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love this place!!!!

nature trips
2 days ago

We went to the overlook point n saw and we were not thrilled and then we drove to the gorge trail head, We started the hike and its less than a mile once we reached the falls it was surely a great feeling. We went after heavy rains so we could see decent amount of water but if you go in mid summer I doubt if you can hardly enjoy the falls. The gorge trail head is right next to Cayuga so we spent some time there as well, worth a visit!!

9 days ago

Amazing trail ! Going again this weekend.

Taughannock is one of my favorite NYS parks. A must see

nice after a rain.

Absolutely beautiful views!

Here for the Cayuga 50 with lots of great people. Beautiful area.

18 days ago

Nice easy hike to the falls, optional walk along the creek bed in sections. Good for kids and dogs!

Love it here. Great hiking for dogs, even a separate swimming section for them in the large falls swimming area. Busy but not so crazy busy that it’s unenjoyable. Apparently you are not supposed to swim in any other area than the large designated area but we did and so were a lot of other people. It was super fun. Just be aware that you can be fined for it as we were told by a policewoman on the way out.

Depends on if you stick to trails or go down the stream. Stream is very slippery, but a blast to go through

One of my favorite spots in Ithaca!

just went today, there was just a trinkle of water where there is normally a big fall, which is disappointing. normally a beautiful spot however!

Well maintained. Lovely walk

1 month ago

Very easy walk towards the waterfall. The hike around the rim is a nice walk but the views are not as great as expected. Some days the waterfall is underwhelming.

we had a great time with the kids. The water was extremely cold but didn't seem to bother the kids much..

We liked this hike just fine. It does have several points where you are just walking along a road or through parking lots, which isn’t ideal when looking for a good nature experience. There’s lots of water features and a lot of fun places for kids. The biggest drawback is probably the number of other people on the same hike and in the same area.

1 month ago

Nice walk around the rim. Mostly flat and graveled trail. Pushed my son with his broken femur in wheelchair. A few little incline workouts with the wheelchair, but no problem overall.

1 month ago

Very easy. Lots of shade. A lot of people. Great hike after finishing the Rim Trails.

Nice hike around the rim. It’s about 4 miles. Great views. The gorge trail is spectacular. Super easy. You can walk the entire length in the water. Great for kids. Can catch Minos and crayfish.

Best maintained trail i've been on in a while. A little touristy and as it got later in the day it got more crowded, but not too terrible. A really great day hike & I'd highly reccomend.

Trail is well marked up and down on the Appletree Rd side of the water ... if you go up or down the other side be prepared, difficulty increases significantly around the lower falls areas .... slippery, steep, not well marked. Great hike no matter how you attack it, just be careful.

1 month ago

The gorge trail was heavily trafficked today. It is a nice flat trail with the option of walking in the streambed, as long as the park patrol does not care. The reward at the end is a great view of the waterfall. It is more impressive from the view from the South Rim trail.

For some reason I thought I had entered the trail based off of the signs, and previous photos but based on the map I was to the left of it. Not sure if it was the trail or if I made a wrong turn, but my recommendation would be to check on the app to ensure you’re on the right path. Other than that, it was overall a nice 5 mile hike.

An ok hike, some nice woodsy spots, however too much road sections.
Basically it's two tracks knitted together. The start is down Herlihy Road at the base of Spruce Pond. Across the pond is the trail, part of the Finger Lakes Trail, the Blue marker. Turn left and after 3.3km of winding through the forest, crossing Shackham Road & Pond, it hits turns left on Morgan Hill Road, back across Shackham and onto Herlihy Road for another 2.0km. Near the start at Spruce Pond, it turns right on the Orange Trail, a great 2.8km, however then it empties back onto Herlihy Road for the final 1.0km.

Very cool Falls must see if your in Glen Watkins area .

2 months ago

Walked this gorge trail first before tackling the rim trail. It's beautiful inside the gorge - don't forget to look up along the walls! Read the interpretive signage along the way, too. If you prefer to avoid lots of people, go early in the day (and get good parking!). Accessible to wheelchairs, and seating for those who experience fatigue.

Barnes trail is also known as Onanda Park. Awesome trail, nice waterfalls with ropes for climbing.

awesome. sure to return

Found a list of amazing parks in the US. Watkins Glen was on that..which spurred our trip to the Ithaca area. we then found several other great trails including this one. It is definitely moderate hike on both the Gorge side and Rim Trial. The elevation change is 450ft and it goes up pretty rapidly. There are a lot of stairs on the Gorge side and the Rim trail and pretty steep headed up or down. We did the Gorge trail past Pinnacle rock to the road and down the Rim trail. We would have done the whole trek if we had more time.

overall great and beautiful park and waterfalls.

Beautiful waterfalls on the Gorge trail turn into a quiet and peaceful forest on the Bear trail. You can then continue around a serene lake and back to the Gorge or Rim trail. Awesome hike!

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