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It was my first time hiking in Colorado, great place to start. Really fun and enjoyed the beautiful views. Was a bit hard for the first time but I bet if you are used to hiking it would be a pleasant hike.

The hike is okay. The 'castle' ruins are really neat!

Get run to build your mountain legs
Watch the poison ivy at the start of the canyon
Got sprayed by a skunk on the approach this morning

Nice trail with a variety of terrain. This trail may be considered hard for those who do not hike frequently... some narrow, rocky areas with over 1000 ft of elevation change. The river was a nice spot to stop for a rest half way through the hike.

Great hike. A little crowded on weekends but worth it.

2 days ago

Nice, short trail for a quick nature getaway. It is quite steep if you enter from Settler’s Park, much more than expected. There are beautiful views of Boulder at the top. Bring lots of water and sunscreen as there’s not much shade.

A nice workout with a strong hill qt the end. - beautiful - the river was great for my dog too :)

Great scenic trail. Seems crowded on weekends.

Challenging in some areas for novice hikers but overall a great place to hike!

Great hike!

Gorgeous trail; good variety of strong incline, walking through forest, and climbing over some cool rock runs.

A couple clarifications - this one seems to be a loop as opposed to another one on the list that’s just an out an back (confused me for a little bit as I was researching). Second the trails closed 8-4:30 Monday - Thursday but climbers are allowed to climb up the First and then take the trail down. Looked beautiful but unfortunately misread the climbing exception.

good one with kids

10 days ago

Easy hike with the dog (I have a pug and he did fine). A little more scrambling up rocks than expected but not hard at all. Perfect for something quick with the dog! This park fills up fast so go early if you want a spot. I arrived at 10am on a Sunday, the lot was already half full. I might consider going earlier next time. Not a lot of shade, so bring sunscreen and water!

Definitely a solid hike. The trail itself seemed a bit less scenic than the trail to Royal Arch but the view at the end is much more stunning. You get a clear view of the Rockies from the top of the first flatiron and it makes the trek up worth it. For most people trying to enjoy themselves and appreciate the surrounds give it anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. But if you've got something to prove I'm sure you could do it faster.

Excellent summer hike. I don't know why this is rated as "hard". The trail is clearly marked, there's like one spot where you have to scale (or descend, depending on which way you go) a rock, and it's nothing even remotely dangerous or technical. I did this back in January and it was much more difficult due to ice and snow. Still a nice hike through the forest, saw a decent amount of people, most of whom were worried they lost the trail. Dogs should be just fine on this trail. Do your research before you hike, people!

historic ruins, nice hike, good views. give it a go.

This was a quick 45 minute hike up for someone that is athletic. I really enjoyed it, but it was a little too short for me.

great views throughout, tough with some tricky rock spots, have good shoes/boots

decent mixed terrain, good if you're just looking for a place to get a workout. we didn't find this trail exceptionally challenging or attractive in the way of views, but had a pleasant stroll here. would have given 4 stars if there wasn't a good section of it by the road or if the views were more significant. enjoyable space down in the ravine though.

I love this hike. The first time I did it I was surprised by how difficult it was, as the last mile is relatively steep uphill, but it’s worth it for the beautiful river, wildflowers and abundant shade. I would not recommend bringing dogs on this hike as there are some rocky areas that are very difficult for them to climb over. If you go on a weekday it’s not very crowded and the trail is well marked. Highly recommend.

This was a tough but worthwhile trail. The most taxing part was the first part up to the tree line/base of the mountain. There are a few tricky places to get up so make sure you have good shoes. The view from the top of the first flatiron is gorgeous though and makes it worth the trek! We went after work around 5pm and it was not very crowded and parking was free.

Absolutely beautiful views at the top make this difficult hike worth it. The trail is rocky terrain the whole way to the top (so wear good shoes or be cautious of where you place your feet) and some areas require a short scramble up rock faces (thankfully, with divots for your feet). I’d recommend that each person on the hike take a full water bottle and a snack, as my group (not acclimated to the elevation and generally unfit) took about 5 hours with a 1 hour at the top to take in the views and a well-deserved break. If you have poor knees, wear a brace as the steep decline is rough on knees.

Glad they changed this from moderate because his was the hardest hike we have done in awhile! While it is beautiful there are parts that made me nervous about my dog with climbing rocks and such. It is super beautiful though I want to return once I get myself in better shape!

Stunning views up top. This trail broke my knees on the way down. Those steps are a killer.

Great hike that was not as busy, even on the weekend. Had great shade and a good mix of wildflowers, forest, canyons, streams. I would highly recommend going counterclockwise. More of a gradual incline at the end as opposed to a more steep climb if you go clockwise.

Easy hike with the doggo.

I read some reviews before hiking and saw that some had rated this as "moderate".... I'd say the first half of the hike is moderate and then there is some scrambling that I was not expecting that definitely made it more difficult. That being said this was only my 3rd Colorado hike, so it is still doable and has some great views on both sides!

20 days ago

Beautiful views. Good to know, Belcher Hill Trail is not a 3.9 mile loop. If you want to hike the 3.9 mile loop, Belcher Hill Trail will intersect with Mustang Trail. Take Mustang Trail and it will loop back around. If you stay on Belcher Trail, you will be hiking over 11 miles.

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