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w A Friedman, December 2018
Steep, especially on the front end. Definitely got the heart rate up. The highlight was the baby calves and cows lounging on the trail. Loved it. About 4mi. Best in the winter during the rainy season, when things turn green.

West ridge is fun, its windy and a good hike

Haven’t hiked in so long and it felt great. Not a lot of people on the trails so it was nice to be able to pace myself good. The view from the tops of the mountain was breath taking. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

We just this trail this morning. I’m a once a week hiker and we went as a group of 13. We did the entire red highlighted track. In the end it was more like 7.5 miles. We considered this hike...HARD as it was long and took us through several incline hills. We started at 8:04am and completed it at 11:10am. If I hiked a lot, I would agree it’s a moderate rating but if your a beginner I would say it is hard. For beginners take the Alhambra Creek path which cuts across. From the parking lot go through the gate and at the open field take the trail to the left instead of the right side and follow the dotted lines. It will still give you a workout but not as difficult. It’s still a great hike. Lots of shaded trees and a beautiful view at the top of the hill.

Beautiful hike! We happened to go during the Endurance 100k trail run so there was a lot of activity on the Stream Trail, but it was still very enjoyable. We kept our dog on leash in the heavy traffic areas and let her loose once we turned uphill (toward Redwood Peak). With the climbing, the six mile distance felt perfect.

2 months ago

These two trails are fire roads. Lots of runners, bikers, and a few hikers. Once you get out a couple of miles, it becomes nice and quiet. There is very little shade, so do this in the spring/fall and take water.

The trail is very pretty on the backside. Once you make it up Stewartville trail to the junction of Ridge trail, turn around and look at Mt Diablo - what a beautiful sight! There is a nice little bench there to sit and look at the beauty and cool down.

I saw crows, hawks, and one long eared rabbit.

There is a ton of dog poop all over the trails. I wish East Bay parks would just ban all dogs off the trails. I am a responsible dog owner and still saying this because it is unhealthy for human and dog alike to be around a lot of dog poop. If you don't want to carry your dogs poop around the trail with you in a bag, then don't take your dog. Take some responsibility and give respect to the trails and those that use them.

Great hike! Saw a few other people on the trail but was very lightly trafficked on a Sunday morning.

3 months ago

Decent hike..a lot drier than I had anticipated but normal for this time of year. Not a hike you want to take on a hotter day as there is not a ton of shade to rest along the way

Such a great hike! It even rained at the top of Redwood Trail! That was amazing! Definitely a moderate hike. Lots of steep inclines and declines but the views, smell of the forest and the sound of the woods made it at worth it.

it was a good hike and you get a workout, especially with the hill climb. I went clockwise, but I think in the future I'd do it counterclockwise. There was a lot of smoke in the distance because of the fires.

4 months ago

Various trails at this park

Great opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of floors and fauna.

Came with a group of 8. Parking fee is needed for this regional park. They do have plenty of parking and some bathrooms. I thought it was a beautiful trail with some very steep parts. Not sure I would consider this an ‘easy’ trail but more towards the high end of easy to moderate. Loved the beautiful trees surrounding the trails. Most of the trail is pretty wide but watch out for mountain bikers as they will go downhill pretty fast. It’s a very popular trail and people going on this trail are pretty friendly. I would come back again!

A fairly moderate trail-loop with some inclines that are manageable with regular comfortable walking shoes. It was a particularly warm day so the 6+ miles seems rather long. Overall, a nice trail, super easy to follow when you don't want to do too much planning or looking out for trail name sign posts!

Nice trail, very few people, dog friendly and a couple good climbs.

I loved this hike and all it had to offer but, and one major BUT, it’s definitely not easy. The beginning is like a brisk walk in the park but the last half was literally like walking up 100 flights of stairs only to have to slide down half on my butt on the way back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fit person and I love a good challenging hike, but I brought my family along and it’s didn’t exactly lend itself to a nice, peaceful, family style hike.

If you’re in for a good workout, this one is for you. Other than that, turn around at the spilt into redwood peak and call it a day!

Great hike, but I disagree on it being “easy” as there is a steep section up followed by a fairly steep, rocky section down. I’m a fit person and enjoyed it, but brought a friend along that struggled. To me, this trail isn’t friendly for all skill levels. We were looking for something long and shaded so we could chat and catchup and it ended up being more “moderate” than I was hoping. I should have paid closer attention to the elevation/climb as I think that’s a better indication of needed skill after using this app over the past year.

All in all, I love Redwood Regional Park and all it has to offer... I’ll just need to be more selective about the trails and people I bring with me next time.

I run here a lot. great place close to home. love this little trail!

Beautiful hike, low land canyon with a canopy of oaks that rises up to ridge lines overlooking rolling hills. Amazing 360 degree views. Love this hike!

Definitely watch out for rattle snakes. 20 minutes into our hike I almost stepped on a baby one. Also the juvenile bulls were a little intimidating. Nice peaceful hike. No shade so go in spring or winter.

So beautiful!!!!!

It's a nice trail for beginners, lots of redwood. Glad I got to see ladybugs gathered in several locations in the park.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Great hill by the dam. best done as a fall or winter hike.... It gets plenty hot in the summer. Near where Los Vaqueros trail intersects 10 years ago there were several nested pairs of Golden Eagles. Not sure if they're still around but it was awesome watching them fly around when I fished that corner of the lake.

on Stewartville Trail

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Incredible views of east contra costa county. Lots of coyotes, cows, hawks and wild turkeys along the route. Will definitely be back to do this again.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

This hike was moderately strenuous but doable for the average person. Parking is great but does fill up if you do a late morning early afternoon hike. The hike begins as a steady climb until you reach elevation 1300. Afterwards it is a rolling up and down hike. This was not the most beautiful but it did have a good panoramic view of Rossmore, Walnut Creek and Benicia. The hike was mostly in sun and very little shade so bring water and hat. I brought my dog and he had a great workout. Many people bring their dogs and many walk them off lease. Con against hike was lots of cow/horse droppings for the dogs to walk on and roll in. The area is a cattle area so that would be expected. I ran into lots of people so it was not a solitude type of hike. Almost a little to crowded for my taste but the people who hiked it were friendly.

Did this yesterday and what a beautiful day for a hike. . .Loved the cows.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

AWESOME Hike, Intense Up Hill That Last A Good While . Took My Dog, He Loved It . Be Aware If Wild Life, No Problem With The Squirrels But We Did Encounter A Rattle Snake

Monday, October 16, 2017

Great trail, very scenic, definitely challenging. There is very little sun cover, so bring plenty of water and sun protection. When you get to the first fork, go straight instead of up the giant hill on the left, you have enough of a challenge later. Enjoy the views and the natural beauty because it is quite something out there. Be sure to keep an eye out for the ridge trail to loop you back to the cars (if you strictly follow the Stewartville trail signs, you will find yourself on a not so scenic 1.6 mile detour that is not worth it). Please note, that the ridge trail is definitely the challenging part of the "loop", so save some energy and water for it. Also be warned, if you're planning on bringing your dog, keep him/her on leash as we did encounter a rattlesnake today (this also being the reason for docking one star). Overall, we had a great adventure but were slightly unprepared. Enjoy!

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