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58 minutes ago

A great day hike if you’re up for the challenge! I highly recommend. The trail got icy and really snowy but we plowed through to enjoy some of the best views I’ve ever scene.

1 day ago

Loved the amazing waterfall! Wear good hiking shoes. We had to cross the stream a few times over slippery rocks and our feet got a little wet, but we still loved every minute of it!

Great hike for moderate hikers. It took us 3 hrs moving to complete the hike. Well kept area minimal rocky areas, mainly dirt road. Once we got to the top towards picnic area the trail becomes a muddy trail. So take an extra pair of sock in case you get your shoes soaked. We stopped at the picnic tables for 1-2 hrs to take pictures and enjoy the view. Many cows at the top

2 days ago

Great trail for the winter months. The recent rains meant the air was clean and the trail was not dusty. I recorded 7.8 miles starting and ending from the parking lot’s trailhead. The climb back up from the bridge to the parking lot sneaks up on you. I recorded 282 ft. of elevation in the last 0.8 mile. Lots of beef cattle roaming free so watch where you step. Highly recommend this trail.

Awesome trail and very dog friendly!

Amazing trail with incredible views. Can get tricky in some spots and having shoes without grip does not help. It’s definitely doable for all ages, and easier to get down if you use your butt! Regardless, worth it for the views and exercise!

Amazing view. Mentally and physically challenging but definitely worth it!!

relaxing and fun trail.

closed because of gvt shutdown. looks like it would be sweet though.

Easy, narrow, well marked trail. Parking available. The trail descends until you get to the bridge. So the way back is up! There’s a part on the trail that forks, you can see the bridge on the right, but go left to get to the bridge. Be mindful of the cows around!

Beautiful view, at the end! This hike does require a lot of rock climbing and can be a bit slippery. Make sure you wear hiking shoes for good grip. There were a lot of people who brought their dog along for the hike, but they just have to be on a leash.

Climbing up the mountain was a bit of a challenge and may appear scary for those afraid of heights. I thought I wasn’t going to make it up at first and freaked out when looking back down.. but I manage to push myself to the top. Surprisingly the way down seems a lot easier.

Parking day pass is $5.

P.S. don’t follow strangers down a different path.. you go up and down the same way you came from.

Must do. Moderate to difficult climb but the view is incredible!

8 days ago

Great day hike trail, especially Nov-May

Requires a bit of effort to scramble up some rocks but the view is worth it! Tried to catch the sunset up top but some of the surrounding rocks blocked the direct view but it was still beautiful! Would totally hike again

9 days ago

This hike was so much fun! A quick little hike with some climbing, but not too difficult.

10 days ago

We couldn’t get to the parking lot because the area was blocked off, so we parked in the residential neighborhood 3 miles below the trailhead and hiked up. Sturtevant falls was beautiful! It’s only about 2 miles from the trailhead. Would be great to visit in spring after it’s rained a little bit. We combined this hike with a visit to Hermit Falls (which was another 1.5 miles or so from the trailhead). Total round trip was about 13 miles. Nice and shady hike at this time of year, but be careful when visiting the falls because the rocks are slippery.

Short hike with moderate difficulty. The view at the top is PRICELESS. Defiantly an awesome trail!

Hiked the day after a big rain so the trails were suuuuper muddy and slippery. Water was also a little too high so tough to get into the cave. Would recommend it for a dry day though! Very quiet tail on January Thursday.

Last summer I took my grandkids on this hike, we enjoyed it so much. The beauty of the trail and waterfall was astonishing.

Great challenge

It was awesome!

Fun little hike! Easy to get a bit turned around though.

this was a wonderful beautiful trail to walk ,i recommend it to anyone

Hard Core with excellent views hiking up and at the summit! Coming down...tough on the knees.

If you're directionally challenged like me, park at "Ya-Gub-Weh-Tuh" campground and trailhead. The trail is located right off the parking area.

I took my dog on Saturday just before the rain came. It was an easy walk, and had beautiful views. We got to the bridge in about 20 minutes. There were a few other people on the trail, all friendly, and considerate. Look forward to going again as the seasons change.

Gorgeous hike and suitable for all skill levels! The beauty of this hike is in the options! if you do not feel like a climb to the "end of the trail" the sweeping vista views are 360 degrees and available basically from the bottom/parking lot. We were lucky and came at around 3pm and got a parking spot in the small lot off back o beyond road and took our time climbing as high as our girls would allow us to. When it became too busy near the top we just stopped and snacked and took pictures. What an amazing way to spend a few hours!

14 days ago

1/6/19 - Quick and easy hike. Rained before I hiked it so some of the rock surfaces were a bit slick. My buddies were burnt out because we did a 14 mile hike in the Grand Canyon the day before so they waited in the car for me so I pushed it hard and made it to the summit in 17 minutes. Enjoyed myself a few views and pictures and luckily for me a rainbow popped out of nowhere which was awesome. Made it back down in about 15-17 minutes again taking caution going down on the slick rocks once again. All in all did the entire thing in about 45 minutes which was rushed but still a great enjoyable hike nonetheless.

My favorite trail because of all the trees and waterfalls.

kicked my butt! Perfect for Half Dome training in the foothills!

This hike is amazing! It was very icy when I went which made it very difficult during the first half, but after the climb in the crack, it’s smooth sailing from there. The view is breathtaking and totally worth the difficult hike up to it! You won’t be disappointed!

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