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12.5.18. Well marked trail — follow the blue blazes. Steep climb begins at the half mile point for about a mile. You can rest at a lean-to near where the Hopper trail begins. Beautiful hike through hemlock forest with the eponymous brook roaring away for the first half mile. It’s December, so quite a bit of snow and ice on the path and it became a skating rink at about a mile in requiring some off-piste walking. Definitely prepare for this trip — good boots, water, walking stick etc. It says it’s hard and, in places, it is.

Lots of traffic for the first mile or so, but no footprints after that. There was a fair amount of drifting from the snow earlier in the week, with areas of the trail up to my knees-- would be good for snowshoeing!

It was raining pretty bad, but it was a great easy hike.

It was alright. Fire road up hill to a small lookout. Then back down. It’s probably cooler if you keep going past the lookout and meet up with other trails. Didn’t get a chance to as it was getting dark. On the plus side, driving back down Rootville Rd after we were done, we looked to the left as we were going over the bridge that crosses the stream before you get back down to the intersection, we saw what was a wolf/coywolf/something bigger than a coyote eating a deer carcass in the edge of the creek. So that was pretty sweet.

Very wet trail...falls were very nice and worth the trip. Do the Ross Brook Trail and will make the loop trail worth it...Ross Brook follows the brook and us s nice moderate hike. Falls is what makes this trip.

Only went up a mile because the trail was so wet, but wasn’t hard. Great views!

Great trail. Park near water tower and go along well maintained road. Stop at stream. Go to Prospect Rock.
You can extend hike by going on well marked AT or Long Trail.
On way back find a road on left and follow about 100 yards to incredible overlook of Lye Brook and Manchester.
Today was perfect color in October. Life is good.

Took Roaring Brook to Hopper to the AT to get to the summit. Beautiful hike with amazing scenery! Took about 5 hours including a 20 min break for food at the top. Would definitely recommend

Very muddy hike but worth it in the end.

2 months ago

Pretty simple trail, steady incline nearly all the way up to the summit/lookout on consistent footing. Flattens out about an eighth of a mile before the summit, and if you’re looking for the sign it isn’t too hard to see (there’s also a second sign lower down on the same tree that says “LOOK UP ⬆️⬆️” but not sure how long that’s been there). Went on an overcast day of the first weekend of October, kind of bummed that the cloud cover limited the view but still got some nice pictures.

This a great hike! It’s fairly easy, but still interesting. Lovely views of Mt. Greylock and the surrounding area. I highly recommend this trail.

I would call it a work out hike! Straight up and straight down also pretty muddy! But that said outstanding views at the top made it all worth while!

Hike this often .... very steep fire road style hike with rewarding views

If you had to choose one hike out of many in the Berkshires, this is the one, particularly beautiful/scenic/interesting in the fall.

2 months ago

Quiet trail I thought the trail was relatively easy w a couple of steeper spots , but nothing hard by any means. Stopped at the twisted remains of a plane crash. Then a short push to the AT then we made our way to the summit of Greylock

2 months ago

Moderate hike with no summit view at the top. The Vista / overlook is the rock face as the other reviewer (mj) said at 42.9134, -73.1555. This is more than a mile before you get to the summit and is right at the point where you first see the white rocks all over the place. The trail at the summit connects to two other trials that keep going. We followed the ridge trial about .2 miles and didn't find any other views. The trail is rerouted slightly at the beginning (which is well marked) so we ended up doing almost exactly 4 miles to the summit with elevation gain of just below 2000ft for the out and back. This should be changed on the trail info. 3 or maybe 4 steeper parts during the hike but relatively tame. A few stream crossings the pooch was able to drink from.

2 months ago

Fun trail with great views. The trail starts asa meadow, with lots of flowers and pollinators to see. The view from the overlook is pretty amazing!

Mid-Aug: A lot wrong with this description but still a great hike. Waterfall is small but worth seeing. From the well marked parking and trail signs the Falls are about 1.1 miles in. Great family walk/hike to this point. After this, the trail gets a little and then a lot steeper. You do have to cross 2 brooks to get the full 3 miles in. Really found nothing at the top, couldn’t see passed the trees. Lots of pretty fungi!

3 months ago

3 months ago

This hike is peak Vermont, leaves are just starting to fall, moss and firs galore. Trail is gradually uphill most of the way with some steeper inclines here and there. Some new trail has been cut in in places and it’s all very well maintained throughout, shout out to the trail volunteers and GMC!

FYI the overlook with the great views everyone here is mentioning seems to be at
42.9134, -73.1555
Not completely sure tho because I turned around after these views lol.

Decent hike. Easy, level terrain mostly, except the last half mile or so which was super steep. Wish there was a view at the top!

3 months ago

A very good but looong hike! We parked in the parking lot at Notch road-it looks like the first part of the trail is about 0.3 miles before the start of the trail on the app. I think I saw a sign that said 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the AT. This trail is not very busy which is nice- the plane crash site was interesting to see. We took the AT to the summit of Mt Greylock for some amazing views. There was even a place to buy a meal/snacks/fill up water bottles at the summit. The entire trip from the parking lot to the summit and back was more like 12-13 miles total according to my FitBit.

3 months ago

This trail should not be considered as hard. I would say moderate. A friend of mine did about 80% of it with a stroller!

Most of the elevation gain happens at the beginning, and it is steep, but once you get to the top of this stretch it is much more gradual. At the end, the view is pretty nice, with a large opening looking outward to Williamstown/North Adams. You can see many windmills on adjacent hills. Otherwise, it isn't that rewarding.

3 months ago

This is a good hike if you’re in decent shape and don’t mind hiking uphill for 2.5 hours. There were only two spots were it really leveled off, other than that it really was uphill in varying degrees. The views are great and totally worth it. I hiked to the White Rock overlook that others have mentioned, a good stopping point. Fyi on the map, it’s about a 20 minute hike after the sharp bend on the map trail. It took me an hour and half to get back down.
I would highly recommend hiking poles for stability. The trail is narrow at some points, packed earth, and there’s plenty of stepping over and around rocks. I wore hiking pants because there’s a fair amount of brush to get through. Also, there’s a fair amount of bugs, a hat and bug spray were a good idea.

Poorly marked trail. Got to what we thought was the lookout and saw nothing remarkable, so I too, am guessing we didn’t actually get to the right spot.

4 months ago

I know people say they have missed the turnout for Prospect rock. Once you reach the white LT hashes you are there. Directly across from where the LT heads north.

Slightly steep walk up an old road to the look out. We almost missed the sign for Prospect Rock, so be on the look out for it once the trail flattens out a bit.

We hiked this in late July after a couple of days of rain. The first ~2.5 miles were very muddy through what seems like a creek bed. Gorgeous forest, though, and lots of frogs spotted along the way. The falls themselves are gorgeous! There’s a bit of a climb down and out again, but not too long and very worth it. We looped back on Tannery Road after the falls — a slight incline most of the way, and while it’s a pretty walk and a more direct route out, it’s not quite as interesting as the trail on the way in. I’d recommend taking the same trail, or one of the many others in the area, for the way back!

It’s a nice trail. Not very long and quite easy except at the end. I liked the place, it’s clean and well kept. I recommend it.

Nice short hike with some elevation gain. Make sure you see the sign on the trail on the right to the prospect rock otherwise you might miss it.

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