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Missing hiker in this area, 19yo African American male, please keep an eye out for any out of place clothing etc.

Also, parts of trail are collapsed after the rain.

13 hours ago

It was beautiful but now it’s noisy and trashy! Put earbuds on... not everyone wants to hear ur crappy music!! The sounds of nature are so much better than whatever ur blasting from ur phone. Please take ur trash with u when u leave!!!

Love this hike!! Beautiful & challenging

3 days ago

Fairly easy hike, was able to do this with my 4 year old daughter and wife no problem. Tons of folks out there on Sunday 1/13/19. not a quiet hike, but enough space on the trail for everyone. Hardest parts are just crossing streams here and there on the way to and from the waterfall, very doable for all ages and dogs are allowed too !

5 days ago

It is a short distance hike. There was plenty of water but due to recent rain, the water was muddy and dark brown. Sad to see the graffiti.

6 days ago

Beautiful views with waterfall!

Está chingon para ir de hiking

8 days ago

great hike, VERY crowded. went on a thursday, a less busier day but still saw a lot of people on the trail. parking wasn’t difficult, they have a lot as well as an overflow lot. half of the hike is relatively easy on a paved road. take a left when you come across both forks. the second half of the hike (after you get under the bridge) get significantly prettier and shadier. you cross the stream a few times before the waterfall. the water flow was good. too much graffiti but honestly not a lot of trash. makes a great skill level for beginners.

Pretty wildlife, trees, and nature trail. Saw deer and coyotes. Friendly locals and hikers. But felled trees and a bit rugged and no water in the “falls” even after rain.

11 days ago

nice trail. trail head easy to reach by car. very pretty. popular

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon afyer a winter rain, and would be even more lovely on a quieter day during the week. just the right amount of stream and boulder hopping for a fitst day back after the holidays.

13 days ago

Great place to hike. what some people may not know, if you hike another half mile or so, you will run into another, HUGE HEART ROCK. I will post a pic of it. you will see my daughter in a red shirt.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the hike becomes a little more difficult, with rocks, log crossings, branches, water streams etc.

This may be my favorite hike in LA. Has a bit of everything. Good incline/decline, waterfall, river trail, canyon, cliffside, rock-hopping, history etc. The dog loved it and it was super quiet with some amazing views of Downtown to the Valley.

Really easy to find the trails, just keep left for the most part and there are clear signs/markers guiding you accordingly. When you get around to the top you have some options to get down and you can see how it links up to some other trails as well.

14 days ago

Cute little waterfall at the end of the hike. Pretty easy terrain to hike on, especially with a dog.

Great trail and very remote. will definitely come back and use it as a jumping off point for ascending the upper peaks on the front range.

15 days ago

Relatively easy, but pretty long. There are lots of nice spots along the trail. Especially near the river. Free parking but it is very limited. Dogs can be on the trail but the juerros complain if you let them off, no matter how well trained/behaved your dog is.

I brought my dog here and he got a tick. the trail was steep for about 1.5 long miles.

Beautiful path that offers variety of scenery! This one will become a regular hike!

17 days ago

Great little
Hike! You have to go up and to the right to find the heart but its beautiful !

A great way to start the new year

Beautiful loop hike. I started on the left side which is good because is the more challenging half. Pay attention to All Trails map and look at the path to avoid getting lost. Had to park a mile before the start since gate was closed due to Gov shutdown:

nature trips
18 days ago

I’ve been hiking this area for over 40 years. It was a once spectacular area. Do to the insane amount of GRAFFITI it has ruin the natural state of this area. Also the trash left behind by others. Myself and my hiker buddies remove trash as we hike, please do so. Also if you see TAGGERS report them. Get their car license numbers. A few years back the area was painted over to try to cover the GRAFFITI but these cockroaches have come back and made it worse than ever. Even the great John Muir was disgusted by GRAFFITI back decades ago. If enough of us complain to the authorities they will monitor the area.

Great trail to take with kids, especially for a first time hike. It’s pretty heavily trafficked, so you may be annoyed if you like quiet hikes.

It’s very good app for hiking I love when I go to live a experience knowing the way and the beautiful panoramas

Did this today with a group and it’s definitely worth the trek up from the closed gate (due to gov’t shutdown) to the trailhead. But we couldn’t find the loop also. Made it to the mine entrance and then kept going north and ended up at the trailhead for Tom Sloan Saddle, Bear Canyon, Gabrielino Trail and Mt. Lowe (2 trails here). We should’ve doubled back to find the sign for Dawn Station, which I believe would have connected to the loop on Mt. Lowe. We ended up going back the way we came since we didn’t want to get lost. It was cold throughout and there was water on the creek which made the hike so beautiful. I’m new to hiking but this hike has been one of the nicer ones in the LA County area. I’ll definitely try it again and find the loop.

19 days ago

We had fun did a little over 4 miles round trip. Got pretty close to the falls but became tough for my wife at 30 weeks pregnant.

20 days ago

Easy trail. I did not care for the amount of people and the dog deposits on the trail. It was good for a quick outing.

super easy hike. very very over crowded, especially during the summer. your lucky if there is even water falling from the falls. the trail is easy, its always busy so u just follow the crowd as u go.

Did it from the neighborhood side. short hike from there.

22 days ago

Pretty trail.

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