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18 days ago

Went up the majority of this trail yesterday. Had to turn around just before the scramble section because of snow and ice.
Beautiful trail that really works the legs out on the way up and down.
5 hours return trip with a short break at the top for a bite to eat

very rough road parked after 4 km from trailhead didnt want to damage my car was amazing views and decent hike wish I had snowshoe would of helped

Very nice hike!
A little bit steep in some parts but View on Coquitlam Lake is rewarding the efforts!
Did it on November 12.
Do not recommend to go for this hike after heavy rains

November 9th, 2018.
There was light snow starting at 7km into this hike, I made it to 9km and turned back as visibility had gotten to the point where I no longer felt safe to continue.
To the 9km mark and back to the Parking lot took me 7.5 hours

The snow will slow you down, and winter park hours may make this hike not possible unless staying the night.

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nature trips
1 month ago

Cute hike, not hard, slippery In the fall with the leaves and rain. Next time I do this hike I’ll bring a tea pot or cup to add to the ambiance.

The actual trailhead is just over 5 km from the main road. Like a previous reviewer said, you will definitely need a high clearance 4x4 with good tires to reach the actual trailhead. You won't make it in a car! I was able to drive my 4x4 to within 0.8 km of the trailhead but then I walked the rest of the way (call it added elevation gain).

The forest trail is single track and somewhat narrow in spots at the beginning. It's damp along the river which could be slippery for some. The newly constructed bridge is about 0.4 km in. From there, the climb is moderate and the trail does get a tad overgrown in spots. The first real nice, obstruction-free view is about 2.6 km up.

The Mount Slesse Commemorative Site Memorial is around 4 km up. The view is incredible. While there, I could hear rocks falling from the mountain across the way. Sadly, I was not able to summit this climb today due to time constraints. From where I parked 0.8 km from the trailhead to 4.3 km up and back down (a total of 10.3 km), it took me just over 2 hours not counting picture breaks. I'm planning to do this hike again with more time so I can reach the propeller memorial at the top.

On the way out, I encountered a dog with a radio collar in the process of trailing a cougar (I spoke to his owner further down the road). Just another excellent reminder that you are never fully alone out there. Be prepared!!

1 month ago

Nice and easy trail. Definitely worth checking Sawblade Falls.

A friend and I just did this hike today, on October 20th, 2018. Great day for it this year, as the weather was perfect, around 15 degrees for our high, clear sky, zero wind and no snow at all at the propeller cairn currently.

Once you turn off of Chilliwack Lake Road, the trail head is a good 5+ KM up what becomes a pretty narrow gravel road which is quite washed out in several places, not just the last KM. High clearance 4WD vehicle with strong tires needed. That being said, in regards to some other reviews, I would say beware of stopping too soon to walk when you first encounter signs of the road looking rough, you may be adding 4KM or more to your hike on foot.

When you reach the trailhead area, Look for a wooden post sign with the trail name on it vertically, it is slightly in the trees to the right of the gravel road when driving up, there are also some pieces of pink and orange marking tape tied in the tree. Bridge to cross the river safely is intact. Trail is quite relaxing/easy in places and QUITE steep in others, mostly the last 1 KM or so to the propeller is the toughest. We also encountered some slippery sections with a lot of mud in this last KM. The hike was 6 hours total for us with 1 hour of stopping included.

Other suggestions: Bring layers/ a change of shirt if hiking on a day with higher degrees weather. We were sweating in the sun exposed parts of the trail and then cooling off quickly in the shaded.

Cheers and have a great, safe hike!

1 month ago

It was very hard as we carried heavy photography equipment with us and it was hot. Thankfully he started the trail at 7am to avoid the heat. All the pain and big effort, pays off once you get to top and you see the lake. Have good rest at the top so you are ready to go down legs need to be in good rest as you’ll squat like crazy.

I’ll never forget this trail it set up a before and after in my life.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I havent ridden a bike in yrs but found the trail to be a lot of fun some challenges but enjoyed every minute

Great hike. Perfect October fall weather but defintely cool at the higher elevation. Make sure you bring some light wool gloves. Pushed myself hard up and down with a nice lunch break at the top. Next time i will have to bring a collapsible fishing rod, as a fellow hiker pulled a nice pan fry with a few casts. Total up and down with photo stops and lunch break was about 5 hours.

