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2 days ago

Pretty winter hike. Trees and shrubs at higher elevations were dusted with ice crystals. As others have said, the trail is quite steep and rocky for a little over two miles. After the turn to the Pinnacle the trail gets much easier and your legs get a nice break. Great views at the Pinnacle - be sure to follow the small trail through the underbrush to reach the Pinnacle at the very end. I had a Raven circling right over my head at the top, calling. The steep downhill on the way back takes a toll on your legs. I’d recommend extending trekking poles on the way back. If you’re finishing in the dark, like I did, be sure and take a headlamp. The rocks on the trail look like they’d make great ankle-turners.

2 days ago

This was a tough trail due to the incline going up. Lots of nice openings where you catch a glimpse of small town Sylva. Once you get to the “top” where you break off and go toward the pinnacle (1.4miles I believe) it’s cake. Every drop of sweat was worth it when you walk out of the clearing for the view. It was amazing. Brought my jet boil and had some lunch and tea and made my way down. It was cold (35) but that was nice while hiking up. Definitely doing it again in the spring!

Closed due to government shutdown...

5 days ago

An amazing, brutal, rewarding 3 day trek. Me and 5 other dudes did this as our first real backpacking trip, heck, might as well do one of the hardest local trips to set the bar high. We started at Wolf pit, starting up the switchbacks then to the top where the evidence of last years forest fire was seen. We made it to Table rock and camped that night. Didn’t pass any good sources of water the first day, make sure you have enough to last until you start the next day. Leaving table rock, continuing north, we went came to a beautiful river crossing, had to rock hop.. 3/5 guys made the crossing without getting wet, the other two ended up waist deep in the river.
We did the long stretch along the river, got dark and rainy but had to keep going.
The last day was pretty good. Had to cross the river after hiking all morning. It was about knee deep but about 100ish yard across in someplaces. Honestly, I didn’t even use a physical map, I used this app the whole time. Probably wasn’t the smartest thing but it was basically 100% accurate the whole time.

Beautiful hike, even with sleet. 4.9 miles on the loop.

I did this trail for the second time yesterday and it was great. The trail is easily marked, not crowded, and beautiful the whole way.

Great hike with a scenic reward!!!

Spectacular views with just enough challenging sections! Great for either a day hike or an overnighter.

Wow! Awesome hike to a sprawling bald. Low effort, high yield. Just be prepared for hoards of people at the top on a nice day. Fortunately there are off-shoots and other trails in the vicinity you can explore to get away from the crowds. Definitely would do again, and would plan a camping trip to see sunrise from there.

13 days ago

I attempted this hike in mid-summer but turned back because it was so overgrown that I did not enjoy it. I couldn't even see my feet, and I'm sure my medium sized dog didn't enjoy it, either. I will try again in winter. It is nicely maintained until you leave the state park property.

This trail is great in the winter. A lot of the overgrowth described on other guides and reviews is simply not present (however you still will be plowing through stems, thorns, and evergreens), making the views great throughout most of the trail. The Rock Jock section is definitely the most overgrown, although not the most strenuous (until the final 1/2 mile climb back up to the road). Several rocks to scramble up and get a great view, lots of bouldering, lots of stream crossings in the winter.

A note on intersections: they will all be obvious (i.e. sign is basically right in the middle of the trail) except the Linville Gorge Trail to Conley Cove Trail intersection. This is described as at the second of two campsite areas, however we passed about four campsite areas before coming across it. Keep heading north as long as the trail sticks close to the river. The sign is backed up right against the river, so you should see it, however the trail tends to widen/disappear at the campsites so it doesn't force you to run into it.

This place is one of my absolute favorite! I did an overnight backpacking trip here and the view was beyond breathtaking. My now fiancé also proposed here at sunset and it was so dreamy! The hike isn’t bad and only took 15 minutes to get to the top. I would recommend wearing boots as it can be a little muddy.

