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That smell....is it always there? Anyway about the hike. It was nice but nothing special. The trees offer some shade.

8 days ago

Good hike, a few hard spots, beautiful views.

I just saw a mountain lion. Luckily I was on higher ground and it did not see me. Should the parks and wildlife be called and notified?

awesome hike!

It was an awesome trail with amazing views. At some points there are numerous trails intersecting each other but the GPS feature on the app keeps you heading in the right direction.

This is one of my favorite trails yet! You get beautiful views of the mountains, the city, and the forest itself. The reservoirs are really nice and there are a couple of places that have bathrooms if needed. The trail is a bit longer than listed because part of it is blocked off so you have to take an extra loop. It was a total of 5.51 miles and an elevation gain of 1,095 feet!

Some nice views along the way but would be good to find a better turnaround point

Fun hike, good views, fairly easy.

Nice trail but dog are only allowed on half the loop so at the half way mark we had to turn around. There were signs everywhere saying dogs prohibited on the second half of the loop. It was a nice hike with great views. We got a little lost because some it is not marked well but we figured out where we were pretty quickly since I had the All Trails app open.

Really nice place to hike right in the springs. There are lots of trails running throughout the open space and many cool rock formations to explore. Seems like it could be a tourist attraction but without the tourists. Iv lived in Colorado Springs for over 15 years and had been to pulpit rock but I didn’t know how much open space was available right in the same area. Lots of plants and wildlife. A small pond with fish and turtles. I saw a rattle snake right next to a trail the first time I visited and have seen several small snakes as well as lizards. I heard what sounded like a pack of coyotes howling. Saw a white tail deer fawn run out from behind a bush as I walked past. There is a lot to see and explore here.

Beautiful at sunset

Really enjoyed this hike the views where absolutely stunning!

2 months ago

Decent hike with good views of interesting rocks. The trail is hard to follow in some spots and many other trails cross this one. Having this app to keep us on track was very helpful. This trail is in the middle of Colorado Springs, and traffic noise detracted from our enjoyment along the northeastern portion of the trail.

Beautiful tough hike, elevation gain is pretty significant over 1.5 miles. Beautiful views along the way of the Rocky Mountains and over the towns bordering the front range. Took about 3 hours RT

Beautiful trail with great views. The trail does run along private property lines and signs are posted throughout to stay on the trail. Great trail for mountain biking and hiking or those who don’t want to walk far to see gorgeous views.

This hike was worth while. Although there is not a look out, I still can appreciate the beauty of this trail. I carried my 30 pound toddler and would NOT do it again. It was very tough as this trail goes up and down, up and down. If you are thinking of hiking in this area, I would hike Mt. Herman Peak instead! Here you at least get a look out. It’s not as long, and it’s worth more the pain than this trail.

3 months ago

It’s an ok trail. The rock formations are very nice, but lose their charm over time. Path is very rocky and slippery at times. Ended up on the Edna Nature Trail which was confusing. The walk is also accompanied by the lovely smell of horse manure from the stable nearby. The closeness to the Springs is nice, but much prettier trails within distance imo.

trail running
3 months ago

such a great hike...gorgeuos views of the Springs...lots of variety in the trail

Not too hard of a hike! Beautiful views of Denver and mountains to the west! Highly recommend checking it out it was my first hike and we had a blast.

3 months ago

This is a reverse style trail. You drive up the mountain a bit to park at the trail head, then hike your way down and back up. (Not that great) You have to watch out for bikers.

4 months ago

Very nice hike, it is a little longer than stated, but lots to see and many places to sit, rest, and take in the views.

4 months ago

Nice walk through Austin Bluffs with a little elevation gain near Pulpit Rock. Nice views. There are places where the trail is not clear, but cell reception was good the whole way.

A bit confusing, but fun none the less. I took my dog running on this trail and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city and Pikes Peak halfway through.

This is close to our house and is rugged enough to be a good workout, but not brutal. Lots of very interesting rock formations. Can be very muddy in spots after snow or rain.

5 months ago

Love this whole area!

Decent hike while it was well-marked. It’s very easy to get off track toward the end, and you’re better off following one of the better marked trails. Some elevation here and there makes it a fun trail, though!

Dirt road to trailhead, went in a compact sedan and made it — slowly. There is a huge trail system here and this particular route was just okay. Yesterday there was a bit of snow on the trail but no extra traction devices were needed. Where the trail ends on the all trails map above is in the middle of a trail with no view or lookout to speak of. Luckily we met a nice gentleman who told us to continue straight take a right on the dirt road, then take the first trail off to the left and explore around the boulders on Chautauqua peak. The views were alright nothing out-of-this-world.

The trail cuts through a meadow/Gulch which I’m sure would be amazing in the summer with all the wildflowers. That is when I would recommend completing this trail. I likely would not return in the winter.

We really enjoyed this trail. Also glad we brought the 4 wheel drive vehicle for the road to the trail head. It’s a steady up or down trail, not much flat. Today there was still some ice and snow on the trail. We met only one other person on the trail.

If this is moderate, then I need to go back to easy. There was a lot of ascending and descending over rocks and tree trunks, and 300 foot descent and ascent overall. In a few parts, it was very difficult to tell where the trail was supposed to be. I cut off a big part of it and only did about 1.6 miles. It was lovely, though.

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