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It was a bit of a challenge since I had not hiked in 2 years. I loved the challenges though. the views made it all worth while. We wet our faces in the waterfall.

What an amazing hike. Wasn't too difficult, the effort is well worth the steepness. Will get up there earlier to summit. but overall fun hike, amazing views

Great hike. Amazing views of the entire Wasatch range, including Timpanogos to the south. A word to the wise: pay attention once you summit. I ended up going down the west side of the mountain and got stranded and had to be airlifted out. Also start early. I’m sure I could have hiked out of the next canyon if I had enough light, but after dark I wasn’t taking any chances. Stay safe my friends.

Awesome views. In and out with several rest and photo stops. Took 4 1/2 hours

2 days ago

Hiked this trail on 9/10/18. Steep but levels off in some parts. Ends in the field with fantastic views all around.

Awesome hike to a 360 degree view!

great trail with rewarding view

We got all the way to the cave with our 3 year old and 1 year old. The wildflowers in the meadow at the top were unreal. It was a tough hike, but so worth it! The cave was so neat!

The beauty is amazing and I did see a big black bear about 50 yards away.

I’m not sure why they would call this moderate difficulty as it has no vertical movement at all.

The views are a must. Highly recommended.

It was an awesome trail and awesome views all the way along. Just be aware!!!!! There are two trails. If you take huckleberry trail both ways it’s 14 miles. Long hike!!! I would recommend face trail up and huckleberry down. Either way it is a long hike but I would not do huckleberry both ways. Safe travels.......

5 days ago

The view at the lake when you first arrive is spectacular, perhaps the best in the park. Hike around the lake is easy. Total trip from parking lot is 7.5 miles. Moderate for distance, easy otherwise.

Loved this hike. Camped at Ostler lake, and hiked to Amethyst the next day. The scenery was spectacular. Definitely worth the trip.

6 days ago

Love love this hike - had to stop a couple times on the way up, but no regrets because the views are to die for. Agree with moderate difficulty, and take plenty of water because you are going to want to be up there for a while!

Fantastic! One of my very favorite hikes in the Wasatch. Fairly shady up to Red Pine, then exposed to the summit. I love the big boulder section.

Easy and nice view from the mountains. I'd suggest doing that along with amphitheater and delta lake. Try to be at the lake in the morning to not have the sun in the wrong direction

Second time hiking Table Mountain. Went the long way this time Still a fantastic hike. Five hours up and four and a half down. All three of us are in our sixties.

It’s phenomenal for a trail that’s so close to SLC. Be prepared for a tough ascent past upper Red Pine Lk!

Great quick and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall . Not much water this time but still pretty .

Went up face and down huckleberry. This is my 2nd time on this hike it is truly a Grueling Beauty hike! Toke 3 first timers, had to keep encouraging a couple of them. So worth it at the top. Beautiful views. Toke us 5 hours to get up the face. about 3 1/2 hours down. Great hike.

We were looking for a short hike that was challenging, and we definitely got it with this one. The hike is pretty much a climb. No scrambling, you’re just constantly going up. The view at the top is amazing, and you can even see Twin Peaks from there. Fitbit tracked 7 miles round trip, so the mileage on the app is misleading. Took us 4 1/2 hours total, including the 30 minutes we spent at the top.

9 days ago

Nice hike, but a long day trip. Absolutely 13 miles, not 11.7. I was actually trying to go to Kermsuh lake, but went left when I should have gone straight. I didn't see any signs, but I have screwed up before. For the last mile, I am not sure what is represented by the track shown here on AllTrails. Any trail matching that track is very subtle. The obvious main trail brings you right by the small, unnamed triangular-shaped lake at about 5.5 miles. There are well constructed campsites here, and then it is another mile and some significant additional elevation to Amythest Lake.

The whole hike is scenic, passing through forests, meadows and along a running stream with waterfalls. The lake is absolutely beautiful. No mosquitos at all right now. The elevation gain comes in fits and spurts, with parts that seem almost flat and other parts that are strenuous. The first 2.5 miles from Christmas Meadows requires some care to avoid mud in places and is lots of up and down, which is fine at the start, but a drag when you are coming back at the end. There is a sign at the trailhead warning that the trail is obstructed by downed trees. Not to worry, because the trail elves have cleaned them all up, bless their souls.

I don't think there is a clear trail to Osler Lake, but it might be fun to find it another time. People climb up to Osler Peak from there, which looks to be an adventure way beyond my comfort level.

9 days ago

This is a very beautiful hike all the way up. Saw a moose in the first meadow, it trotted up the trail a few hundred yards ahead of us until it veered off to the right. If you want to hike all the way up to the ridge, go left at the fork when you see the canyon headwall ahead of you, pretty high up. That left-hand trail traverses some steep slopes and ends up on top of the ridge, looking down toward Alta on one side and Silver Fork on the other.

Great hike with beautiful view. We hike on September 8th so we missed the flowers bloomed but the leaves started changing colors make up for it. The cave was cold so bring along jacket. The distance on my record is over 7 Miles round trip.

My husband and I decided to go up Huckleberry and back down Face, and were happy with that decision! The elevation kicked our butts, and the last mile or so we had a hard time catching our breath and had to take it slow. The views were absolutely phenomenal and worth the hard work getting up there! Side note: we did see fresh bear scat on the Face trail. Make sure to take your bear spray and make lots of noise!

Beautiful hike, beautiful day. It felt like a more-than-moderate hike, however. The last pitch to the cave is steep but WORTH every step!

trail running
9 days ago

Pretty views of the canyon. Decent amount of other people on the trail on a Saturday morning. Walked about 3 miles up and ran the way out. Good trail if you want something nice and easy to get used to trail running on.

what a great Trail to do just outside of Salt Lake City it's definitely a butt-kicker that's for sure but if you take your time it's doable. the views of the surrounding peaks, the city and Salt Lake itself are magnificent.

I will say that alltrails is definitely way off. on Strava I logged in 10.9 miles and 4000+ ft of elevation gain.

you would think for people that pay for subscriptions to a service for trails that they would always at least be like accurate and up-to-date as much as possible

Awesome hike! We went on September 6th so we didn’t run into much water. It was easy to get into the cave since there was not much runoff. We started our hike around 10:30 and didn’t encounter many people until we started to make our way back. Challenging going up all the switchbacks but definitely worth it!

Love this trail!

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