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Great hike and definitely doable and safe for children. I did see the same pit bull the lady below complained about today. It was super friendly and gentle. Unlike her I didn’t see a single pile of poop so not sure if she was looking in the trash or what lol.

Extremely unsafe trail to bring younger children due to lack of enforcement of off leash dog rules. There are literally hundreds of piles of dog excrement within a few short miles.
I can no longer bring my nephew here after we were rushed by an off leash pit bull. Of course the owner thought it was funny. Dog owners in Boulder County are the most entitled and ignorant bunch of people you will ever encounter.

The trail is slightly elevated that gives good hiking experience but not harsh. We were there at the time of sunset. The sky at the backdrop of hills was beautiful and the view looked amazing.

Trail is super challenging, but interesting and engaging to run the whole way through.

Hiked this trail on 12/30, west side up and east side down. The west side is steep but beautiful, with no ice, and the east side was also scenic with only a couple patches of ice. A great afternoon hike!

Went up from the east to west side - wouldn’t do that again! Decided to do this to get the “ice” out of the way.. yes there was some black ice, but just be aware of the ground when on the top part of the east side. The west side has stairs and I prefer going up stairs than down. This hike was about two hours to go up, enjoy the view, and return to the car with my dog. This hike has a steady incline! Be ready!

Great workout, nice views, and not far from Denver. Would happily do this hike again anytime I’m looking for something short.

Fantastic, well maintained trail. Slightly icy near the top but no problem with hiking boots

Definitely some slick spots especially on Gregory Canyon. Muscled through without micro spikes but there was some careful foot placement going on.

Got this one completed while hiking at Bear Peak Trail and Mesa Trail.

Nice climb with nice views

Hiked this today on 12/20. I wouldn’t say this should be rated a “hard” hike; more like “moderate”. We started off on the West ridge route up to Sanitas and then came down the East ridge route. You start the ground running on a great incline most of the way, and then it lets up a bit. No snow or ice whatsoever on the West ridge, nor at the summit, but there was black ice on the East ridge route when we descended that way. So if you are wary of ice, then take the West ridge back down after summitting. But we managed fine in hiking boots. The hike in general is a good one. Great workout for sure.

Good trail for an afternoon hike nice and close to town. We did it when in town for Thanksgiving and it was a nice day. The view from the top is ok. You can see some snowy peaks if you look west from the top. The hike up is pretty steep; it's a good workout trail. In November, it was pretty icy on the way down to the valley where some parts were on a north-facing slant.

Hiked 12/2/18 - Gregory Canyon TH indicates you need to pay $5 cash to park so come with cash. Chautauqua parking is free this time of year so it's strange they require payment at Gregory Canyon.. It's possible they don't require payment but there's no sign letting you know either way. Anyway, the canyon is mostly dry but there's several small stretches that are solid ice. I just used my microspikes the whole time so I could hike fast the whole time with no worries. I used the Range View trail and hiked up to the true summit from the northwest. Came down from the summit onto the Ute trail. Nice quick hike for a morning workout. Took less than two hours RT which includes about 20 minutes exploring on the summit.

Difficult & steep trail run, but well worth the efforts

Climbed 11/10/18 - Sanitas generally stays drier and more snow free compared to nearby mountains like Green or Bear which makes this a great mountain for a workout hike or trail run. Quick and easy. Always seems to be more crowed than Green or Bear. Views from the summit are only of Boulder and you cannot see anything west:(. Additionally the summit block is small and crowded which was an annoyance both times I climbed it. So this is a great workout mountain and is fairly fun but the views and solitude are lacking compared to neighboring mountains..

Going counter clockwise on the trail was a bit difficult, the trail was tricky at times. Unfortunately I went on a cloudy day but if you are looking for a trail to get a sweat going this is a great one.

Did this trail when first visiting the area..definitely was a little challenging on the way up! Was a great workout and the view at the top is awesome.

This was a great workout. The views are amazing. There is lots of stairs and boulders to go over. A bit missing and icy on the back loop going down.

1 month ago

snowy and beautiful hike! glad we had micro spikes on our shoes. lots of times you're in the sun, but a lot of woods as well. we hiked it clockwise and we're happy with all the views, especially towards the end. I'd categorize this as an easier-moderate hike.

Nice views and good elevation change, great mix of snow, slush, ice, mud and dirt.. definitely kept us on our toes!

Really great views of Boulder. Definitely an asskicker at times, though not always. Trail was in good condition, with lots of people taking advantage of perfect hiking conditions.

The definitive Boulder workout. One of the first to try if you are only here for a short while!

Lots of snow this morning! Make sure you are prepared if hiking in the snow. About half the trail I was second person then almost all of Flagstaff on the way back down was breaking trailhead. Snow ranged from 2-3" to about 8"-10" deep at points. Waterproof boots are a must. I did wear spikes but didn't really need them for the most part. Not a ton of views due to currently snowfall. But there were several spots where it was still very pretty despite minimal views. I would def do this trail again when it isn't snowing. Worth the hike for sure.

Great trail and beautiful views.

Amazing fog this am with snow flakes. Trails dry with friendly people and amazing views. Happy Thursday m8y's Oiiiii

Lots of steps up (45 min) but worth the reward. Easy hike down.

Great views of Boulder. Decently trafficked by people and easy to find the trail. Around the peak it does get pretty rocky so good shoes and sure footing is highly recommended. Haven’t hiked in awhile and did the loop in a 1 1/2 hours with a longer break at the top.

Gorgeous trail. Strongly disagree with the "hard" rating-- it's difficult for a relatively short period of time, so I think it's more in the moderate category. It was actually rated moderate on alltrails until about a month or two ago.. not sure why it was changed.

This trail is short, energizing and has better views than some of the even harder trails in Boulder.

2 months ago

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