Went on a hike with a friend in first week of January and had a great time! We did not hike the whole thing due to slower pace and the time we had. We made it to the waterfall then turned back, so didn’t make it to Walker’s Knob or the summit. We left a little before 1:30pm and got back maybe around 5:47pm.
It was not as cold as you would expect, but definitely muddy from all the rain these past days. We were wearing the right shoes, but in some places it would be easy to get your feet wet. There are 3 beautiful water crossings in order to get to the other side of parts of the trail. Definitely a moderate hike because of creek crossings and incline in the first part of the trail, but it evens out in the second half. Before reaching the waterfall there is a beautiful lookout called Walden’s Rock.
The waterfall was cute and maybe medium sized. Not huge though.
We hiked a total of maybe 6.5-7 miles. Out and back.
We felt safe and passed a solo female hiker with her dog, a couple, a solo male hiker, and a group of college aged students hiking.
Overall very nice experience!

15 days ago

beautiful hike, a little muddy from the rain but not difficult. hiked with my 9 year old.

16 days ago

well marked, travelled it my a 9 year old

17 days ago

Great moderate hike with lots of running water, beautiful lake views.

Gorgeous views

19 days ago

This trail has become my favorite hike in all of Asheville. The first half is along a strong creek, adding a lovely sound of running water as background noise. I highly recommend making it to the Walker's Knob Shelter and taking the lookout trail from there...it was incredible!
This trail was a bit strenuous but well worth the effort. I'll be back for this trail, and to explore the trails leading off it.

19 days ago

Beautiful warm December day! The trail was very muddy with a few trees over the trail. Not for newbies-which we had a couple with us-but they did enjoy the hike. Waterproof shoes essential and plan to get dirty!

Very amazing trail enjoyed every thing about it not
To hard to get to the top

Very much enjoyed the hike.

December 27th hike around 12:00 noon.
We parked on the road not knowing about the upper parking lot and went in around the AT, I think.
Went up to the summit first, back down and then around the backside of the trail to the main parking lot.
We then walked back to our car down the road about 200 yards or more.

there was a bunch of snow and some ice, as well as crazy wind at the summit.
We loved this trail and can't wait to see it in the spring or summer.

22 days ago

Loved it. Went on a muddy, sunny day after two days of run. The steady, moderately steep uphill tired me out a little. The view from the top John Rock was well worth the hike, make sure you don't bypass it on accident.

24 days ago

Great Hike to do especially if you just did Looking Glass Rock, gives you a different perspective of where you just were, plus theres a little bit of history regarding on how the look out point got its name. The look out was beautiful and gives you a panoramic view of the city below. Did it on a weekday in December and the trail was mostly quiet, way quieter than Looking Glass which I did a few hours before this one. This trail was very muddy though and there was quite a few trees down that require you to bushwhack some.

24 days ago

Posted distances vary. From the Montreat trailhead to Walkers Knob we recorded 5.25 miles on my son's Fitbit. Total round trip 10.5 miles. The description , though, was accurate. Initial ascend is moderate to strenuous. Then, is traverses upward at a moderate but enjoyable climb. Our hike was on the aggressive side, 4.5 hours up and back. View from Walker's Knob were enjoyable.

25 days ago

The trail map and this app says the trail one way up the west fork to the top is 3.5 miles. My gps logged that it is almost 5 miles to the top. We had a hard time ascending to the top partially due to half way up past the first camp site the whole trail was covered in snow and ice. Yea it is extremely steep climb but you have to realize you’re hiking up a mountain. The view from the top was great and the hike down wasn’t that bad except for sliding on the ice. Shoe spikes and trek poles are definitely a must have if the trail is covered in snow. Trek poles are useful on the descent with all of the loose rocks. All in all we had a wonderful time and it was a great painful hike.

The taller mountains were snowed in, so this was a great alternative! Lower elevation had great winter weather, and the views were still exactly what I was hoping for when we were planning this trip.

this was a fun hike. I would recommend this trail

A great day tour of the Linville Gorge! Physically demanding with beautiful views throughout the hike! Save up some steam for Pinchin! It’s aggressive! Highly suggest this one for people up for the challenge!

1 month ago

This is a great hike! I went back today and there was a sign that said it was closed due to fallen trees. Hopefully they clear the path soon! :)

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