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Beautiful lake views as you go with stunning snow capped mountains in the distance. Truly an invigorating hiking experience!

Saw two adolescent brown bear cubs wrestling at the top! Then they noticed us and got their mom. We didn’t think it was a good idea to stick around for a group pic.

Sturdevant Falls was robust and beautiful after a heavy rain earlier this week. Five stars! It’s my favorite local waterfall so far with a beautiful approach through a shady canyon dotted with century-old cabins. We started the morning with a detour to Hermit Falls. The approach was lovely, but the amount of graffiti at the falls was, well, disappointing. I would like to volunteer to help cover it—the only blemish in an otherwise perfect day. Oh, save some energy for the final climb to the trailhead. It’s a doozy!

Walked from the Black Oak Casino RV Park to the trail. Was a great and easy walk. Once at the trail it was a steady path with great views! Definitely would recommend.

Nicely shaded and a great workout. Not heavily populated

19 days ago

Great moderate hike! Not too crowded. The way up was a little steep at times, but felt like a great way to be apart of nature. We took the dirt road back down which was a nice easy way to end the hike.

21 days ago

11/23/18 Great hike! The ascent going up is a great cardio workout! Entire loop took roughly 2.25 hours. The entrance into the trail is a bit away from the park entrance. After you walk by the ranger station you’ll see a bear shaped sign that reads “Trask Scout Reservation”. Follow that sign to the right. The road is closed off but that’s the direction you’ll need to go. Follow the paved road a fair distance. It will wind up the side of the mountain. At the end of the paved road head right onto a dirt road for a short walk. Eventually you’ll see the trail head on your left. About half way through near the bathroom sign, we saw a black bear. It was more afraid of us than we were of it. But it sure did get my heart pumping. Per previous posts we had purchased bear spray for the hike. Glad we did! Weather was perfect. Bring plenty of water! Enjoy the hike.

I hiked this trail yesterday. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Overall it was an enjoyable hike. Seems as though it should more appropriately be rated as easy rather than moderate.

Rewarding hike for mind and body...beautiful views... great trail. Lots of switchbacks between 9000 and 10000 feet, definitely a challenge as an infrequent hiker from the East coast.

road biking
28 days ago

Better for walking/jogging than biking. To many crosswalks across city streets.

amazing artwork, easy terrain. we took kids as young as 3. totally worth it!

Nice walk to about mile 3; fallen tree blocks access for horses. Someone needs to bring a chain saw

Fun trip, until I encountered a big brown bear blocking the road when I was getting back. it was getting dark and had to wait until it went away. The bear was not scared of me or all the noise I was making.

2 months ago

Started our hike at the west end of tunnel #6, just west of the ski area. Can’t imagine hand drilling and blasting with black powder and nitroglycerin. This tunnel system was in use until 1993 until the tracks were moved south. Great, historic hike. The graffiti varies from totally amateur to absolutely beautiful professional. Sad that it’s there at all, but a fact of life. Well worth the time. Take a flashlight-it’s very dark is some areas.

I try to take anyone who visits and wants a great hike with lots to see. History and great views everywhere. Fall is the best time with the views of the trees changing.

Could not have come at a better time. Fall colors are in the trees! Great hike with magnificent views! Pretty steady climb

Amazing views.

Such a beautiful and ultimately thrilling trail. Be sure to see the waterfall on the lower trail before you climb up to the trestle.

2 months ago

loved the trail. It starts at high elevation, think about 9300 but didn't feel any different. The views are just fantastic. Blue lake is beautiful but had lots of people around. We went further to Dingleberry lake which was amazing and a lot less crowded(adding a little unintended detour on the way as well), clocked about 9.8 miles. It was too late to continue further to midnight lake but that is just another mile or so further for those who start out earlier than we did.

Great hike route. Moderate-Hike, with my long time buddy Paul. Nice trail, streams, great place to lunch. Recommended.

3 months ago

Nice short trail, but it gets pretty steep in some sections. The waterfall is tiny, but a nice stop before heading up to the trestle.

honestly disappointed in This hike there were so many people that were present and for me when I want to get in touch with nature and get away from the busy ness of Southern California I don't want to be around a bunch of people. And what is worse is the quality of people I experienced on this hike. There were quite a few drug users people whom would litter, And quite a few graffiti writers have defaced the fall areas and cabins. I understand some people like to have the artificialness of stores and roads By I truly hated the fact there were so many pave roads for quite a bit of the hike.. I will just stick to difficult and desolate hikes from now on.

Loved this hike, pretty amazing, kinda of mind blowing to see the cabins in the middle of nowhere. Easy hike , well defined trails, lot of options to travel on, beware of rattlesnakes, but a great time, just prepare for the trip up the fire road on the way back. Also parking is a bear, get there early.

3 months ago

Interesting hike, very poor signage. You’ll need to park next to the southbound highway one, across from Goldstream Provincial Park parking. Then walk along the highway northbound, there is a the beginning of the trail.

Alternatively you can park at the Goldstream provincial park, go under the tunnel, then climb uphill. There is a waterfall if you walk straight after crossing the tunnel.

I won’t take very young children to the railway trestle, there are no railings on either side, and sections of the trail are quite steep.

It's a pretty boring route, the canyon is beautiful at the beginning, but then nothing happens. River is from a distance, and there isn't much shade.

We had a beautiful day on this trail! This was our second year doing it but the first year we went to Donkey Lake (awesome!). Today we hiked past Blue Lake and on to Dingleberry Lake. We started at 11:00 and got back to the trailhead at 4:30. (8.66 miles). GPS is a little off from what is listed in the description (about 3.0 miles to Blue Lake).
Lots of backpackers heading up and back while we were there. The trail was absolutely gorgeous and lined with wildflowers and smelled like vanilla, honeysuckle, sage and pine. We had some rain when we reached our end point so turned back. Be prepared for light or moderate showers in the afternoon, even if it says 20% chance! Great trail for people who are in good shape and love the outdoors!

Great trail. Not too bad of a hike. It was a little further than the 2.5 miles it says it to be one way. It’s closer to 3-3.5 one way. Beautiful the whole way.

I logged 3.4 miles in and 3.2 miles out. this is not 5 miles round trip like it shows. I was closer to the trailhead than where this track is actually located, so if anything it should have been shorted. the hike was pretty easy. I had about 30-40 pounds in my pack. didn't have problems with the elevation until I got to the top and sat down. Started getting light headed and dizzy. the hike up is beautiful and the view at the top is gorgeous. next time up there I am planning to camp overnight.

3 months ago

Very different hike with natural and urban elements. There was a lot more tunnel than we expected, with some breaks for beautiful views of Donner Lake. The tunnels were chilly even though it was 80 degrees out. Mostly gravel ground with some puddles. You’ll want a flashlight (phone flashlight is fine) for some sections. Each tunnel had a different style and there was some cool street art.

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