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Great trail, beautiful views. we saw several deer and lots of squirrels. Took us about 3 hrs to do the full 5 miles.

LOVE this park! We have lived here 20 years and the first time we've visited was today because I usually go Oxley at Mohawk Park.

This can be a challenging trail if you are used to the flat ones that Oklahoma typically has. In some areas this is more like Beavers Bend State Park or Robbers Cave State Park in terms of elevation and terrain. Some very interesting bluffs with caves, a small meadow area and another strip that is most likely boggy during rainy times. We were there at mid afternoon and only heard birds and saw some deer tracks. If you went early or later you might have a better chance of seeing wildlife but be aware gates close at 5 p.m.

Signage does need to be updated but we found our way around with no problem. Just look for where the path is man made (steps is a big tip off). Water runoff and storms has taken down a big tree down at the bluff area but you can easily squeeze through and get back onto the trail.

The area is very quiet and w.o a lot of foot traffic (we arrived at noon on a Sunday in August) - unlike Oxley at MP and Ray Harral Nature Center where you will be constantly bumping into people and their dogs. BTW love that there is NO DOGS because I'm tired of dog people bringing their animals, not cleaning up their poop, and letting them off leash.

trail running
15 days ago

I stay in Tulsa for work regularly, and this is a decent trail to run. mostly paved and flat, but some good gravel running along parts. plenty of people around, but not too crowded.

It was pretty tough but it was nice!

A little steep in a couple of places, but very pretty. my phone said 4.9 miles, not 3.9. At the very end I ran into a gigantic bunch of seed ticks though.

We only had an hour to hike so we couldn’t do the whole trail but what we saw was beautiful.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice warm-up circuit. Some technical spots with a few features that are in need of slight repair.

Beautiful view but the trail was not well marked.

A Tulsa gem and a challenging hike. Bring lots of water or a camelpack when it's hot out.

Beautiful scenery, did it with my 3 year old son and I’m pregnant. Took the wrong trail at times so I had to backtrack, they need to update the signs because 90% of them are broken. But such a fun and beautiful hike with birds singing, my son saw lots of bright lizards as well.

Read the whole review! Trail is great. Lots of loops off for mountain bikers. If you do both and start left it’s just over 5 miles. But..... we were out here early on a Sunday and our truck window got broken out and some things were stolen. Broad daylight. Someone must have disturbed the thief bc a wallet and some cash were left and they took our extr ring of keys. If you come out here leave your windows down and nothing in the car, or be ready to tell 911 it’s Tulsa County and wait for a while while they transfer you and then send a deputy. .

Variety of terrain, wear pants (many ticks), neat mushrooms, no lake views, many additional loops, single file pathway, not well traversed, not busy

Nice little trail. Well maintained with great views of the Illinois river and countryside below. Great for a short hike and relaxing in the hammock. No water source.

Great urban trail. Would not know your in a city. Challenging but not overwhelming.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Too short for a good bike ride. It ends at a dangerous abandoned trestle with no signage. The destination is on the left, not the right. It is quiet and scenic in places but poorly maintained.

love for a quick close hike with dog and friends ... packed on beautiful days!

It is a good place to hike in Tulsa. Mostly shaded! Watch out for mountain bikes!

Great place, only saw a fraction of the trails.

4 months ago

Great trail to keep you busy for a few hours...depending how fast you hike. I like to stop and take pictures and enjoy the views. We hiked 5 miles with total walk time a little over 2 hours. If you stop a lot along the way you can take up to 4-5 hours

No dogs allowed is an automatic one star.

Took the family last month. Great short hike. Good for younger kids. Well maintained trail.

We go every other weekend to get outdoors. There aren’t stunning views, sometimes it’s over crowded and the trails are really popular with mountain bikers but it’s still a good place to get out with the family and the dog for a few hours.

I went with my 12 year old daughter and really enjoyed ourselves. Everything is pretty bare this time of year but it was beautiful, the out cropping were really interesting and the few critters we saw was educational. Being 15 minutes from home I see us frequenting here for afternoon jaunts.

Good trail with some tough parts to challenge you.

FYI- after driving out there on a Tuesday afternoon, discovered this Trail is only open Wednesday through Saturday. Disappointed.

Simple trail, Loved that I could take my dogs!

nice walk. rocky in parts (watch your step). Good overlook of the water treatment plant

Super easy trail. I’m a male and went by myself so I got kinda bored real quick. If you have kids or just want to stroll around it great! I would suggest starting backwards because that’s where all the fun is.

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