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One of the nicest close-in to Los Angeles hikes. There are a few "steeper" sections but truthfully this is a very moderate hike. One wanders between canyon and exposed hillsides, so I would not recommend this one on a hot, sunny day. Cooler days, or early mornings are best. Although not maintained, the trail is fairly well preserved until around the 3 mile mark, and then it does get a bit overgrown, but still passable. I have yet to go beyond the 4 mile mark and so do not know how open it is, but it should connect to the Condor Peak trail at some point. Further up the canyon there are multiple stream crossing, so if water is running it might be best to wear water-proof boots. On weekends, the trail can be fairly busy up to the falls, but beyond that the traffic is light. Very nice and pleasant.

Shady. Well maintained. Really pleasant trek.

One of our favorite hikes in the area

-$9 per person to enter the area
-Could be extremely hot in the summer, it was perfect on a 65 degree winter day, it’s cooler once you get in the canyon with shade and water
- The camp store 2 miles up the road is worth the visit even though we typically skip those, they had some very cool Native American artifacts and items
- Bring lots of water

17 days ago

River and falls still dry. No sign of crazy pitbull today. Path in great shape.

Loved this hike! Like many others have said you really have to watch for the actual trail. It's right before the small parking area. If you pass the gate on the paved fire road you've gone too far. You can reach both peaks either way though. The fire road is longer and completely paved where as the trail cuts through the forest. I recommend the trail over the road.

After a couple miles on the trail you'll come back out on the fire road. About 1/4 mile past that and you'll find the final trail to San Gabriel Peak on the left. There is a pole but it isnt labeled besides some graffiti. The summit is totally worth it! I skipped Mt Disappointment this time but if you wanna bag 2 peaks go for it!

20 days ago

Amy, I strongly urge you to contact Animal Control, which is the correct agency to handle the issue of the pit bull on this trail. Pit bulls are not inherently or naturally vicious, they have to be mistreated in order to become vicious. Often they are intentionally mistreated so that they can be used in inhumane dog fights, other times they are mistreated and used to deter detection of other illegal activities that people might be engaged in. Additionally, this poses a HUGE public safety risk. Your friend got bit and apparently not too badly, but a smaller human being could have their throat ripped out and every year people die from pit bull maulings. Please take action now!

Pretty hike! The directions take you all the way to parking and the entrance gate. You will pass two tunnels and shortly after reach a dead end. Kind of creepy! Easy hike!

Very nice hike with spectacular views of Brea and Carbon Canyon. The museum is only open for a few hours on certain days so check first.

This hike begins in Altadena and ends up covering the entire length of the Dawn Mine trail. You then continue straight up and into the mountains. Be careful not to get lost at the trail splits, as the steep terrain makes backtracking very difficult. This trail takes less used routes, and you see very few people until the very end. You see rolling hills, granite cliffs, pine trees, rivers, mines, and in my case a bear. At the end you can continue up the road a few miles to Wilson observatory. Navigating this route is tricky and overgrown. I created this route and even we still got lost.

28 days ago

Similar to a lot of the trails at Debs Park: steady uphill on fire roads, with good views all around from the top.

Beautiful hike, Nov 9/18
I would rate as easy right now due to lack of water in the creek. I will definitely do this hike again in the winter. We took Coffman trail on the way back and that gave us a bit of a climb and some great views! it didn't make the hike any longer

excellent views.

This trail descends into a valley then ascends on the other side to Charlton Flats picnic area, so the elevation gain is split up which was nice. The landscape and views are pleasant, but nothing spectacular (even for Angeles Forest), we enjoyed looking at the plants more than anything. I just wanted to get some steps and climbs in, so this trail did the trick. The trail was pretty much empty except for a caravan of mountain bikers. The beginning portion of this was shaded, which was a nice way to start and end the hike in the afternoon of a 70 something degree day. I would avoid hiking this on a sunny day in heat hotter than 80.

One of my favorite hikes, did it roundtrip from the first West Fork parking, went up Bear Creek, past the turnoff aways, then back down to continue the trail up to the saddle, climbed Smith Mt., then on to Hwy. 39 and ran that back to my vehicle. Almost 20 miles total.

