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A quick hike close to Sweet Home. We went today (12-3-2018) and the trail is clear with the exception of one tree that looks to have been down for a while. It’s not hard to climb over but be aware that there is no way around it. The bridges were slippery but that happens when everything freezes! The falls were gorgeous and my kids love peeking behind the trees for fairy houses. There was a minimal amount of mud.

One the best hikes in Corvallis, good workout for a Sunday afternoon

This is a nice trail - the lower half has views to the north and has a steep drive up to the higher half if you go that way.

However, there has been a lot of logging on either side of the trail, especially on the lower half of the trail. In November 2018, there was still the strong smell of fresh cut Dougies, smoking brush piles, even logs that had not been pullled. Don’t expect a lot of old growth.

That said, it’s still a nice trail. This would be a great narrow road for trail running too. I saw no one. But I saw a lot of interesting boletes and lactarias. The views are gorgeous! Not another person in sight.

Definitely will do again.

When you start the trail you will have a quick choice. To the left, trail meanders up hill and around, to the right straight up the stairs. Serious stairs, so unless your in descent shape, go the other way and come down them.

very good place! The stairs were a lot for me but made it through

1 month ago

Pretty good hike and easy to get to, the incline is pretty steep but a good workout! Lots of people on bikes which is cool. Not very many view-points. I think people use it more as a walking/jogging loop regularly. There’s a nice little pond and it’s a fun place to hangout when it’s sunny. The trails are mostly gravel.

1 month ago

We (wife, dog, me) walked the first part of this trail late afternoon on a Friday in mid October. Spectacular views, good climb, and we encountered no other walkers. We'll definitely do it again and try some of the other trail options.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful hike. We took our time and took lots of photos, so it took us just over 3.5 hours to complete. Gorgeous views of Clear Lake. The water is uniquely green, blue and aqua depending on the sun and depth of the water. You won’t be disappointed.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! First time on this trail but will definitely go back. If you follow the trail around the perimeter of the lake it comes in right at 5 miles....took us about 2 hours. We did this hike today...gorgeous fall colors and spectacular weather. I’ve never seen water so clear before....and the submerged tree stumps still standing from the volcanic damming of the McKenzie river make looking into the water even more amazing. Definitely recommend hiking the trail counterclockwise otherwise you may miss the views of the 3 Sisters from the north end of the lake (if you go clockwise they will be to your back)....they will come into view shortly after you go past the northern most point of the lake on your return to the Clear Lake Resort parking area and trailhead. This is a very easy hike and one well worth the time!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike but didn't realize the number of stairs involved. Expected a few but those of us plus 70's with hip and knee issues had to take the stairs and stone steps slow and easy. The heighth of the stone stairs varied greatly. We also found that a few areas we're beginning to erode away, making some areas a little difficult. But with all that said, it was one of the best hikes we have ever taken.

Gorgeous fall colors of the leaves contrasting with the surreal blue of the ice cold lake water. Easy hike, almost flat, about 6 miles. It was a bit crowded even on a Friday early morning and parking can get challenging.

Amazing place

2 months ago

Beautiful hike at any season. This is a gorgeous and unusual lake. Just hiked this during Fall and it was beautiful lit up with color against the blue of the lake. Hike is longer than reported (about 7 mi/not 4.5). The trail seems a little different than when I hiked it 15y ago. Maybe it was rerouted. Watch out for bees.

What a beautiful part of the world. I'll be bringing the hiking club here soon. I do wish there were more clear view points but i guess that would mean losing some trees. I'll keep the trees.

Stunning hike on a Fall day. I'll be back to go kayaking next Summer.

Beautiful area, very short hike

great trail for kids and dogs

Pretty area. Easy hiking!

3 months ago

Camped across from the lake, hiked the trail around the lake. Took pictures and fished for a little. Was a great time, nice even workout. Saw plenty of people fishing, no one seemed to be catching. A nice lake all around. Reasonably easy trail, paved or packed the complete loop.

3.9 Miles is the trail length according to my phone. Took me about an hour and 20 minutes to complete. Good trail but if given the choice I’d do the section 36 loop trail any day over this loop trail

Great loop!

3 months ago

It would be perfect if it was like 2 miles shorter.

3 months ago

Love the waterfalls and a great short refreshing hike with the kids

awesome so many trails

This is one of my favorite sub-1 hour hikes in and around Lebanon. There can be a lot of people in the park on any given weekend, but most evenings it’s fairly low traffic. The upper trails are narrow and are feeling a bit overgrown but it’s still gorgeous.

I walk the loop counter clockwise from the bottom lot and get the stair climb out of the way early which makes the rest of the path a breeze.

Great hike.

one waterfall is very low, otherwise great

Lovely hike with my 2 grown kiddos and 2 dogs. The lake was small, but beautiful and peaceful. The dogs romped around in the water for a bit. I rated this hike only 3 stars because 90% of the loop was on a gravel road. We were under tree cover the entire hike and the trees were pretty along with birds chirping!

3 months ago

Went here with My Sunflower back in April.
Very nice hike and area. Got great photos of the falls.

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