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Consider also going around the backside via terrace canyon! Amazing views and really interesting rock formations.

it's a hard one for sure it's all uphill on loose rocks but the view is worth the hike and coming back down u would think it's easy going down hill but it's not have to be slow and careful because of all the rocks hiking sticks are very helpful in this hike good workout for sure

4 days ago

The main arch is collapsed, that sucks, but there’s still plenty of neat rock formations and smaller arches to see! Prepare to walk through a sandy wash the whole time, this will take a serious toll on your calves! Super easy trail that kids, the elderly, and animals can go on with ease. Began hiking around 7:30am Saturday morning and didn’t see another person until we were on our way out around 10am.

no shade
off trail
6 days ago

As a 250lb man, this was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. The hike took 5 hours round trip with about 30 minutes at the summit. We reached the summit at night; The view was good, but not worth the effort. The extremely steep incline makes coming down very hard on your body such as your joints, feet, and legs.

12 days ago

I did this hike when it was almost entirely fogged out. Made for a cool sleepy hollow effect. Missed out on the city views but still enjoyed the hike very much. Hardest part was definitely coming down (when hiking clockwise). Trail is not super visible up top and especially with the fog I made sure to check my trail GPS to make sure I didn’t hike right off the edge. Can’t wait to go back and do this hike in clearer weather to compare.

Some areas are challenging to navigate, tight passages that require minimal rock climbing. There are areas to get off the trail and climb some. Great hike.

Wasnt too bad.. the trail didn't have a name on the sign at the beginning, I did get lost a couple times because it forks and there's Rock Trails and dirt trails. But it was nice

18 days ago

Steep hike, worth it 100%, the view is amazing. One of my favorites.

One of my favorite hikes.

Nice easy hike although rocky at the beginning. Nice scenery.

12-31-18 - I left the trail head 2 1/2 hrs before sunrise and nailed it. Too bad the sunrise didn't cooperate. Good hike but the way down was rough on my knees. Caught a few snow flurries at the summit, signed the book, took some pics and bailed. It was cold. Took my dog and he was fine just watch out for cactus.

One of the best hikes around, highly recommended. Check out my full guide, videos, etc. on HikingGuy dot com

Relatively relaxing hike. Could be used as running trail, maybe besides arroyo on the beginning. Lots of birds on my way!

Underrated hike! sunrise or sunset it the best! Just be sure to bring lights and food and water, and depending on weather warm clothing. I made a video on my recent expedition you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6i0Fxz7-rI

Great hike with some challenging climbs.

1 month ago

Don’t quit! Great views from the cabin.

Tougher than I expected for a short 4 mile hike. Kudos to Jenna being able to run it downhill, it was way too loose for my liking, I was sliding all over the place. Great view of the city once you get to the top.

Very unique and sometimes challenging hike with a cool reward!

trail running
1 month ago

Amazing views and fabulous landscape ! The trail is not hard, you can enjoy the nature and take some pictures. Very quiet.

My girlfriend and I hiked this with my mom (who is 73) at the end of November. We started at about 1 pm and finished the loop at 5 pm. There was only one trail marker the entire time and that was at the start of the mountain bike trail, three hours into the hike. We even asked the workers at the horse corral if we were on the right track as there was absolutely no markings. They didn't have a clue.
When you start make sure you go straight up the road past the corral and then good luck from there. The views were spectacular and we were pretty much the only hikers in the middle of a Saturday on the trail so I definitely recommend it.

Great trail! For an experienced trail runner, this is fun, and not super-strenuous. I did it in 2 hours as a power hike, without actually running. However, most of it was runnable downhill. I would definitely do this one again.

This is a hard hike but the views of the city and the surrounding areas is completely worth it. Lots of water, sun protection, snacks and good shoes. It’s steep! Poles wouldn’t be a bad idea if you have them. We didn’t and just took it slow.

on Natural Arch

2 months ago

This walk is tougher than you think as you simply walk along the riverbed the whole time so walking in sand. Only saw 1 natural bridge as did not go all the way as after 2 hours one way we were tired. Also the main arch has collapsed. Limited parking at trailhead only enough for 4/5 cars on side of road area.

Amazing trail. Saw/stalked by mtn lion about 2 miles from bottom at dark

2 months ago

The worst hike(walk) I’ve done so far.. walking on super soft sand pretty much the whole way.. great views but after a while it all looked the same and got boring.. got to the end and no natural bridge standing,, so was pointless to go there!! I would give a -5 starts if could!!

Saw a coyote and a large flock of quail! Pretty hike.

Best workout!!

2 months ago

Nice easy walk with dog. Not much elevation gain. Be careful of twisting an ankle, lots of rocks going up.

loved the view

Amazing hike! Beautiful view, very peaceful. I went early in the morning and nobody was there, and when I was coming down I only saw three people (on a tuesday). Definitely a tough incline that wasn’t expected but it made it better once you get to the top! :)

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