This is a very enjoyable hike. The only downside is that the elevation climb is on the way back but quite doable. There are some wonderful fall colors going on right now and there is water flowing over the waterfall which is not that common in the San Gabriels this time of year. If you wish to reach the waterfall, make certain you take the Buckhart Trail split (go to the right) when you reach the PCT. The falls are not much further down the trail.

on Crescenta View Trail

1 month ago

With the fog coverage and recent rain, the hike was lovely, but I wouldn't suggest it in midday heat. It's a goat hill, so do some bird watching from time to time to increase enjoyment. Lots of scrub jays, mockingbirds, and others. The view of the valley was outstanding... You can see Sylmar to Glendale. I wore running shoes, and my feet are sore from the rocky terrain. All in all, very rewarding.

This place has marked my first trail I found and used using AllTrails. It has so much history around it and the memories I made hiking around this area will stick with me forever. Me and a friend came here at such a perfect moment where it was chilly but not too unbearable to climb around the beautiful scenery. If you plan on coming here when it's cold, would highly recommend what I did and bring a thermo of hot tea or coco. <3

1 month ago

Best trail I’ve been on.

Be careful, there is a vicious pit bull chained up at the cabin at the trail head. Today it was out on the trail and bit my hiking companion. We left and the family still didn’t have it under control. It was terrorizing other hikers. Not sure what to do since the bite wasn’t disfiguring but it was bloody. I am not sure if it warrants police action.

We went shortly after it rained, so in the part of trail that Teresa (previous poster) mentions where it gets a bit narrow, we didn’t have any issues with slipping because the sandy dirt was firm from the rain.
Unfortunately, the waterfall was nowhere to be seen, even after the rain but — it’s a fun trail regardless. It has a nice mix of winding through dense vegetation and hiking around the hillside.
We went on a cool day, but we still brought a fair amount of water for us and our dog.

Saw a creepy circle with a star in it looked like made with salt as you entered the first tunnel. Found a cool picnic spot with lots of shade on the left. There is what looks like a trail going somewhere off when u follow it there’s lots of trees and shade. See my recordings for exact trail for that. Basic fire road trail not much exploration or adventure in comparison to bridge to nowhere.
*bridge to nowhere go-ers* kinda cool to look at the hike from so high. Wish there would have been a secret connecting trail but there wasn’t.

Most of this trail is fairly easy and fun; although with very little shade. The draught has left no signs of a waterfall which I expected but we couldn't determine where one would be. Beautiful scenes with mountains surrounding. After about 3.8 miles in the trail becomes less maintained and more of a jungle. Long pants are recommended if you go pass this point. Lots of little thorny plants that will leave scratches. Parts of the trail past this point were eroding and soft sand making it dangerous for the inexperienced hiker. I would recommend this hike and I would do it again but turn around about 3.5 miles in.

2 months ago

Amazing views of the Crescenta Valley. You definitely need hiking shoes for this one, and poles will help those who need some extra support. Much of the trail is very rocky and you'll be stepping on lots of stones of all sizes. I did this on a cool cloudy day so the sun wasn't much of an issue; but yes, most of the trail is unshaded. Not alot of traffic on this trail either. If you don't like heights, you might not like this trail. Much of the path on the ascent is narrow and follows a ridgeline. Watch your footing!

2 months ago

It is a little unkept and wild, but it was remote and not crowded which was nice and really rare for Los Angeles area. I would do it again, maybe in hiking boots.

not a bad hike but not much water at all this time of year and the tail endof the hike there's not much shade but my buddies saw a bear. it should be nicer once we get some rain

2 months ago

This is our favorite Trail in our area. It's a nice hike up to the waterfall and back. We're able to do it in about 2 hours.

2 months ago

Great hike

2 months ago


1:00 pm ~3:00 pm
it was little bit hot but still ok cuz of koo wind.
no parking or not sure we should park at enterance but did anyway.
somebody broke car window eventhough we cleaned everything and nothing was inside. ㅠㅠ

One of my first Mountain Summits. Small yes, but was fun none the less! Great panorama view at the top.

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