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Beautiful Scenery half way in....awesome Incline workout too! Loved it ....bathrooms on site!

Crossed paths with two coyotes.

Great trail to walk large, active dogs on leash.

10 days ago

Nice faitly easy trail for a quick morning walk, very clean, missed the flag on today’s hike but can’t wait to see the new one installed on 11/10.

I feel like the last quarter of this loop was the only part worth seeing. The last quarter for me was where you see the city skyline and the back of dreamy draw along the freeway. The rest of it was incredibly boring and hard to follow in terms of whoever designed this loop on AllTrails. There were more interesting divergences from this path I would have rather taken, but because I was using my GPS to mark the trail, I tried to conserve battery as much as possible.

I've been on quite a few trails, and in my opinion, there was nothing "easy" about this one. Most of it was uphill, which is fine, but it was super rocky. If you are a beginner, I would not recommend this trail. The views were great, as most trails are, but it was poorly marked. Even with my GPS out some of the way, we managed to get off the path twice. It was probably the worst trail I've been on.

I felt that this was a confusing guide as the loop indicated on this app was hard to find when we got to the trailhead. There are many different options of ways to wander around at this park and I’d go again, but I’d need to do more research outside of this guide.

1 month ago

In looking over this map, I'm now realizing I only did half of this trail apparently. Well, that's good and well, as I'll definitely be back in the future. The half I did was up and down in about 45 minutes, where I shortcut the bridge to Cholla Loop. I'm silly and didn't realize there was another entry to the summit and just came down the way I went up. The views from Arrowhead's summit are really something and I was glad to kick off the hiking season with this one. In terms of difficulty, I'd say it's an easy-moderate. It's not particularly steep, in my opinion.

I think this is not an easy trail but moderate. maybe its easy if you are an avid hiker. the trail was very rocky and mostly steep; I did the loop clockwise. my device measured 5.3miles and took me 2 hours to complete the loop. 5 min before I arrived I asked myself why I drove 40mins for a trail thats has no shade, but then I started to see so many air balloons on the sky. They were lots bigger seeing by eyes. they were there early in the morning till around 7am. I also saw a big rattle snake was rattling and camouflage on the ground but he was climbing up on the mountain not on the trail. Overall this trail does not worth the drive but worth for one time experience.

Short and not too difficult

Decided to hike this trail for the first time on Labor Day. Unfortunately, got a late start and it was HOT. There is no shade to speak off - only the partial shade of a few Palo Verde trees along the way. I would recommend this trail if you want something close to the Phoenix metro area where you would get a decent workout. However, the views are nothing special and not much variety in plant life...mostly cholla, saguaro, and Palo Verde trees, with an occasional cactus barrel and ocatillo.

Nice parking lot and bathrooms! Also have dog bags ready if you forgot. We brought our golden retriever on a fairly hot day. Didn’t hike too much due to the heat but it was a very easy trail to follow!

Loved it Especially the American flag when you get to the top

it definately has opportunity to try different trails. it does spider off and connect to other trails randomly. the trail makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert but you know that the freeway is close by. I have run into a snake before, no big deal. the wild life is very scarce. great starting area!

I do this quick hike when im pressed for time. I took my 9 month old son with me a few times in his hike pack...perfect short hike. Only downfall is close to road.

Always a good time love this trail love the whole area people are friendly and amazing

3 months ago

Accurately rated. Very accessible. Nice view overlooking Glendale from the summit. Added a black throated sparrow to my bird list.

My favorite trail easy to get to in middle of the city.
Wide, clean, and easy trails great for children and dogs. Clean restrooms with limited parking.

Set out this morning to do the desert tortoise loop, accidentally took the turn up the hill. Not even mad! This trail is gorgeous, with beautiful vista views. Even with the clouds I got a great view of the sunrise over the mountains. Saw 3 other people the entire time, and it was on our way down the loop. Watch out for cholla cactus on the trail, there are definitely *a lot* of them, and if you're hiking with your dog like I was, you're not going to want any of them in their pads. Easy enough to avoid though.

First time there yesterday. Great hike for rehabilitating my knee. Good workout and great views. It’s going to be a regular for me.

4 months ago

Could not find the actual trail. Was able to follow the route map for a bit but got to a point where things looked like a scramble. There's a lot of runoff from recent storms so maybe that's what threw me. And to top it off, somehow came out a different entrance which had me nowhere near my car.

Interesting feel to this one. You know you’re 10 minutes out of the city yet feel like you’re in the middle of no where.

For the more experienced this is great for a late afternoon or early morning hike to beat that mid day sun.

Still a great hike for those less experienced hikers. Be sure to bring lots of water and allow ample daylight to finish.

This is a top 5 hike for me right now. Great views, good mix of incline and flat. Not too crowded, well maintained site with bathrooms at the trailhead. Good hike for 1.5 - 2 hours.

nice scenery..alot of soft rock and loose rocks hiking up small mountains..another thats more for biking. buta nice day outing for sure..very easy a walk in the park

Fun stair-like climb, slow ascend but a lot of rocks to step up.

6 months ago

Easy casual hike on fairly flat landscape.

Uphill hike as you would imagine! Short and sweet! Great views! Dog friendly! Nice park in front of mountain with walking path as well!

Love the flag at the top! Very motivational...

Great hike! Good trail for bringing your dog. I would say this is a moderate trail, not easy. Great to see the owl’s nest at the beginning and the old crashed SUV at the end. Awesome hike

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