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started on the Tennessee side today. the trek down is marked really well until you reach Alabama. be aware that the trail markers change.

2 days ago

Trail was pretty easy to follow and there are plenty of waterfalls to look at along the way. On the hike in, we went up to Martha’s Pretty Point from the junction just past the cable crossing (solid uphill but nice view and campground). We stayed for about 15 minutes and then left and went back down to the main trail. Finished the trail and at the Falls loop junction (past Big Laurel Falls) we continued straight (lower trail) and down the rocky ridge. Rocky is 100% correct. It’s a rough downhill but nothing terrible. At the “T” we continued to the right and on to Virgin Falls (to the left is Caney Fork River). Great waterfall and a nice camp area. We took the spur trail to the top of the Falls. Very short trip and an easy place to get water if you’re staying here overnight.
There is a junction here to continue on to Lost Creek Trail but we didn’t go that way. We stayed the night and then continued the loop (upper trail), past Sheep Cave, and then back to the main Virgin Falls trail. If you’re not planning to do the entire Falls loop....take the UPPER trail on the way in and out. It’s less rocky, more flat, and generally easier.

The trail itself could use more trail markers past Big Laurel Falls but if you take a little time you can find the trail if you look ahead.
Wood had been pretty well picked through if you’re trying to build a campfire but go a little further out from your camp and you’re sure to find something that has fallen.

Overall a good hike and one I would do again.

Lots of waterfalls in a short hike. Easy in harder out. Like a fellow said we met on the trail “it’s all downhill till you turn around”! He was pretty much on the mark. Slippery rocks and leaves in winter but spring and fall would be awesome!

Decent when we went. Trail can get muddy and flood during heavy rains in the fall with all the leaves.

3 days ago

Went their dec 5 was a good hammock day to be in the trees with a beautiful view.

One of my favorite trails in Arkansas. We started at Cripple Turkey on December 1st and ended at Allison on December 2. A lot of waterfalls and bluff outcroppings. I would definitely do this one again. The scenery was amazing.

This trail is great. It has beautiful overlooks and cool natural features. It isn’t very hard either.
Also near the beginning of this trail, there is a short trail that leads to a waterfall. This trail is kind of hard but worth it.

7 days ago

Absolutely incredible. I live in Nashville, and this trail tops my list for hikes that are within reasonable driving distance. Spectacular scenery with every step.

We had a great time. Didn’t know about the caves until after, guess we will look for them next time. But it’s a fun trail to hike!

Drought was the best

Awesome hike! Very challenging, but the payoff is fantastic.

Beautiful hike and wonderful waterfalls

Nice less traveled trail with a lot of elevation changes which at times are very steep. I suggest Spring winter or fall as it gets a bit overgrown in the summer, although if warm enough there is a great place to swim in Center Hill lake about 3.5 miles in as you turn to start back. Just make your way down to the rocks on the lake 15 yards from the trail. Also nice half way point to have lunch.
Wildflowers are beautiful in the Spring.
This is not a beginner trail run or hike. Runs more like 10 miles but is a blast to run.

This is a nice hike but note than you go downhill to start with so on the way back it’s uphill. I didn’t think it was bad but just be aware. With last nights storm everything was wet and muddy but that also meant the water was flowing. There is limited parking. There was only a few other people out on the trail today so no crowds to deal with.

10 days ago

What a great place. Parking was clean the picnic area too. The trails were moderate the caves were big and the bridge was a beautiful sight.

The campground here an parking was a very clean an nice place. The hike to the falls was easy as soon as you figured out where to begin. They are doing some logging above the trails an the flagging is for them. Park an walk towards camping spot 14 and you will be at the beginning of the trail.

We camped here and walked to the falls the next morning. We were close enough to hear the water flowing all night. It was very clean and a nice place to go.

11 days ago

Gorgeous falls!

Cool waterfall and small canyon at the end. The first part of the trail isn't too exciting, but the fall colors are pretty. Took us 3.5 hours including 20-30 min at the falls

great little hike, various trails to choose from, check out Busby falls while you are there.

Beautiful vistas and great trails.

nice hike to a beautiful little falls in what's almost an amphitheater

Really good easy/moderate trail with large rock formations, a beautiful view of the river and lots of small paths to explore. Will definitely be back. My husband, four year old and I did 2.5 miles exploring it today. Parts of the trail were muddy but overall it was in great shape.

Super easy hike, with great views of nature. Don’t go in the summer without insect repellent. A friend and I call is the ‘skeeter trail because of the swarms of mosquitoes!

Fun hike but out and back was closer to 8.5 miles, not 6.6....Very muddy towards the end. Cemetery is creepy too.

Really enjoyed this trip - hard to decide how to rate on difficulty though - easy roads most of it, but there are the creeks (I fell 3 times!) and it was really slippery getting to Big Creek Cave Falls...all of us there at the time (4) slipped down the hill a little. It's worth getting close, but be extra careful.

Loved it! Easy hike. Kids had a great time!

One of my favorites especially in the fall when the leaves turn. The lake views are a bonus!

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