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I had a lovely afternoon hike with my dog. It is out of the city but is close enough for a spur of the moment hike. Trails are well marked and easy for a casual walk. Muddy spots.

Easy trail close to the city. Great views along the way.

A nice stroll through the woods.

Great hike, for all fitness levels. Did parts of this hike with 3 adults and 6 kids (ages 9-5). Path (exposed tree roots) a little slippery from a light rain, but didn’t make the hike difficult. We went to the lookout and then continued on but took one the paths back rather than the full loop. Geocache on hike. Would come back for sure!!

1 month ago

Alder Trail Loop and Banded Peak Trail: This hike surprised me as it is so close to a Bragg Creek and a local school. I was expecting an overrun trail with little or no real substance. Instead, this easy hike had lots to offer a family with young children including: educational trail signs, wildlife, a small pond with a dock, and lots of sitting areas. The entire hike, that included both portions took a couple of hours. That was taking our time to enjoy all that the trails had to offer.

They do not allow bikes. At all

1 month ago

Start of trail (2-3km) is basically a wide dirt road/trail. Would be good for biking. Once you break away from that, where the trail splits to go to Karst Springs, you are on a beautiful trail. The scenery is fantastic. This is a very enjoyable easy hike.

been year but great easy hike for sure well worth it

1 month ago

Easy trail. Took us 2 hours but we stopped at the end for half an hour and had some long photo stops plus watched the rock climbers. We took our shoes off and walked through the icy water to view the waterfall but it was so cold our feet hurt and it was not worth it. Better to climb up and look down at the waterfall.

On another smokey day this summer we looked for a shorter hike to do just to get out and do something! This is a nice shorter loop (took us 1hr 45min) that has a couple nice viewpoints and isn't overly difficult to hike. We went counter clockwise. The climb from the bottom is steady and has a couple steeper sections but the view from the top is worth it. Near the summit there is a sign post. Go right at the post for 100m or so and take in the view. You can complete the short, steep summit loop or just go back and continue down the Ford Knoll trail. There's a second viewpoint about 1km down on your right and then another you can see from the trail a little further down. Stay left at all junctions and you're soon back where you started. On the way down, near the bottom there are a couple creek crossing where the dog could cool down and get a drink.

Great Hike! Good for all ages, good signage.

1 month ago

A great trail for children. Flowers, raspberries, wildlife and surprises - everything you need to keep them entertained.

Beautiful non summit views with lots of shade and little elevation so perfect for toddler/baby carrying hike! the eagle viewpoint is a nice halfway/picnic place! Beautiful meadows/flowers!

This was a nice brisk traverse, not steep but long inclines as well but as above so below. Long steady declines. Beautiful hike even took my 2 year old with me though not cranky but wanted alot of shoulder rides up hill. Yup an extra 40#'s on my shoulders made for a great workout.

Oh although about 50 cars in the lot, we never seen anybody on the trails. So peaceful. Definitely recommend if you'd like a moderate - brisk peaceful walk in beauty.

Trails are well marked.

Beautiful hike, not too far from Calgary. if you go early, there is hardly anyone around (gets moderately busy mid day).

Gorgeous hike with a selection of trails to take, very nice view from the lookout point bi just with the signs on the trail we marked with “ you are here” dots.

love this trail. took a few hrs but it was very peaceful and dense with trees. good for a bit day as there is shade! good for families and kids as well

2 months ago

Wow!! Definitely bike the first part of the trail. Then it’s a short walk to the most amazing water feature in the Rockies. Easy walk for any age or group of people. Take time and enjoy it this summer.

2 months ago

Good and really easy hike, took us approx. 45 min there and back. We had dogs with us and they really loved the creek along the trail. If you’re looking for a quick one, put this one down on your list!

I went on August holiday. it was sunny day, but the trail has lots of shade. It is very nice and easy loop for beginner. we walked slowly around shorter route, and took 2 hours total.

This was one of my favourite hikes I’ve been on! I went with a group of friends and we all really enjoyed it! I’d do this hike every weekend if I could! 10/10 would recommend!!

This was a nice hike. Pretty close to Calgary, but feels worlds away. Trail is mostly good, easy to find. Slightly muddy and slippery in spots but totally manageable. A couple of really steep spots. Moderately trafficked.

Nice hike with a beautiful Lookoff. Well marked and maintained. Moderate traffic. Good hike if you haven’t been out in a while and want to see how you’ll do.

on Karst Spring Trail

2 months ago

It’s a quick one but with payoffs. Great hike to take someone who hasn’t hiked before and loves lakes and waterfalls.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This trail will be added to the list as one of our favourites. We biked(with a chariot) on a wide gravel pathway for about 7km’s, we reached a lake that was amazing and no words to describe how peaceful it was. We then left our bikes and hiked to karst springs and WOW!!! Its a hike in a forested area, along the springs, and easy to do with kids. Once you reach the top, there is water that “comes from a stone”. A must see!!! We will be returning often.

2 months ago

I did this hike many years ago and still remember how much I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to taking my kids on this trail someday soon.

Such a beautiful hike! Not too difficult which was perfect on such a hot day. Loved seeing all the butterflies and flowers. Looking forward to doing this one again in a few weeks!

It was a nice trail on a hot day. I think we went around the wrong way as we saw the viewpoint first and hat would have been a better conclusion than a prelude.

The foliage is very tall, a bit harder to manage for my 5 year old but the hike is easy.

Nice forest trail that is quite dense at times. Easy hike with a toddler in a pack with one prolonged incline. I quite enjoyed having a picnic at the lookout. Very nice trail.

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