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on Granite Mountain Trail

12 hours ago

Great workout. Hiking through the forest was steep but do-able (be advised if bringing children). My dog had no problems with the varied terrain. At roughly the 2 mile mark, until the top, there is icy snow. Poles and snowshoes recommended, however, hiking boots are sufficient. Had to turn around near the 3 mile mark due to too deep of snow and the trail was unclear. Views were great even with clouds and had some snowfall. Minimal foot traffic on this trail which was nice. Will definitely be going back in a month or two in hopes of making it to the top!

2 days ago

Went on 1/17/19 at 0700. The trail head lists the hike at 8 miles total. The trail itself was fun because you start out in a lush rainforest and end up in a winter wonderland. The trail doesn't offer many views, but it's a nice landscape to hike through. Micro spikes needed. No need for snow shoes. The road leading up to the trail has numerous potholes, so drive slowly.

2 days ago

Weather didn’t cooperate and we missed the views

loved it ! my dog did too, it's fairly uneven ground so we are both pooped. best part is there's no frigging stairs. definitely will be coming back!

Nice hike definitely recommend microspikes and poles. Has some icy sections.

There was some confusion if we should take ext 52 or 47 thanks to Apple maps. We chose to go with ext 47. The gate to the FSR is closed. We parked on the street near the gate. It was Sunday afternoon so there were plenty of places to park. We knew that we would be racing against the sun but are pretty fit, experienced, and prepared. There is ice on the two mile stretch of road you have to hike to get to the trail head. The trail itself is covered in snow and ice. I would not have attempted this trail without micro spikes. With warmer temps I was careful to stay on the trail and not get too close to the edge (could easily slip or snow could give way on the cliff side). Round trip this hike ends up about 8 miles. From the gate and back it took us about 2.5 hours round trip, including our stop at the falls.

Soooooo beautiful ! Summer time is definitely the best!

Beautiful in the summer and winter. Definitely a favorite.

9 days ago

One of the toughest hikes I have done ! Great work out , I did it in 44 minutes

Great views, interesting varied terrain and marmots. Usually a bit of snow even in summer. As others have written, don’t short yourself on water.

Such a nice great little hike. My husband and I hiked with our kids and my brother in law. It gets a little steep towards the end and but over all an easy great hike with a beautiful view

Beautiful, but super busy trail. Since the road is closed prior to the trailhead it adds an additional long, boring walk (approx 2-3 miles each way). The trail was super slick when we visited, we saw a few people managing with hiking boots but they were moving very slowly. Bring microspikes-it really helped!! Also, turn left once you see the sign for “franklin falls parking,” don’t follow the sign for parking - turn left then the trailhead will be on your right!

Beautiful in the snow :)

14 days ago

listed as difficult it's not. good views

18 days ago

It was hard and very exciting!!! My son is 12, daughter 8 and baby girl is 9 months... but we did it!!!

19 days ago

Super busy trail, nonetheless it is very beautiful at this time of the year. The final stretch to the falls is very icy making it difficult to go all the way down without spikes.
The snow is very compact, there is no need for snowshoes.
Parking spot can be very difficult to get if you don’t arrive in the morning.

beautiful day to hike to the falls, compact snow and some icy areas, good to have micro spikes!

Road was closed so it added a long boring walk on pavement to the hike but trail itself was still pretty crowded. The viewpoints along the way were beautiful and the waterfall was rushing!

Hiked 12/29/18. First off, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing poles and ice spikes. It will make this hike a lot less strenuous. Snow shoes are not necessary. Secondly, there was snow in the parking lot when we got there, but even if your car doesn’t have AWD, I think it wouldn’t be a problem since the road to the parking lot isn’t very long. There was patchy snow from the very start of the trail. About a mile in, the snow on the trail became much thicker. There was a compact trail all the way to the lake and the path was very clear the entire way as well. The last 3/4ths of a mile to the lake probably had anywhere from 5-7 feet of snow especially in the avalanche chutes. It rained pretty much the entire day and on our way back, the snow was turning pretty slushy/wet. There’s a good chance a lot of that wet snow and all of the slush puddles will freeze over night. There was already some ice on our way up, which was really slippery even for ice spikes. It took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the lake and then another hour and 45 minutes to get back to the car. Definitely plan ahead as it does get dark very early in the Forest. Nonetheless, it was beautiful at the top! Enjoy :)

Awsome. I did it using snowhoes

Amazon vires, Nice beer at summit

23 days ago

Easy walk. Beautiful scenery and a good, quick escape.

I did it and I had fun! I saw three dogs on the hike, and one was reaaallly big but it was not the friendliest. Anyways, good hike, moderate amount of snow, but good amount so if you fall it won't hurt. We made it to the end, but if you are older or feeble than you will probably not make it :)

This was a difficult trail for me despite the fact that I have always been athletics and attending the gym regularly for many years. Hiking is a very different sport and when I finished the hike I experienced nausea for several hours. My recommendation is that if you are not conditioned for hiking like I currently am, start with easy hikes and build up your muscular endurance which was what I was mainly lacking.

The road to the trailhead is now closed which adds 4 miles to the hike. We hiked about 8 miles yesterday but it’s mostly road and very easy. We brought our 4 year old along and she was able to do most of it on her own, although there were parts that were icy. The snow is light up there at the moment and the waterfall is rushing. Be advised that there was a winter storm coming in as we were leaving so there’s probably much more snow up there now, which only adds to the beauty and the magic of the hike in my opinion.

1 month ago

Hiked this last week ! Lots of snow the whole way up .Made it difficult to come down so we ended up sliding down ! After the first quarter of the hike , there was lots of ice, even with our micro spikes it was difficult ! But great if your looking for an adventure !

trail running
1 month ago

One of my favorite easy day hikes to go on during the summer!

Easy walk in a beautiful forest. Accessible and great for family.

Did this today. The road to the trailhead is closed about 2 miles ahead. This adds 4 miles overall, keep in mind. The first mile was clear and the snow accumulated sharply afterward. There's about three to four inches of snow typically. Hiking poles are great, crampons are a must. I didn't bring them yet managed to not kill myself. The view is breathtaking, you'll have great cell coverage all the way.

1 month ago

Clear without snow all the way up until about 800m from the lake. It was hard going but didn't need crampons.If any more snow falls, I'd say crampons will be helpful! Logging road for 3 km up and then the trail gets interesting for the rest ... pass through wooded trail, hike along the river flowing from deeks lake, viewpoints of a few waterfalls. There are peak-a-boo view points or teasers views of the mountains on the way up that keep your spirits high. the lake is quite big, bigger than we thought with 3 mountains seen in the background

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