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22 hours ago

Nice views with the leaves changing colors. The last 1/4 mile had some tough steep hills. Certainly got the heart pounding.

Three stars because this trail is way too packed. You'll need to get to the trailhead between 6-8am although people tend to park on the side of the road. This is a moderate trail in the true sense. The beginning is mostly an incline and there are a series of ups and downs. You can wander a bit off the trail on certain parts for some amazing view points of the mountains. The flow and intensity of the fall will depend on the time of year you do it. Enjoy folks!

2 days ago

Great for tourists

I loved this trail! It is a good workout but not too hard. It is well maintained. There are plenty of beautiful sights along the way and at the end there is a very big payoff in the way of a beautiful lake surrounded by an awesome rotunda of rock. I took a dip in the lake and it was exhilarating to say the least. Highly recommended

3 days ago

Awesome hike with amazing fall colors and waterfall at the end.

Absolutely love this trail! The views all the way to the top were breathtaking, especially since the leaves had begun to change.

Couple of things to plan for:

- The first part of the hike and the last stretch up to the top are deceivingly steep. Be prepared!

- There are no trashcans, so think about what you are going to do with your trash/ dog waste prior to starting!

- There is less parking the longer you wait to get to the trailhead. The early bird gets the worm!

Can’t say enough good things about this trail! It’s a great workout for both people and dogs, with views that can’t be beat! Highly recommend!

I actually hiked this trail in the middle of winter and only saw 1 other hiker and her dog. It was quite peaceful and serene. The waterfall was frozen over and a perfect place to set up my hammock and have a snack. Not a hard hike even with some snow cover on the trail. A great winter acclimization hike for newbies.

Nice walk! Pretty easy but lovely and a nice morning walk that is not far from Denver! Hiked 8/16/18.

Nice little hike. Decent views from the ridge up above the falls. Popular trail, so it pays to get there on the earlier side. If you are going to bag your dog poop, please remember to actually pick up the bag; the trail is littered with good intentions. ; )

Great hike overall! Parking was easy. There are a few points when the trail was unclear, but we were back on the right trail pretty quickly. Took our dog and it was good for him too! Some pretty exposed parts where it got very warm, bring your sunscreen! Awesome views of the changing leaves!

Didn’t get the chance to hike the whole loop since it was too late in the day, but what we did get to was beautiful. It’s located close to the campground where we stayed which was nice. It was well marked and had a gorgeous sunset.

This hike was beautiful. Challenging but totally worth it- the scenery was amazing. Definitely bring lots of water and be mindful of the elevation. It’s a popular trail so you will definitely be in company with lots of other hikers along the way. Our dog had a blast as well!

What a beautiful hike! It is at the base of Mt. Evans 14er, so you get great views of the peaks around you as well as three lakes! At the top you get a great view down the valley; definitely worth the climb. We arrived at the trailhead around 7:30AM and got great parking, and only started seeing others towards the end heading back to our car. Definitely recommend this hike, it is one of my favorites in Colorado!

This is my favorite hike in Colorado. I typically only see one or two people/groups after you’ve made it up to the upper Chicago lake. But everyone you run into along the way is always very friendly & respectful. Echo lake itself gets VERY congested but most people remain there & don’t venture off to the Chicago lakes.
I went up yesterday & while hiking around the lower Chicago lake I noticed an abandoned campsite. It had been totally thrashed by time & weather. Just some bits of tent, garbage and boots... It was very odd. I thought it was worth making an account here to mention it. Never seen anything like that before on this hike.

Amazing hike with some absolutely stunning views of canyons/arches. So many contrasting colors. Bring lots of water as it’s hot and dry. Some technical spots that only those with proper shoes and fitness should attempt.

Great hike with some elevation gain, well-maintained trail - aside from the Maxwell Bluffs Trail side of the lower loop, which has many fallen trees and is generally rocky, like a washed out gravel road. The waterfall is relatively puny, think 1' x 1'. However, it is very nice to hike alongside the creek most of the way. The aspens were starting to turn when I hiked and there are a variety of landscapes along the way— pines, aspens, rocky hillsides, with a few ascents leading to modest vistas. I did not see many other people Sunday morning, however I got a very early start, hitting the trail at 8 am. It was busier when I was hiking out and I would assume it is more heavily trafficked midday and in the afternoon.

Hiked this trail yesterday. Arrived at 7:15 am and only saw a few people on the way up. I had the lake all to myself at the top! Steep at the beginning and steep again before reaching the lake. Nice views and fall color. No snow.

Gorgeous views and this trail has it all! A valley, a river, peaks and an alpine lake. Nice distance for a good workout. Decent amount of incline at beginning and end heading to the lake-- definitely a "moderate" trail but nothing challenging or technical. Within an hour of Denver and easy to get to the trailhead. We happened to arrive on a day where a trail race was taking place which was unfortunate, but obviously not a daily occurrence. Small rant: So many dogs off leash... which is annoying. Please put your dog on leash or call them close to your side when passing those who are following the rules and keeping their dog on leash (like me!) I am helpless in the case of a scuffle if my dog is on leash and yours isn't.

10 days ago

Gorgeous views. Easy to get to. Crowds of people though!

My first trail ever!!

Awesome hike. It goes downhill at first, which stinks for the hike back, but the lakes, views and colors are amazing. We went up to the second lake which made the hike closer to 10 miles

11 days ago

Lots of people & I would rate as easy

11 days ago

Beautiful hike, the leaves are changing, but there is highway noise at the beginning of the trail where the leaves are mainly changing. Once you pass the first initial incline and hit the waterfall, the traffic noise subsides. The hike is steep and I would consider it hard, but not too challenging if you are in decent shape. The lake is gorgeous at the top, to get to the lake turn left at the top when the trail splits.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike! The leaves are changing and the views are gorgeous : ) The elevation gain in spots can be tough, but the views are worth it! It took me 2 hours 30 min round trip. I consider myself an intermediate hiker. Plenty of parking and it was not crowded when I went on Saturday. I started the hike at 3. I will definitely be back!

Great hike that is challenging but doable. As previously noted...start early. We started at 6:15 am and there was already a group at the first Arch. The number of people thinned out quickly after that as the trail picks up from a nice stroll to a bit of scrambling. We did it clockwise and finished in 4.5 hrs. We are both 67.

I was a good trail, but busy.

What a great hike for a couple of 60 year olds! Went to Double O then turned back, and was not disappointed! Don’t skip Partition and Navajo. Some scrambling, hiking atop a fin (not for those with a fear of heights!), and opportunities to go down on all fives. Lol. Great experience for confidence building. Yes, I can do this!

15 days ago

This hike is a great workout with rewarding beautiful views! However I will say, this hike would definitely be best on a non cloudy day! The lake at the very top illuminates green when the sun is out. I had to wait 30mins in a very chilly breeze for the clouds to clear. It was definitely worth the wait but truly goes from amazing to spectacular if your looking for picture perfect views! It took 4 1/2 hrs trailing by myself with my pup. No snow! This is a hike I will definitely do again next August! We came a little late for wild flowers in full bloom but the leaves are turning and it’s very pretty! Last tid bit, earlier the better as the weather is very unpredictable!

Amazing hike! It was fun to see each of the unique arches and we finished the hike with the Primitive trail. Definitely start early and bring plenty of water (more than you would think). We didn’t find the side trail to the Dark Angel worth it with the heat. The primitive trail is a very unique trail climbing up and around large rocks, it kept us on our toes looking for the cairns.

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