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hiked it with a bunch of teenagers. A great trail to take beginners and those who normally struggle with hiking

Great easy walk around the lake.

First time on this trail and it definitely does not disappoint. A little more difficult than I wanted due to my son and I packing out camping gear as well, but had a great time and will do it again.

Moderate difficulty with a great view to see at the end!

4 days ago

Hiked this on Thursday. Great quick hike after work around sunset.

I didn’t start hiking until 11:00 AM on a day that hit 100 degrees. My saving grace was that I soaked my cotton shirt with water from a sink in the restroom at the beginning and did that twice more along the hike. I did have to pay attention to where the trail went close to the river along the way. There are points of interest that are marked by numbers but the best one was the petroglyphs on the opposite side of the canyon.

Needless to say the hike was definitely worth it when my son and I arrived at the waterfall. We stayed there for 4 hours and built a sand castle. I regretted not bringing my light weight hammock since there is a great spot in the sand and trees next to the pool.

This is one of my favorite spots on this planet to hike to. We stayed at the Falls long enough that we were mostly in shade on the decent (hard to call it a decent since there is so much up and down in the sand). Also, there were trout in the pool at the bottom of the falls. It made me wish I took my fishing gear.

Very beautiful. We saw two moose, ducks, and a woodpecker. Definitely steep for the first half.

Quick short trail, heavily trafficked.

6 days ago

Moderate climb to get to Lake Mary, but well worth it. We did this about 3 weeks ago when the colors were turning and it was absolutely breathtaking. If you have the time, hike around to the backside of the lake which is less crowded - you can keep going on <0.5 miles more and you will hit the second lake. Beautiful hike, though tends to be popular and a little overcrowded at peak times.

Really easy and really pretty. :)

8 days ago

Super easy, but well worth it. Just a fun hike.

8 days ago

Lol... this one is steeper than some rated hard on here. It’s just short. I’d say this is moderate, because of the steep part. It’s really not hard, but still a lot steeper than some others rated lower. Decent view.

8 days ago

Super easy, just chill and cool view at top.

Love this hike. Super quick, only hard for about a mile tops. Gives you lots of time to chill there. Done this so many times can’t count. Ha

Beautiful! I went in July midday and wasn’t prepared for how hot the sand was and how hot I would be. It’s difficult hiking 5 miles in sand. Thankfully I stuck with it and was able to cool off in the waterfall. So worth it in the end but pretty miserable for the beginning. There was more shade on my hike back. Some people had dogs with them and I just felt so bad for those puppies.

Loved this hike! We live at sea level and did this right after getting off the plane in SLC, so the elevation was a bit tough in the beginning. We took it slow and steady until we felt better and would definitely recommend! It was a little crowded around the first lake, but thinned out a lot after that. Absolutely breathtaking views with a very cool mix of snow and fall foliage. Saw a deer, wood pecker, several chipmunks, and moose poo but sadly no moose. :-)

Went on a Friday morning while vacationing right after the first snowfall. We are from central Florida, and it was worth every lungful of oxygen we struggled to get as we made the climb. One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on.

13 days ago

Breathtaking! Fortunate to hike this right after the first snowfall of the season. Pretty fabulous for low landers from the Tampa Bay Area!

Just beautiful!

15 days ago

Incredible hike through a wonderful Aspen forest. The lake is worth the hike. So peaceful. We talked with a local or two who said that this is a great place to spot moose. Sadly we didn’t see any. We did the hike with a 7 year old and were from Louisiana. Great hike for beginners. When you get to the Y in the trail the left path is a bit easier terrain.

Such a beautiful hike! The last stretch is just as they say: steep and rocky. But the hike is worth it.

Loved this hike fall colors were great there was
a lot of moose activity
I think the AllTrails description of
“lightly trafficked “ is off I would call it moderate to heavy and it was a Monday night when I went I can’t imagine what it looks like on the weekend.
I will be back love this area

Went on a weekday after work, after it had rained enough to dampen the trail a little bit. There were only a handful of people on the whole trail, but lots of wildlife...~15 deer and 1 porcupine! The fall colors are still there and the lakes were beautiful.
Steady up and down, no real flat sections.

Really loved this hike! The aspens are so beautiful in their fall colors. Leaves have fallen onto the evergreens, making them look like Christmas trees with gold lights. Then at the lake we saw two moose! A word of caution...the trail is not marked once you go up. If you aren't careful coming down you could end up away from your car. Look for a fork to the left to go back down to the Willow Heights trailhead.

17 days ago

This trail is closed through October 2018. I made the trip up yesterday, along with quite a few other hikers, only to find out it is temporarily closed.

9/29/18 - This is a fairly popular hike... it was hard to find a place to park at the trailhead. A $5 fee per vehicle is required to be paid. It is a bit more strenuous than the elevation profile might let on. The mostly sandy trail adds significantly to the effort required, especially in the heat of the day. There is also a lot of up and down that wore on me after a while. Quite a few hikers, including my wife and I, treated it more casually than we should have, in terms of water that we packed in. Even for a relatively-cool September day (low 80s), each person needs at least 1.5-2 L of water. That was what we had total, and had to ration it going back... that made the trip less fun overall, and I felt a little unwell when it was all done. Sand accumulation was a big problem for my wife and her running shoes. It wasn’t so much for me, as I had shoes better suited for walking and hiking. We had to stop about every half mile to empty sand out of her shoes.

Warnings aside, the waterfall is definitely worth the trip. Very picturesque. It was taller than I expected it to be, and the pool is clear and COLD (almost painfully so, especially after a hot, sandy hike) at the base of the falls. The pool has a smooth, sandy bottom that is easy to walk in barefoot. The pool itself is surrounded by quite a few trees and tall-ish cliffs, which combined with the cooling effect from the water spray coming from the falls, makes it a welcome respite from the heat of the trail, which is more exposed.

The last few reviews were very accurate. Highly recommend this hike.

Fairly busy trail that takes you to 3 small lakes. The trailhead wasn’t that clear on the map provided with this app, so we just drove in the general direction and followed everyone else hoping they were heading to Lake Mary. Start by the big sign that says Thank You for riding Brighton and you’ll see just up ahead a wooden sign that confirmed we were on the right trail. Plenty of parking here. Be prepared with water. There plenty of elevation gain but I wouldn’t say any of it is too steep for too long. If your not a serious hiker, take your time, pace yourself with the slowest of the group and stop and rest. It’s worth the extra climb up to Catherine. It was my favorite of the 3. We had young kids in our group and we did the loop in 5 hours with probably an hour total of relaxing at Mary and Catherine, eating lunch and just hanging out. People had hammocks along the trail but I did see a group being told to take them down by a youngish girl, not quite sure who she was or what authority she had, or did I see anywhere stating rules against hanging them. Looked like a nice way to enjoy the peace of the mountains though.

Nice short trail, great for trail running!

Hike was great. It’s pretty short (I did not think it was steep as other reviews were) and my kids did great! Probably took 30-40 min with many stops for breaks to get up. Very pretty this time of year

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