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Awesome hike. Falls are spectacular. Especially views of falls from different locations on the path. Don't pass the short side trips off trail to see falls

We loved this hike today. I wish we could have finished it, but after the first few miles it got too icy to attempt in just hiking boots, so we didn’t make it to Comet Falls. The part we did was beautiful and we’d like to go back with the proper equipment. The is some snow on the trail but it would be passable if not for the ice toward the top.

7 days ago

We completed this hike on the way up to Tuck/Robin lakes. We definitely want to come back to the campsites here -- you get such a beautiful view of the water and mountains, but are safely nestled in the tall forest trees. It's pretty busy, but I'm sure if you continued around the lake you'd find some isolation. We're definitely coming back to do this again.

Really lovely stroll/walk. Recommend to head to the right at the trail head. You approach the veiws from a better angle.

Such a fun hike! It’s quite icy in November but very fun!

Perfect and easy little hike!

Exactly what we expected, easy hike. Our favorite parts were the lower river crossing and Cedar Swamp.

Steep. Short. But beautiful views once you get to the top! Must have a vehicle with good clearance to get to trail head. Some people parked and walked the road however. Once you turn off highway... make sure you turn up the hill before you get to residential area. I was chewed out for going too fast and driving past the “residential” signs. Oops!

nature trips
1 month ago

Love this hike. It's a short, out and back trail that that is good for almost all skill levels. My friends and I do this hike almost 3 times a year just because it's so fun!

It's fun to climb around on the rocks at the end or even keep trekking off the path past the waterfall.

amazing views and the falls are awesome!!!

lots of edible wild berries along the trail. Very short however and it's close to the road in some spots. Good trail for kids and the elderly. Several massive old growth firs some must be 10 feet in diameter!

I loved this easy Fall season hike with my kids and friends with kids. I was very stressed when I got to the falls and my girls were near the edge. I’m not afraid of heights unless my kids are around. Every bit of the hike was beautiful and I’ll definitely do it again! Take the trail to the left to head down below the falls.

great hike!!! loved it.
get there early there is very limited parking at the trail head.

This was a beautiful hike but definitely difficult. If you’re not a frequent exerciser in great shape, I’d say try something else. The incline was pretty intense with not a lot of flat area breaks. Not sure I’d say the view at the top was worth it but it was nice to look at.

One of the best! Start getting into the snow near the top of comet falls, before Van Trump trail.

Wonderful meandering walk I would call it. It was well worn and had some nice views. Saw a lot of nice people out for a stroll. I had packed a lunch for my little buddy and I so we stopped at the concrete wall viewpoint and enjoyed the views with a glass of wine

2 months ago

To quote someone we met at the top of the trail, “This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.”

2 months ago

Fun little trek with the kids back in October. The gate was closed but you can just walk on through. Adds a tiny bit of distance but not a big deal. The caves were bigger than I thought. We used headlamps and flashlights and also explored the little waterfall right next to the caves. Kids liked their adventure, with some complaining in between of course. :)

2 months ago

Beautiful day, nicely marked trail. Pretty Fall colors. Fabulous rock carvings from icicle creek. WTA directions lead us right to the trail. Took me just under 2 hours. 4.5miles. Then back to Leavenworth for cider and brats!

love love loved this hike. I am active and prepared... those that are sight seeing this hike is harder. I did do this one with my 12 yr old son. views all the way along the trail. a lot uphill. well maintained trail though. fall colors spurt out through the entire hike! so much to see! overall, loved this hike more than any of the 7 mini and I have done this year!

Great hike overall but more difficult than I was lead to believe from various reviews on here. Previous reviews say the first mile is steep, but I say the entire 2.5 miles is steep and can be more difficult at certain points. Good news is that there are plenty of places to pull off to the side to catch your breath and take a break. The view of Christine Falls is 100% worth the trek. If you hike further up you can get a nice cool mist from the falls to help you cool off and is quite refreshing. Parking is scarce so get there early or drive a few feet from the main parking lot to find an overflow lot to park at.

2 months ago

The road up is long and bumpy, lots of washboard and potholes. Beautiful fall colors on the mountainside on the drive up. Maybe 15 cars at the trailhead on a Friday afternoon, but only saw 2 other groups on the trail on the way in. Many other trails and destinations that use this same start point. The trail is more of a walk than a hike, mostly flat with mild inclines. Forest and greenery along the trail, few fall colors. Several stream crossings. Lake is stunning with lots of sandy spots. Saw many parties coming in while I was leaving that looked like they were planning to stay overnight. By far one of my favorite hikes for a quick trip in to a beautiful lake.

2 months ago

We wanted a fairly easy trail with a lot of beauty and this was perfect. Many bridges, water, etc... To see. We brought sandwiches and sat on rocks right by the river and enjoyed lunch. Great hike for people of all ages.

2 months ago

Lots of beauty here. Thimble berries still out. Fleabane daisy in bloom. It's possible to get wet in the lake water is warmer than expected. Trail is in great shape. No one was staying at the lake everyone was headed further up to alpine lakes. Great easy day hike for a picnic. The 10 mile dirt road is in fair condition with beautiful fall colors coming into view on the mt. sides. Love this place in Sept. NO bugs at this time. Frost in the morning at 31 degrees.

Made the trek to this trail after Labor Day weekend, and was not disappointed. For how close one can get, this is a top-5 for me regarding the view = STUNNING! I can't recommend this one enough given the approach, trail, and amazing spot for lunch. If you enjoy alpine lakes in central Washington, do yourself a favor and figure out a way to get to this trail.
DIRECTIONS - Directions from AllTrails gets you to the turn off 97 and up a pretty open forest service road - 7305. A couple miles up and you'll get to a fork with two equally well-maintained roads, with the Left the one you want. We didn't see the road marker in the brush on the way it, but there is one if you root around a bit. The road has some pretty deep ruts, and while our Rubicon had not issues, you'll need some clearance to get to the end.
TRAIL - mostly very nice soft dirt the entire way; this is a surprise given how rocky some of the other local trails are. You'll find you have a pretty even gain in elevation the entire way, with the last bit a little more interesting before the nearly unbelievable summit on a beautiful ridge line.
SURROUNDINGS - you get two very different scenes on the east side of the ridge you climb up and the west side you can see when you reach the top. Beautiful alpine forest, decent amount of shade, no bugs, it was pretty idyllic.
OVERALL - As I said at the top, this was such a surprise and such an amazing day. It's hard to describe getting to the top and looking out over Snow Lake, Chair Peak, and the Temple. Such an incredible bit of Creation!

2 months ago

Very nice trail. Nice walk after breakfast not to many bugs.

2 months ago

Easy hike, beautiful views of the water along the trip! Definitely recommend.

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful views throughout. This loop is slightly less than 4 miles. Not sure how they're measuring 4.5. Trail is in awesome shape.

This was a Great Hike, especially because the weather was good! Must hike all the way for the best rewards! Lots of elevation gain, but with spectacular views at every level. Even got views of Mount Saint Helens.

Teaser views of the summit along the way, as well as various smaller waterfalls, before reaching Comet Falls. Continue past the falls to Mildred Point for a great view of Rainier, glaciers/glacial streams, and the upper valleys. Well worth the visit! Best visited in late summer/early fall when the snow has melted in the upper valleys.

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