managed to walk to the lower and upper falls although it can be challenging for little legs for sure.

Love this trail. GREAT HIKE FOR BEGINNERS who don't want to scramble but still want a good challenge

Absolutely stunning.
Clockwise-route, as previously stated.

I cannot express how much I loved this hike; stunning winter views made for an incredible day in the mountains. However, I cannot say that I would do it again until spring (or a melt!).
There is currently 2ft of snow throughout almost the entirety of the route, and there are many exposed areas and sketchy scrambles because of a mix of snow, rock, and ice. Don’t attempt without proper equipment (spikes, poles, snowshoes).

We went on a beautiful, sunny, 2-degree day, and by the time we reached the ridge the wind picked up significantly, which required a much more thoughtful continuation of the route. The exposed areas do make turning back very risky, so once you're in, you're in!

We were lucky to be following one other very experienced pair, which made trail finding on the way down the ridge easier. Without them, it would have been very difficult to find our way down with quickly changing conditions and lack of trail markers ( which may be covered by snow).

All in all, an incredible hike! Just be warned you should be fully competent with ridge hiking in snow/ice, have proper equipment, and be knowledgeable of the area.

What a great trail! My favourite hike so far.

So muddy and hard for walk when it covered by snow but the scenery is very beautiful

2 months ago

Very easy trail !

2 months ago

Very snow covered / muddy. Arbour workers had drove machinery along the path so it was clear enough to hike their tracks in just boots. Beautiful fall colours, open water and beautiful snow coverage on the trees. Would definitely recommend for an easy, scenic, short hike.

2 months ago

Did the loop (clockwise) on September 25, 2018. The views were absolutely breathtaking along the ridge, it was windy so wear layers, bring snacks, and stay hydrated! I’d highly recommend this Hike. You get it all, forest, meadow, scramble, and a ridge walk — A must do in KCountry!!!

(Start clockwise as others have said).

***Please Note Late Season / Novice Hikers (May/June - Sept/Oct): During transitional months, the snow accumulation could put one at risk of a fatal accident and/or fall if you are not experienced, or prepared. During these months I’d strongly recommend not completing this hike, if you have minimal experience with scramble / ridge walking. Once you begin the scramble It would be dangerous to go back, if you did not want to carry on. There were definitely some sketchy and exposed areas with the snow. I’m sure this Hike would be a lot easier in the summer months, a brief class 3 scramble, and majority is steep hiking or class 2.

I’m no pro hiker, but definitely comfortable with a challenge and love hiking. I wanted to note the difference with changing conditions. It was dodgy in some of the snow covered sections. I also saw several people having a difficult time (some in running shoes w/ minimal gear). Please bring spikes, gloves, and have a pole handy. Stay safe and enjoy the stunning views along the ridge. Cheers!

PS: If you loose the trail after going down the tight switchbacks at the end of the ridge, turn right — follow the tree line along the ridge and you’ll find the trail again.

I have the largest fear of heights. We did it on Wednesday the 26th and did the clockwise like everyone says. I don’t think you could get down if you didn’t go clockwise as there is too much snow and it’s getting super icy.

Due to my fear of heights, I had a bit of a moment. Or five moments on the ridge. I freaked out when I realised I had to finish the hole thing.

It’s not hard physically, there is only a few parts that are steep. It’s hard mentally.

It took us 5 and a half hours with loads of breaks (since I cried once or twice) we took loads of pictures. Saw some moose on the way home!

The views were one of the best I’ve seen in my life. I’m in love! This hike would be perfect on a summers day (although the autumn colours were Devine!)

An amazing hike with constant views for only medium effort. We finished in 3.5 hours (but didn’t take much of a break at any point). It was starting to get snowy (about a foot) but still easy enough to find your way without sliding around everywhere. I’m scared of heights and never felt very exposed. I would highly recommend!

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