YOU WILL NEED 4X4 to get to the trail head. Did this hike on September 30th with my 2011 Jeep Patriot and I was super sketched out driving it up to this trail head. Got stuck once but managed to get out. If you don't have 4X4 park farther down the trail before it starts looking like a rock slide, and hike up (honestly wouldn't be a long trek and it will save you a lot of anxiety lol).

Besides the rough start, this hike is incredible!! There are many openings along the way that show you gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. Steady incline for the first 4km to the memorial plaque, and then another STEEP 1km to the propeller! So worth it though! Also - if you're taller than 5'0 beware of low hanging branches, my back is killing me from having to duck under things every 5 minutes. Round trip it took 5-6 hours for us to do this hike, but that was at a slow pace. Well worth the drive up :)

I need to try this one again as we came across a young bear in the cave about 4ft from us. This was about 2.5 km in. He was terrified but we didn't want to risk him charging or an angry mama, so we turned around.
Could be better markers as we were unsure which way to go at several points.

2 months ago

Nice quick little hike

Attempted this trail on September 25th. I could only manage the first 1 km of the International trail once you turn off Watt Creek trail. It was just too overgrown and the trail seemed to disappear at that point. I also made the mistake of wearing cropped pants and my bare ankles paid for it (stinging nettles, rough bush). I ended up going back down and continuing along the Watt Creek trail.

Just hiked it again today on a clear day and finally got the views. Just amazing up at the peak! Love this hike! Car to peak in 4 hours and 40 mins, peak to car in 4 hours. Will definitely do again next year

2 months ago

Right now the Maple Ridge Water Reservoir is under construction, so part of the trail has some yellow fencing around it. You could begin the trail from 248th, 108th or 256th instead. Muddy when it has been raining.

2 months ago

No Parking anywhere along the street by the yellow gated entrance. Looks like the neighbourhood got fed up with the traffic? The sign posted at the yellow gate says to park way back on 256 (if i remember correctly)

We turned around and went to Golden Ears area instead.

The hike was fairly mellow until the last 1km where it got decently steep. The memorial plaque was around 1h 10 min up the trail and then another 1hr to the top of the hike with the Propeller of the plain crash. It was cool to see the memorial but I was disappointed that you can’t hike to the top of the peak.
It took 2hr 10min up and 1hr 20min down at a fast walking pace.

2 months ago

Good hike

2 months ago

long hike be prepared to be challenged and see amazing views i did no5 summit due to not enough water and hiking the day before to panaroama

3 months ago

Challenging, but awesome hike! I hiked it once last year and then again on July 13th of this year in one very long day. I don't recommend rushing this hike. It's so beautiful at the top. Take your time and soak it all in. I am planning on hiking it again by myself this coming Thursday (Sept. 13th) if anyone would like to join me.

Killer hike but the view is a priceless payoff!

3 months ago

Had a great hike up to the second lake.
She's a steep knee grinder both ways so beware.
I brought my dog and we got through it in 6.5 hours with a bit of a lunch hangout at the wrecked platform.
Met two nice guys searching for old mine shafts and found an old Spear head while hiking this trail.
Totally recommend!

Hiked on Tuesday did it in 12 hours took our time enjoyed the views. My recommendation is to take 5 L of water, you don’t want to get cramps. Been looking at Golden Eras out my kitchen window for 20 years and finally did it! Well worth the bee sting. Very challenging hike with ropes and ladders. Makes you conquer your fears that’s for sure.

Trail was in good shape. Not a lot of steep grade. Worth noting, the memorial is not at the end of the trail. I’m guessing it’s more around 4km from start of trail to memorial. Also the road is in very rough shape the last kilometre. I would recommend walking it rather than beat the crap out of your 4 whelp drive.

3 months ago

Third time doing the west canyon trail, camped on panorama ridge on one of the nice wood tent-pads. Make sure to bring lots of water because from just before alder flats to the ridge there is none, in my experience there is usually running water at the emergency shelter. All in all this hike is doable as a day trip or overnight and has a great work / reward ratio and I highly recommend.

3 months ago

good hike , might be little hard for smaller kids

This was a disappointing hike. Try the other side of park--Dennett Lake way. Its any easier hike and can be done early in the year though, but nicer hikes in this park can be found. Dog friendly, nice waterfalls along route.

Did this hike last Saturday 30th June, was actually quite dangerous and very difficult to see/manuever at the top with the snow, we had poles and boots which were a must. Couldn't find the hut or anywhere to camp so we had to turn back probably just before reaching it. I'd recommend waiting until the snow melts and doing this hike in late July through September.

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