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10 days ago

left side going down just a little steep. beautiful at end.

Nice hike, some rocky spots

Great hike. Final view is spectacular. Lots of up and down, and some fairly steep grades. The view at the end makes it all worthwhile.

This is my go-to trail for training. The trail offers the ability to do short or long runs. Technical terrain, mostly runable, with lots of short climbs. My last few runs there have been in the autumn and it’s harder to follow the path with the foliage, but the trail IS pretty well marked, with blue markings along the trees.

A little bit of scrambling. Be kind to your knees. Don’t bring the little dogs. Good place for some bouldering. Nice view.

Loved the hike. The trail is very very well marked. Some awesome places to relax and play with pets. Definitely will do it again.

I did 7 miles total in 3.5 hours. Moderate.

Went there in February of 2017 with a nephew and a couple of nieces. The weather was ridiculously 80°F. Gorgeous views, as the description says; and lots of ups and downs. But if you take your time and enjoy the walk, it’s just magnificent.

1 month ago

Easy, scenic trail. Don't expect anything grand, but its a beautiful atmosphere.

Awesome trail, great camping as well. You feel like you are in the wilderness, and not 20 minutes from Washington, DC. Great history with trail history markers along the way.

Moderate trail, views are so-so

I don’t know if its ‘as good as it gets’ but its a really fun hike!

We only hiked a short distance- picked the trail up off Balmoral Greens in Clifton. It was a little soggy from all the rains but a great time. Only saw two other people. We loved the rocks crossing the stream. A nice, easy hike!

Trail was harder than I expected but that may be because I thought it was “Moderate.” Some fairly steep sections and overall it was very rocky. Great view from the summit. Also, the map currently displayed has the turnaround point in the middle of the woods on the way down, which leads one to believe that there are multiple overlooks... there aren’t. No need to continue past the first opening.

A great trail with a rewarding overlook at the end though not quite as nice as the one across rt. 7 at Bears Den. The trail also crosses two small rocky steams which added alittle something to the trail. It took us about 1hr 15mins to reach the overlook.

Great hike - best trail I’ve found within an hour of DC - watch out for bees at overlook

2 months ago

Great trail around Burke Lake. Saw waterfowl and deer along the route. Easy access from multiple locations around the lake.

trail running
3 months ago

If you have iffy knees this loop is great. Very little asphalt mostly dirt and sand. If you are a trail runner great beginning for better things.

Beautiful views and creeks along the way (I went just after heavy rain). Some tough uphill grades.

road biking
3 months ago

Great trail! We took our kids (ages 7, 5 and 4) who all rode bikes and rode the entire trail! Only a small portion at the beginning was paved (asphalt), the rest was a well established trail (dirt). We'll definitely be returning!

on Bull Run Trail

3 months ago

Great trail normally. Tried to hike it yesterday from Bull Run Park. The boardwalk when you initially start the trail was heavily damaged. You can get around the damaged sections without too much difficultly. The stream crossing beside route 28 was impassable.

This hike is amazing! It’s a tough hike but my sister and I did it in three hours. Make sure you bring water and supplies. This isn’t easy and is long .

If parking is full, head back east on Route 7 to the big Snickers Gap parking area at Route 601. Take the trail towards Bears Den, but turn north at the intersection with the AT and follow the white blazes to (carefully!) cross the highway and continue to Raven Rocks.

3 months ago

I did this trail while rehabbing my knee after injuring it on a trampoline and I did well with two hiking sticks to aid me. The views were pretty awesome and I saw a blue heron fly upstream when he was spooked by the fire and rescue boats that were doing rescue drills. There were only a few rock scrambles along the way which weren't that difficult to navigate. I started early, beating the steady flow of tourists that came later, even on a Monday.... loved having the trail and lookouts mostly to myself. I did meet a few nice people along the way. The history of the falls and the canals was pretty interesting.

4 months ago

This is a great day trail to take kids and pets on. Its fun and easy. And its beautiful.

mountain biking
4 months ago

This little haven in the middle of Fairfax is the nicest place you can get away to with just driving 10-15mins from home. We enjoy every time we come here. Mostly for walking, fishing, and biking. Its open year round.

Change in elevation might be low, but not as easy as I would have thought. Not bad, a good moderate trial with wonderful views. Just surprised how much garbage people leave throughout the park :(

Started a little late in the day and hauled butt and got back before dark. Took exactly 3 hours. Now I know why they call it the roller coaster! Make sure you bring water and a snack. Awesome hike!!

4 months ago

Nice loop around a quaint lake. Perfect place to run! There are a lot of activities in the park to do other than the trail like fishing, golfing, mini-golf, carousel, train, boating, and frisbee golf

Experienced hiker review: Visited this trail for the first time on 7-28. Read reviews before going. Took approximately 70 minutes one way to reach the overlook. Agree with other reviews that this trail is VERY rocky. So much so that I found it difficult to get a decent workout. The terrain is what makes this trail "hard," not the climb itself. There are two steep inclines; one rockier than the other. Arrived at 8:45am and the parking lot was already packed. Passed a lot of people of all ages and a lot of unleashed dogs. If you prefer more privacy, arrive between 6-7am (DST). If you don't mind the rockiness, it's a good quick hike before going to check out a winery or restaurant. If you are looking for a rapid trail workout, I would look elsewhere.

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